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Best Competitors and Alternatives to vBoxxCloud

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Product Description

Microsoft teams is a really nice application for collaborating with your teams. I use it daily for communication with my team members. Teams have all features that you need. Read Microsoft Teams Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common vBoxxCloud and Microsoft Teams Alternatives

Microsoft Teams review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Review by an employee" - Shashank

Most users consider Microsoft Teams is a excellent vBoxxCloud alternative.


Product Description

This is the best CRM software available in the market right now. It provides me potential leads, clients and contacts. They have their own testing software module. The software provider Company also presents Webinars on demand which can be viewed wit... Read Bitrix24 Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common vBoxxCloud and Bitrix24 Alternatives

Bitrix24 review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Instant Messaging-enabled CRM" - Umang

Most users consider Bitrix24 is a excellent vBoxxCloud alternative.


Product Description

Issues that could be solved, concrete effects, and countermeasures for everincreasing data. Countermeasures for data sharing with large capacity and integrity . Read Dropbox Reviews

Starting Price: $13 Per User Per Month

Free Trial

Common vBoxxCloud and Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Easy to share and secure" - Shirley Norman


Product Description

Best in class UX ease of use to any new team member and the best part is it is designed and maintained by Facebook so timely bugs fix the error is updated with an update and it is available on the go also on your mobile devices. Read Workplace from Facebook Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Alternatives of Workplace from Facebook and vBoxxCloud

Workplace from Facebook review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Easy communication " - Kunal


Product Description

FileHold can benefit any organization to be able to store documents and records electronically and make them easier to find and manage throughout their life-cycle. Read FileHold Reviews

Starting Price: $1200 Per Year

Free Trial

Common vBoxxCloud and FileHold Alternatives

FileHold review compared to vBoxxCloud

"FileHold Software Review" - Chad


Product Description

We have been using FileCloud for more than two years now, and it's been a good journey so far. In our organization, we have to store a lot of video lectures daily, and for this purpose, FileCloud is our storage partner. It comes with high security, which we can trust easil... Read FileCloud Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common vBoxxCloud and FileCloud Alternatives

FileCloud review compared to vBoxxCloud

"One of the best cloud storage tool" - Abhishek Anand


Product Description

Yes, FileStack is a good choice for our company which needs a reliable and flexible file management solution. This tool is excellent for quickly sharing and improving files. Read Filestack Reviews

Starting Price: $69 Per Month

Free Trial

Software Common with vBoxxCloud and Filestack

Filestack review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Efficient File Handling with FileStack" - Shahid Madki


Product Description

Google Workspace streamlines collaboration and boosts productivity. Its suite of cloud-based tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides) allows seamless real-time editing, ensuring efficient teamwork. The intuitive interface enhances my workflow and makes me more organized. Read Google Workspace Reviews

Starting Price: $6 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Google Workspace and vBoxxCloud

Google Workspace review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Boost employee productivity in real time" - Sarah Gitau


Product Description

This product is we handy and easy to use. Files transferred over cloud will be zipped automatically. Even with free of cost you can transfer 2 GB/ day Read WeTransfer Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common Categories with WeTransfer:

Application Sharing Software

Alternatives of WeTransfer and vBoxxCloud

WeTransfer review compared to vBoxxCloud

"Very useful product to transfer files too and fro and many devices" - Manoj


Product Description

FileRun is a fantastic service with an excellent interface. I'm pretty happy that I didn't need to learn anything new when transitioning to this application, as everything was intuitive and easy. The paid features are well worth the price, and I plan to use FileRun for... Read FileRun Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Categories with FileRun:

File Sharing Software

Common Alternatives of FileRun and vBoxxCloud

FileRun review compared to vBoxxCloud

"FileRun Review" - Arsene Pepin Nobouo

By Tirthraj | Last Updated: January 02, 2024