Best Video Editing Software

Best video editing software solutions are Adobe After Effects, Blender, inVideo, VSDC, Camtasia, and Movavi Video Editor. These video making software allow the creation of personal videos, promotional content, short films, music videos, and more.

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List of 20 Best Video Editing Software

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Popular video editing software

Canva offers users comprehensive video editing tools. Users can create professional videos for projects like advertising, social media, educational videos, etc. It offers many video templates that can be easily customized per the user's requirements. The user-friendly interface and simple-to-use tools make it the best video editing software. Read Canva Reviews

Most Reviewed

Online Branding Tool for Businesses

Renderforest enables users to create videos, making the creation process more fun and engaging. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and huge collection of filters, animation effects, and music with which videos can be created or edited in no time. With all these features, it's one of the most advanced video editing software for PC. Read Renderforest Reviews

Video creation software for professional

Wondershare is a trending video editing software. It offers several video editing programs wherein the user can add special effects, music, etc. In addition, it offers unique advanced features such as split screen, picture-in-picture, green screen, etc. Lastly, the finished videos can be directly uploaded to social media from the platform itself. Read Wondershare Reviews

Software by GoAnimate, Inc

The best part about Vyond video editing software is that it is cloud-based. It is one of the best video editing programs for creating and editing animated videos. Other than animated videos, many other kinds can be created, like advertising, training, explainer, etc. This software is easy to use for people with any skill set. Read Vyond Reviews

Software by EZML Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Predis revolutionizes social media marketing with its advanced AI technology. This powerful tool empowers businesses to create engaging video and image content while benefiting from AI-driven content analysis. Unlock the potential of our AI meme maker to inject humor into your content effortlessly. Read Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Create thumb-stopping videos in mins even if you'v

InVideo provides advanced video editing solutions to businesses, freelancers, social media marketers, etc. It has a large stock of music, images, templates, etc., making creating alluring content easier. Besides that, it provides features like branding, customization, collaboration, etc., making it feasible for creators to produce the best video content. Read InVideo Reviews

Software by Synthesia Ltd

Synthesia is an AI marketing software that helps you create professional videos from text in over 50 languages. Synthesia is known for creating highly personalized videos that can be used for promotions, corporate communications, learning and development, and much more. Learn more about Synthesia

Software by CyberLink Corp

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a distinctive video editing software for PC offering users a wide range of features and simplifying video editing and creation tasks. It has many features that offer a professional setup to bring out the best in the creators, making it one of the best video software in India. Read PhotoDirector Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Best video editing software for all skill levels

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful video editing solutions. It entails multiple professional editing features like non-linear video editing, multi-camera editing, color correction, etc. The software can be easily integrated with the adobe creative suite, extending the toolset to a great extent and providing the best quality end results. Read Adobe Premiere Pro Reviews

Final Cut Pro X is a robust video editing software that streamlines the video editing process and provides valuable insights on improving it. It is the most feasible option for novice and professional content creators to make alluring videos with an easy-to-use interface. As a result, it is one of the best video editing software in India. Read Final Cut Pro X Reviews

Professional Editing, Color, Effects

DaVinci Resolve is one of the finest video editing platforms with many advanced functionalities like audio editing, transitioning video effects, multi-camera editing, etc. It offers many state-of-the-art features and is the best video editing software for beginners and professionals. Also, most of the editing and creation features are provided for free. Learn more about DaVinci Resolve

Software by Lumen5

Lumen5 is the most advanced video editing software with customizable templates, drag-and-drop features, and a huge multi-media file database. Above all, the main feature that makes it advanced is that it operates on AI and machine learning technology. These features provide the best user experience and achieve extraordinary results. Learn more about Lumen5

Best video editing software for professional

Doodly is the best video editing software in India for creators of animated videos. Doodly offers an ample amount of features like backgrounds, props, adding voiceovers, music, other sound and visual effects, etc. All these features are affordable, so anyone can easily and quickly create professional whiteboard videos. Read Doodly Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Best professional video editing software

Developed by Apple, iMovie is specifically designed for MacOS and IOS devices and provides many functionalities like trimming videos, applying effects, and offering themes and templates, etc. Apart from that, it gets integrated with social media applications making it easy for creators to share the ready content directly from the platform. All these aspects make iMovie the best video editing software. Read iMovie Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Pinnacle Studio is video editing software offering futuristic features like color correction, multi-camera editing, 3D editing, etc. Also, a wide range of video formats is supported, including 4K ultra HD and 360-degree video. All in all, it is a perfect solution for video editing and creation for amateurs and professionals. Read Pinnacle Studio Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Developed by Wondershare, Filmora is designed for PC and Mac users making the most versatile video editing platforms. It allows users to edit, create, import, and export videos in several formats. A wide array of advanced functionalities like motion graphics, overlays, and scene detection amplifies the quality of the videos. Read filmora Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an easy-to-use video editing software that amateurs and seasoned professionals use. It is utilized for adding sound and visual effects to enhance video quality. In addition, standout features like a chroma key, 4K support, and video stabilization tools are also provided to derive the desired results. Read Movavi Video Editor Plus Reviews

Software by is one of the best video editing software for beginners. It offers various templates and music for creators to create effective and engaging videos. It is a highly versatile platform that allows users to create tons of videos for social media, advertising, demonstrations, etc. Also, it has the most advanced features that make this platform preferable. Read Reviews

Graphic Design Software by Corel Corporation

CorelDRAW is the best video editing software for beginners, as it offers a huge set of features at an affordable price. It allows users to trim, resize, add text to videos, etc. With this software, users can enhance their videos graphically. Both professionals and amateurs can utilize this video editing platform to make the quality of content created. Read CorelDRAW Reviews

Software by Atomi Systems, Inc

ActivePresenter is the most efficient video editing tool that offers features like animation effects, audio, visual filters, etc. It can be easily integrated with any Windows or Mac. Apart from this, it offers other versatile features that make producing high-quality videos quick and effective for creators. Read ActivePresenter Reviews

In this digital era, visual content reigns supreme. More kids nowadays want to be “Youtubers” than doctors or engineers. But no matter how talented you are, the output won't be good if the video is not edited well. So you can understand the significance of video editing for both professionals and amateurs alike. 

Whether you are trying to create a 90-second Instagram Reel, a Youtube video, or a cinematic masterpiece, the output won’t be desirable unless you put in some editing magic. Having the right video editing software can provide you with that magic at your fingertips. 

But nowadays, hundreds of thousands of new tools and tech are released every day, and that includes video software as well. So how do you pinpoint which is best? Well, that’s why we have compiled this blog on the best video editing software. 

This comprehensive guide is about video editing software and its features, benefits, types, and best alternatives. We’ll also explain how you can select the best one per your requirements.

What Is A Video Editing Software

Video editing software helps edit and enhance raw video files. So you can turn any odd video into a cinematic work of art. This piece of software lets you import, trim, cut, merge, and rearrange video clips and do transitions and effects on them. You can even work on the background audio of the video files.

Most video editing programs offer storyboard interfaces, so you can sequentially arrange the video clips and audio tracks more easily. This kind of timeline interface also ensures a structured framework to make precise video edits.

With this, you can also perform additional functions like adding titles, captions, and graphics, along with integrating BGM, audio tracks, sound effects, and more. Then there are advanced features like green screen effects, 3D, motion tracking, and more to help you push the bounds of creativity.

Benefits Of Video Editing Software

Video editing software offers numerous benefits that have revolutionized the way videos are created and presented. Here are some key benefits of using video editing software:

1. High-quality editing:

This software provides you with some excellent tools and features for creating high-quality videos from raw clips. So you can easily compete with professional production companies. With advanced editing features, you can trim, arrange, and merge clips, add cool transitions and visual effects, adjust the colors and audio levels, and do so much more. The end results are usually highly professional-looking videos.

2. Creative freedom:

With video editing software, you can unleash creative and innovative ideas, like adding text overlays and motion graphics on even the simplest of videos. These tools can help bring your unique vision to reality and leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

3. Time efficiency:

Features such as non-linear editing, real-time previews, and keyboard shortcuts can streamline the editing process, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Moreover, tasks like audio syncing, color correction, etc., can be automated to expedite the creative workflow.

4. Format and resolution flexibilities:

As mentioned earlier, video editing programs support a variety of video formats and resolutions. So you can work on videos for different projects and share them on all platforms. You can take raw footage from sources like smartphones, DSLRs, screen recordings, and more and seamlessly edit them together.

5. Special effects and enhancements:

With video editing tools, you get a bunch of special effects and enhancements to transform ordinary footage into extraordinary visual experiences. From basics like filters and color grading to advanced stuff like 3D animations and green screen compositing, these effects can help add style and professional panache to the videos. 

Features Of Video Editing Software

Video editing software can help you start your creative content journey and enhance the workflow. Whichever platform you choose, all of them share some key features to optimize the video editing process. They also provide creative flexibility and professional-level results. 

Here are a few significant features of all video editing tools:

1. Multimedia Libraries

Video editing tools often have their own dedicated multimedia libraries containing stock images and videos, pre-designed graphics, soundtracks, etc. So you can easily add some sounds, images, videos, and graphics to raise the quality and creativity without crediting the original creator.

2. Audio/Visual Editing Tools

These pieces of software have advanced audio/visual editing tools to help you refine the raw video clips by trimming, cutting, splitting, and merging them into high-quality videos. Some of the best tools and techniques included in these software packages are multi-track editing and keyframe animation, along with audio editing capabilities. 

3. Captioning

The best thing about a video is its ability to explain any topic to anyone. But if a particular individual doesn’t understand the language of your video, they won’t grasp what you are talking about, which would defeat the purpose of the video. 

However, video editing tools can help add closed captions (or subtitles) to your clips. Subtitles in multiple languages will help a wider audience understand your content. Some of these software let you customize the text fonts and colors of the captions and sync them with the video.

4. Optimization

Suppose you shoot a video on your phone. Given the default video quality on some of the high-end phones, an hour of video footage may take GBs of storage. But you can't share a video that big with anyone. Now, when you try to share it through platforms like WhatsApp, there is an option to bring down the size. But that also reduces the quality of the video. 

However, the optimization features in the video editing features can help you successfully reduce the size of a video without an impact on the quality. So you can share good-quality videos more easily.

5. Multi-format Video Support

One of the best features a video editing software can offer, especially for IPTV for Firestick, is the ability to work on and share videos in different formats quite successfully. So you can take raw footage from any type of device (like a smartphone, professional camera, drone camera, 360-degree cam, etc.). Not only that, but you can merge different format videos seamlessly and share them equally effortlessly.

The same goes for image and audio formats as well. Some of the common video formats are MP4, MOV, AVI, and WMV, common audio formats are AICC, MP3, and WAV; and well-known image types are JPG, PNG, and HEIC. So make sure you choose the best video editing software supporting these multimedia formats. 

6. User-friendly Interface

Whenever you use any such tool, the user interface is the most critical aspect of the experience. It won’t matter how good the features and tools in a particular software are, but if the interface isn’t user-friendly, the user won’t have a good time editing the video. 

However, the best video editing software for PC will most likely have well-organized layouts and menus with clear labeling, easily identifiable icons, and more. So the users can locate and access the tools more easily. Plus, for some tools, you can customize the layout of the panel to ensure the components you frequently use are easily accessible. 

Types of Video Editing Tools

Although the simple purpose of video editing software is to help you edit the video, there are different types of editing tools available. Here are some of the main types of video editing tools:

1. Linear Video Editing Tools

First, there is linear video editing, a method in use since the beginning of filmmaking. In the tools using linear editing, you’ll need to cut and join the clips shot-by-shot, from start to finish. As you may imagine, this process takes time and costs quite a bit. 

That’s why professionals have sidelined these tools for better non-linear editing tools, which we’ll discuss next. 

2. Non-linear Video Editing Tools

Non-linear editing is the newer method of video editing used by the smallest to the biggest content creators and filmmakers. 

With non-linear video editing tools, you can cut, edit, arrange, and merge the clips in whatever sequence you want. That means you have total control over the workflow. Not only do they help import and edit your videos faster, but they also do so more affordably as compared to linear video editing.

There are two types of non-linear video editing: 

a) Layer-based editing

Layer-based video editing tools are the most popular ones you see and are used by a majority of content creators and filmmakers. These tools show a timeline of the video and divide it into multiple frames. Plus, there are layers in which you can add any kind of audio or visual enhancement on any frame.  

b) Node-based editing

Node-based video editing tools use a flowchart of nodes representing specific elements of the video, like effects, clips, transitions, audio, color corrections, etc. The users can arrange and modify the nodes to apply effects and edit the video. The tools are usually more complex and require some technical expertise for editing good-quality videos.

How to Choose the Best Video Editing Software?

As mentioned before, there are a bunch of free and premium (paid) video editing programs available. But you need the right one to ensure the best results according to your requirements. So here are a few key factors that can help you choose the suitable video editing software:

  • Skill Level:

First, define the purpose of your video editing project. Are you editing personal videos or creating content for social media? Or are you working on professional projects? According to that, consider the suitable tool, and don’t forget to take your skill level into account. Some tools are designed for beginners, while others have advanced features that can only be handled by professionals. So choose the best software aligning with your purpose and skill level.

  • Compatibility:

Make sure the editing software you choose is compatible with your OS (Windows, macOS, Linux) and hardware (graphic card, processor, etc.) specifications. Otherwise, the software won’t run as smoothly and efficiently.

  • Features and Tools:

Make a list of features required according to your purpose. Some of the more essential editing functions are trimming, cutting, merging, and adding transitions. You may also look for advanced features like color grading, special effects, motion tracking, and multi-camera editing if you’re working on professional videos

  • User Interface and Workflow:

Make sure the interface is user-friendly. Try out the software's free trial and watch video tutorials to understand the interface and navigational capabilities of the system.

  • Format Support and Export Options:

Check if the software supports the video formats you usually work with. That includes the ability to import and export the videos in the desired formats and resolutions. 

  • Performance and Stability:

It’s important the video editing software offers smooth performance, reliability, stability, and responsiveness during editing. We recommend you check user reviews and ratings to gauge these metrics. A stable and efficient editing environment is essential for a productive workflow.

  • Cost and Value for Money:

There are some free video editing software available. But if you value quality, you’ll be better off with the paid ones. So consider your budget and select the best-possible option considering the value proposition with respect to the price. Some tools offer free trials, and some have their free versions, while others run on a one-time purchase or subscription basis. 

  • Support and Community:

Check the availability of customer support along with crucial resources like documentation, tutorials, forums, or online communities. So you can seek assistance and connect with other users if necessary.

Do comprehensive research and consider the above-mentioned factors to select the best-possible video editing software according to your needs, skills, and budget. Ultimately, it’s all about your personal choice and creative vision for the video.

Top 5 Video Editing Software

Although the selection criteria shown above can help you select the most suitable video editing software, as we mentioned, it’s all about the choice. So you have to be aware of the top video editing tools available in the market.

Free Trial
Starting Price

Adobe Premiere Pro

7 Days



Final Cut Pro X

7 Days

Yes $299.99

DaVinci Resolve

30 Days




30 Days



HitFilm Express

30 Days



Here are 5 of the best video editing software for beginners and experts alike:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Developed by Adobe Inc., the Premier Pro is a non-linear video editing software launched in 2003. It is widely used in the film, television, and online content creation industries. Premiere Pro offers advanced video editing capabilities, including multi-camera editing, color grading, and motion graphics, along with seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


  • Non-linear editing with a timeline-based interface
  • Transition visual effects, motion graphics, and titles
  • Footage auto color correction
  • In-built templates
  • Adobe dynamic link


  • The platform has advanced editing tools, including multi-camera editing, color grading, and motion graphics.
  • It provides seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
  • The platform supports a wide variety of video formats and resolutions.
  • It has robust community support with extensive documentation.


  • Being resource-intensive, it will require a powerful computer.
  • It has a steeper learning curve for beginners.
  • The subscription-based pricing may not be suitable for all budgets.


 Start at $20.99 per month.

2. Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro X is a high-quality, non-linear video editing software with a user-friendly interface and time-saving features. It offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive timeline-based editing, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced editors. It is a popular choice among Apple users thanks to macOS hardware optimization and a one-time purchase price.


  • Magnetic timeline for flexible and efficient editing
  • Advanced color grading tools, along with MultiCam editing
  • Built-in effects, transitions, and audio editing capabilities
  • Support for high-resolution and HDR video formats
  • Seamless integration with other Apple hardware and software


  • It is a powerful video editing software specifically designed for macOS.
  • The platform provides excellent performance for Apple hardware.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It provides advanced tools and features like magnetic timelines and color grading.
  • It has a wide range of built-in effects and transitions.


  • Only available for macOS, which means limiting compatibility for Windows users.
  • Less support for third-party extensions compared to others.
  • Updates and new features may be less frequent.


One-time purchase at $299.99.

3. DaVinci Resolve


Developed by Black Magic Design, DaVinci Resolve helps users edit videos, apply intricate color corrections, and create stunning visual effects. Moreover, it includes Fairlight, a robust audio editing and mixing module. That makes it a complete post-production solution suitable for all kinds of organizations.


  • Advanced video editing, color grading, and audio editing tools
  • Fusion VFX for advanced compositing and motion graphics
  • Fairlight for professional audio editing and mixing
  • Collaboration features for team projects


  • The platform provides comprehensive video editing professional-quality features.
  • It has advanced color grading and color correction capabilities.
  • It has a powerful audio editing and mixing tool called Fairlight.
  • It provides advanced visual effects through the Fusion VFX module.
  • A free version is available with some robust features.


  • The steeper learning curve for beginners.
  • Resource-intensive, so it may require a powerful computer.
  • Limited support for some third-party plugins.


Free version available. The studio version is priced at $357 as a one-time purchase.

4. iMovie


Developed by Apple, iMovie is one of the best video editing software for beginners and casual video content creators. It lets you edit high-resolution videos with soundtracks and basic effects. You can also share and sync the videos across the platforms more easily for higher operational efficiency. 


  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop editing
  • Basic video editing tools, including trimming, transitions, and titles
  • Includes 4K video support and easy-sharing options
  • Effortless integration with iCloud and other Apple-specific services


  • It is a beginner-friendly video editing software.
  • The platform has a simple and intuitive user interface for casual video editing.
  • It offers seamless integration with other Apple devices and services.
  • It offers basic editing tools and easy sharing options by default.
  • It is included for free with macOS and iOS devices.


  • Limited features compared to professional-grade software.
  • May lack advanced editing tools for complex projects.
  • Only available for Apple devices.


Included for free with macOS and iOS devices.

5. HitFilm Express


HitFilm Express is a powerful video editing and visual effects software with a timeline-based editing interface. That allows users to trim, arrange, and enhance their videos with precision. It also includes a vast library of built-in effects, transitions, and titles that enables users to enhance their videos creatively.


  • Advanced video editing tools with a layer-based interface
  • VFX compositing and motion graphics capabilities
  • Advanced color grading and correction tools
  • Footage auto color correction


  • Advanced compositing and visual effects tools.
  • Wide range of built-in effects and transitions.
  • Availability of free version with advanced features.
  • Strong, active community support with online tutorials.


  • Beginners may encounter a steeper learning curve.
  • It is resource-intensive and requires a computer with more capable technical specs.
  • Some advanced features and effects are only available in the paid version.


Free version available. HitFilm Pro is priced at $7.99 for the Creator plan and $12.99 for the Pro plan.

Latest Trends in Video Editing Platforms

Video editing is an ever-evolving industry with constant technological advancements and ever-changing user demands. So you need to stay regularly updated with the trends to create the best-edited videos, and here are a few latest trends:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: With AI technology being incorporated into video editing tools more and more frequently,  you can opt for features like automated editing, object detection, and content analysis. They can help you streamline the workflow and enhance efficiency.

  • Cloud-Based Editing: Cloud-based editing is one trend gaining popularity worldwide. It offers you the flexibility of editing videos from anywhere you can access the internet connection. So your team can work on a project collaboratively with seamless remote editing.

  • Mobile Editing: With the dominance of smartphones and tablets, mobile video editing has become quite popular and increasingly sophisticated. It offers powerful editing tools and effects through which the users can edit videos on the go.

  • 360-Degree Video Editing: With devices like Oculus Go, virtual reality (VR) has become quite popular as anyone can enjoy a little 360-degree video action quite easily. So the video editing tools have also adapted to accommodate the 360-degree VR video format. With these tools, you can now stitch, trim, and manipulate 360-degree footage to create immersive experiences for viewers.

  • Social Media Integration: With the popularity of platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok and more, people want to create and share their edited videos as soon as possible. So these video editing platforms have integrated sharing options for popular social media channels. So you can export and upload the videos directly to social media more easily.

  • Real-Time Editing and Rendering:  As the term suggests, with real-time editing and rendering, you can view and make edits in real time. So there are no long rendering times. That means a more efficient editing workflow and quicker feedback loops.

  • High-Resolution and HDR Support: Video editing platforms have successfully adapted to the latest high-resolution video content and HDR tech. So now, you can render and edit 4K, 8K, and HDR footage more easily. That ensures you can easily post or publish more visually-captivating videos. 

  • Integration with External Plugins and Tools: Nowadays, video editing platforms can be integrated with external plugins and tools more smoothly. That expands their capabilities, allowing users to access a wider variety of effects, transitions, and other special features.


It’s not just enough to shoot video from a good-quality camera or smartphone. You need to process it through video editing software to get the best out of the video and bring your creative ideas to fruition.

So we have provided you with everything about video editing programs, from the basic definition to the types, features, benefits, top options, and even the latest trends. Make sure to invest in the best platform to gain a competitive advantage and deliver better results.

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Editing videos is a great way to share information and ideas with others. Whether making a presentation for work or sharing a funny story with friends, having a good video editor makes things.

The iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the VSDC Video Editor are popular among YouTube creators.

Most use video editor software among professionals.

  1. Premiere Pro Adobe
  2. Blender
  3. Adobe Effects After
  4. Avid Media Composer
  5. Corel VideoStudio
  6. DaVinci Resolve Studio 16
  7. Edius Pro 8
  8. CyberLink PowerDirector

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