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Elevating Customer Support with Freshdesk & MyOperator

09 August, 2023, Wednesday
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Rimjhim Ray

Chief Marketing Officer (MyOperator)

Suraj Singh

Lead Solutions Engineer (Freshdesk)

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Frequently asked questions

Can I host a webinar to promote my products / services?

Yes, if your products / services are tech driven, you can definitely host a Sponsored Webinar with the help of SoftwareSuggest.

How do I prepare for a webinar?

How long should my webinar be?

How can I keep attendees engaged during the webinar?

How can I handle questions from the audience effectively?

Is the webinar live or recorded?

Will I be able to access the webinar later if I am unable to attend?

Yes, if you register and are unable to attend the webinar for any reason, you will be sent the webinar recording by email within 24 to 48 working hours.

Can I raise questions during the webinar?

Are these webinars free?

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