Best Vehicle Tracking System to Track Fleets Using GPS Tracking System


System BY Axestrack
Axestrack Vehicle Tracking system is Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS Satellites, this products can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS. These GPS based tracking systems are used for tracking the path speed & other operational attributes of various types of vehicles.

Safetrax - Vehicle Tracking Solution

End to End Transportation Management Solution
Safetrax Vehicle Tracking Software can be easily integrated with your existing GPS, HRM and travel management solution to provide cutting-edge of technology that tracks and providers instant alerts for any deviations or SOS calls.

Tracking Genie

System BY K S Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.
Tracking Genie fleet management system is not to merely display the location of the vehicle on Map but to provide customers with the bunch of useful data in the form of various Graphical Reports to manage their vehicles proper way. Hence, it's not only a truck tracking system but the whole vehicle management system.

Fleet Robo Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Binary Semantics Ltd.
Fleet Robo Vehicle Tracking Device is a compact solution for remote vehicle tracking. It offers you an easy to use the web and mobile application platform with an intuitive interface & readymade MIS reports. Fleet Robo GPS Vehicle Tracking Device gives you a hawk-eye to track any type of vehicles i.e cars, trucks or trailers that are beyond your line of sight.

Field Force Tracking

A System that tracks all your workforce.
A Tracking System that tracks all your workforce automatically that have been registered on the system thru mobile phone. Organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time. Always get Actual Reports about your field Force, that increase workforce productivity & efficiency.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

System BY Autodesk Inc.
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software is a comprehensive transportation analysis and design solution for vehicle swept path analysis. The software allow engineers, designers, and planners at government agencies and engineering consulting firms to predictably evaluate vehicle movements on transportation or site design projects.

Asset Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Asset Telematics Pvt Ltd.
Asset vehicle tracking system is a web based application with fully automated end-to-end solution that provides comprehensive, time centric,flexible and scalable solution for Asset tracking. With fully automated Vehicle Trakcing Software it would provide online information about Asset location.


System BY Balaji Teleserve Pvt Ltd
Phoenix Secure Provides GPS Fleet Management system that Reduces Fleet Costs And Raises Fleet Efficiency. Phoenixsecure GPS Vehicle Tracking product line helps companies with mobile fleets reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently.

Convexiconindia Vehicle Tracking Software

System BY Convexiconindia
Convexicon India vehicle tracking solutions makes tracking company vehicle simple and effective. As GPS truck tracking is becoming need for most of the organizations and governmental bodies  as now known to benefits of these GPS vehicle tracking systems.

STYLICIOUS - Vehicle Tracking software

Vehicle Tracking software
STYLICIOUS INC  helps fleet managers reduce operating costs and improve productivity by providing detailed vehicle information, both current and historic, relating to vehicle location,  driving behaviour, usage trend data and much more.

ORF Vehicle Tracking Software

System BY Technoton Sensors Ltd.
ORF Monitor - GPS vehicle tracking device in India for different types of vehicles: highway and urban trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors, technological transport. The purpose of ORF Monitor is remote GPS tracking system of vehicle location and operation parameters in real time.


System BY EFKON India Pvt. Ltd.
EFKON Vehicle Tracking System is an integrated e-platform for monitoring vehicle movements, fuel levels and various MIS reports. Efkon India VTS System majorly caters to the commercial market that includes State Transport Units, Freight Movers, Passenger Buses, and Taxis.

3detrack Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Convexiconindia
3detrack vehicle tracking software is such a robust application which is easily accessible from anywhere round the globe. We have designed a responsive tracking portal for our customers which is accessible from any hardware of any make, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Conquerorstech Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Conquerorstech
Conquerorstech vehicle tracking device integrates with GPS Tracking device in any kind of vehicle i.e cars, truck or any fleets. Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions allows the user to track an accurate location of the vehicle in real time.

Sands Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Sands Technologies Pvt. LTD.
Sands GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions is a web-based real time vehicle tracking software system to be used with all popular GPS/GSM/GPRS based vehicle tracking devices. It provides GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions/ fleet management software to their customers.

Teletrac GPS Fleet Tracking

System BY Teletrac Inc.
Teletrac Fleet Tracking System provides an in-depth vehicle and driver behaviour data that helps reduce costs by tracking unsafe driving, routing and delivery inefficiencies. Combined GPS and vehicle tracking data enhance operations due to the inflow of day to day performance.

WebTrack Fleet

System BY Satmo Vehicle Tracking
WEBTRACK FLEET™ Fixed Vehicle Tracking System is the ideal software for any Company with a mobile workforce. Using Webtrack tracking locating system business will be able to gain a proper insight into how your drivers are performing on a daily basis.


System BY Ctrack Ltd
It's combining advanced, real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, Ctrack MaXx fleet management software is one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages available in the marketplace.

Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service.

Azuga Fleet GPS

System BY Azuga
Azuga Vehicle Tracking gives dispatchers and drivers accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrival), enhancing customer satisfaction to improve loyalty and retention, while raising vehicle and driver productivity using GPS Technology.

Aftek Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Aftek Limited
Aftek Vehicle Management System is a be-all, end-all solution to locate, track and secure your mobile assets. It is designed for precise and real-time tracking and reporting of your vehicle(s) using GPS monitoring system.

Masternaut Vehicle Tracking

System BY Masternaut
Masternaut own vehicle tracking system GPS and GPRS tracking technology. Real-time information about location, speed and distance are captured and sent back in real-time. We then make the vehicle tracking information available to you in your own password protected area on the Masternaut website.

Pricol - Vehicle Tracking System

System BY Pricol Technologies Limited
Pricol ltd manufactures GPS vehicle tracking solutions for continuous fleet surveillance. Applications include vehicle scheduling, route monitoring, driver monitoring, accident analysis, etc

Track 'em

Professional GPS tracking and fleet management.
Professional GPS tracking and fleet management. An effective and easy way to remotely track assets and manage your company fleet.


System BY Technofection Software Private Limited
Trakomatic is an advanced GPS vehicle tracking system in India, empowered with high-tech Vehicle Tracking Devices. A great solution for fleet Management and Logistics owner. The system not only helps you to track your vehicle, but it also helps you to minimize the most tedious task of your business.

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What is Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle tracking system is a turn-key solution for vehicle owners to determine the location of the vehicle. It is a transportation analysis and design solution for vehicle swept path analysis. A web-based software application monitors the current location of the vehicle along with other history details of the vehicle via internet. Effective GPS vehicle tracking software gives the point by point reporting, mapping and sky are the limits from there.

The blend of GPS and cellular technology is utilized to transmit the vehicle information from unit to fleet management software.

Features Of Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle / truck / car tracking system solve too many issues and queries of the business / organization. Like checking and dispatching your vehicles has never been so easy.

  1. Real Time Tracking: GPS vehicle tracking tools are empowered with real-time monitoring. It tracks the vehicle location as it moves from point to point. The current condition of the vehicle like moving, parked or idle is demonstrated using guide markers (Car Tracking system comes so handy that it helps you remember the exaclt location of where your car is parked). Numerous vehicles can be assembled and managed simultaneously using simple to use interface.

  2. Alerts: Get instant alerts when the vehicle reached the assigned place. Depending upon your need there are few cautions that can be configured: idling alert, over speeding alert, stoppage alert, etc. Buyers searching for vehicle tracking solutions for personal or commercial usage, features like maintenance alerts & fuel pilferage cautions prove to be valuable.

  3. Geo-Fencing: Geo-Fencing takes alert customizations to the next level. You can make geographic limits called geofences on the map around a landmark. An alert is conveyed every time the vehicle enters or exits the geo wall. This opens up immense possibilities in diverse ways by monitoring the data that can interpret into increased operational productivity, workforce enhancement and raises security.

  4. User-friendly interface: It provides user-friendly web interface and navigation which is easier to access. A basic yet well-developed instinctive user interface allows simple access to the right information to make informed decisions.

  5. Access Control & User management: It is vital tracking feature for entrepreneurs. It enables to add or alter the user profile and manage their usage privileges via roles. It also relegates one or more pre-defines roles to the user and performs grouping wherein a set of clients are placed in a group. It can help you to perform GPS vehicle tracking software for a group of vehicles and also see the report data for a group as a whole.

Other features include:

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Historical reports & dashboard summary
  3. Extensive reports with MS-Excel & PDF support
  4. Capture user action for technical traceability

How does GPS Vehicle Tracking System help for a better business?

The implications of GPS vehicle tracking software are noteworthy. A business can enhance security and monitor both inventory and workers.Vehicle management system provides the most efficient and customised solution to meet the business needs and goals, no matter to which industry you belong. It can benefit business in various ways:

1) GPS tracking: GPS tracking device provides faster, simpler and more effective monitoring.

2) Watch your employees: Your employees are everywhere, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the nearby eye on them. GPS vehicle tracking software permits you not just to detect your vehicle on a map, but it also determines to what extent a vehicle stays in a single location. The company that secretively track vehicles with GPS can fundamentally decrease employee idle time to expand productivity and cut unnecessary payroll cost.

3) Get the exact location of your inventory: Your business relies upon your ability to track stock from site to site. Whether its a little link van making the rounds with costly supplies or a truck loaded with building material, you need to know where it is. With GPS based vehicle tracking software, you can better speak with transportation and get teams, and individual clients. One can likewise act all the more rapidly to recover stolen trucks using vehicle tracking device integrated with truck tracking systems.

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