Best Virtual Meeting Platforms

Best virtual meeting software are Zoho Meeting, GoToMeeting, LiveStorm, Pexip, ZOOM, and ClickMeeting. No need to go to the physical location of the meeting.

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List of 20 Best Virtual Meeting Platform

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Contenders | 2024

Weve changed the way you meet.

Product Description

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Weve is a virtual platform for meetings and events that emphasizes fun, teamwork, and employee involvement. With activities and games like trivia, categories, lip-sync, meme generator, photo booths, scavenger hunts, and much more, Weve helps remote teams feel more connected. Additionally, Weve makes it simple for users to transition into work mode for effective remote team meetings when it's time to get down to business. Learn more about Weve

Contenders | 2024

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Product Description

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Shivaami is one of the best online meeting platforms. It aids in computing and data storage for organizations, as well as the creation, testing, and deployment of applications by developers. Shivaami provides a list of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for the cloud that help businesses operate more safely and productively. Learn more about Shivaami

Category Champions | 2024

Can handle up to 1,000 video participants exclusiv

Product Description

Users can connect and collaborate in an effective manner using the virtual meeting platform Zoom. This makes video conferences much more human, which proves essential for fostering a sense of community among users. Many of Zoom's most practical web conferencing technologies, such as screen sharing and whiteboard tools, are accessible without needing a paid subscription. Zoom is very simple to set up and use on desktop and mobile devices. Learn more about ZOOM

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Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

Microsoft Teams is a meeting platform for collaborative work that makes use of persistent chat. The tool offers distinct incredibly practical capabilities for professional interactions, such as easy file sharing and online meetings. Microsoft designed Teams with user ease in mind and hence, all tools are integrated in one location. It provides seamless collaboration, backup, and file search. Learn more about Microsoft Teams

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

Google Meet is one of the most popular virtual meeting platforms. Users may host online meetings with up to 100 people at once on Google Meet for as long as they need. By purchasing one of Google Meet's various pricing tiers, users can host up to 250 visitors. It offers host-based controls, including the ability to mute other players, remove attendees, share screens in a variety of modes, etc. Learn more about Google Meet

Contenders | 2024

Platform by Cisco Systems, Inc

Product Description

Cisco Webex is a virtual meeting solution that offers features including file sharing, group messaging, and online meetings. The suite is regarded as a top unified communications platform for collaboration and is designed for both large-group meetings for enterprise-wide deployments. Additionally, advanced video conferencing features like screen sharing, meeting recording and transcription, and AI-powered meetings are provided by services like Webex. Learn more about Cisco WebEx

Contenders | 2024

Product Description

GoTo Meeting is popular virtual meeting software. This fast, easy, and reliable professional online meeting solution aids customers in communicating face to face, connecting through conference calls or in-meeting chat. They can also screen share their presentations. It is a set of desktop sharing, online meetings, and video conferencing software that enables users to have live online meetings. Learn more about GoToMeeting

Contenders | 2024

Secure online meetings. Engaging webinars.

Product Description

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Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform.  This is a popular webinar solution that aids organizations in discovering new techniques to collaborate and work remotely with high efficiency. With the help of this extremely secure online conference software, businesses may improve their remote collaboration experience. Users are able to hold cost-free online meetings with real-time voice, video, and screen sharing. Learn more about Zoho Meeting

Contenders | 2024

Product Description

BlueJeans is a virtual meeting room platform. It offers a full range of solutions that enable organizations to create an effective video presence, including excellent screen sharing and streaming services, potent branding options, social media optimization tools, and engagement metrics. BlueJeans' superior performance & unmatched dependability increase video engagement. Learn more about BlueJeans

Category Champions | 2024

Platform by Microsoft Corporation

Product Description

Skype is one of the top virtual meeting platforms that encourage communication between people everywhere. It is simple to use and very convenient. Millions of individuals and groups use Skype to communicate instantly, share files, and hold free one-to-one and group phone and video chats. This platform can be easily used on any device that users prefer the best. Learn more about Skype

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

ClickMeeting is a popular virtual meeting solution. Using the ClickMeeting platform, users may host their events or invite other users to present at virtual conferences or meetings. Users can participate in group conversations, share screens, and translate sessions in real-time. The webinar room has the capacity for 5000 participants and up to 4 presenters at once. Learn more about ClickMeeting

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

Slack is a business chat platform that interlinks users to the data they require. Slack is a virtual platform for meetings that promotes transparency. It enables businesses to communicate by uniting users to work as a single cohesive team. With no need to comb through numerous channels or threads, team members can quickly catch up on what has been said and continue the conversation. Learn more about Slack

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

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Livestorm is one of the top online meeting platforms. Livestorm can be used for recording live or on-demand meetings and events. Livestorm delivers all the integrated tools needed, such as CRM connectors, on-demand webinars, registration pages, custom branding, and more, in order to record interactive and professional webinars. Learn more about Livestorm

Platform by Lifesize, Inc

Product Description

Lifesize is a communication and collaborative platform. This virtual meeting system's unified cloud software offers a fluid HD meeting experience that is simple to deploy and utilize. Lifesize enables users to simultaneously record the meeting for anyone who couldn't watch it live and live stream it to up to 10,000 concurrent viewers. Learn more about Lifesize

Platform by AnyMeeting

Product Description

AnyMeeting is one of the best online meeting platforms. The platform offers useful tools for online meetings, virtual conferences, webinars and video conferencing. Businesses can conduct dependable, stress-free meetings wherever and whenever they want because of their simple-to-use and simple-to-install experience, which is available on desktop and mobile platforms. Learn more about AnyMeeting

Platform by BigBlueButton

Product Description

BigBlueButton is one of the top virtual meeting platforms. This open-source program includes a wide range of capabilities, including screen sharing, chat functionality, interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, audio and video sharing, and presentation slides. In order to protect shared audio, video, and displays, BigBlueButton employs industry-standard DTLS and SRTP security protocols. Learn more about BigBlueButton

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

ON24 virtual trade show provides a combination of an engaging environment, interactive features, and social networking so you can take training, communication and marketing to the next level.This video conferencing software reporting engine captures details on performance virtual trade show.  Learn more about ON24

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

Google Hangouts is one of the best online meeting platforms. One-on-one or group voice, text, or video chats can be established and participated in using Google Hangouts, a unified communications tool. Google+ and Gmail both constitute Hangouts. This is a fantastic tool if the users aim to work collaboratively and make decisions as a group. Learn more about Google Hangouts

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

UberConference is an online meeting platform. Both audio and visual conferencing are supported by UberConference. Important meeting information is recorded and summarised using the voice intelligence feature for attendees. UberConference enables companies and independent contractors to rapidly start conferences from their desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet without additional software. Learn more about UberConference

Emergents | 2024

The best kind of remote access for your team

Product Description

Whereby is a popular virtual meeting platform. Users can use a link to connect with anybody, anywhere, by hosting a simple, attractive video call. This platform is fuss-free and effortless. It is perfect for anyone who requires a seamless video connection. A few features available are access controls/permissions, Attendee Management, Brand Management, Chat/Messaging, Collaboration Tools and Communication Management. Learn more about Whereby


Choosing the right virtual meeting platform is paramount for organizations seeking seamless communication and efficient collaboration. This comprehensive buyer's guide delves into the essential aspects of selecting an ideal virtual meeting solution, covering deployment options, key features, market trends, and potential disadvantages.

From exploring the latest market trends and pricing considerations to detailing the features of the best virtual meeting platforms, this guide serves as a valuable resource for organizations aiming to navigate the diverse array of options available in the online meeting software space.

What Is a Virtual Meeting Platform?

A Virtual Meeting Platform is a software solution designed to facilitate online meetings, allowing participants to collaborate, communicate, and interact in a virtual environment. These platforms leverage various tools such as video conferencing software, audio calls, chat, and screen sharing to mimic the experience of face-to-face meetings in a digital space.

What are the Deployment Options for Online Meeting Software?

Online meeting software offers various deployment options, including cloud-based solutions for flexibility and accessibility, on-premises installations for greater control, and hybrid setups combining the advantages of both.


  1. Cloud-Based

    Cloud-based deployment involves hosting the virtual meeting platform on external servers accessible through the Internet. This option offers scalability, flexibility, and the convenience of accessing meetings from any location with an internet connection. Cloud-based services usually require a subscription fee from users.

  2. On-Premises

    On-premises deployment involves installing the virtual meeting platform on the organization's local servers. While there is more control over security and customization with this option, infrastructure, and maintenance will cost much more.

  3. Hybrid

    Hybrid deployment combines both cloud-based and on-premises solutions, offering a flexible approach. Organizations can host sensitive data on-premises while utilizing the cloud for scalable features. This option caters to the need for both security and accessibility.

What are the Benefits of the Best Virtual Meeting Platforms?

The best virtual meeting platforms enhance collaboration with features like real-time interaction, global reach, live meeting recording, cost-effectiveness, improved communication, and increased productivity, providing organizations with efficient and dynamic virtual communication solutions.


  1. Improved Collaboration and Communication

    Online meeting platforms foster collaboration by providing features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and document collaboration. Participants can interact in real-time, leading to enhanced communication and teamwork, irrespective of geographical distances.

  2. Global Reach

    The best virtual meeting platforms enable global reach by breaking down geographical barriers. Participants from different locations can connect seamlessly, fostering international collaboration and expanding business opportunities.

  3. Live Meeting Recording

    One useful feature of the online meeting platform is the ability to record virtual meetings. It promotes discussion returns, follows up on missed time for visitors, and acts as a guide for upcoming training sessions and decision-making.

  4. Cost-Effective & Time-saving

    Travel, accommodation, and various other associated expenses are irrelevant for virtual meetings. This not only saves costs but also reduces the time spent on commuting, enabling participants to invest their time more efficiently.

  5. Increased Productivity

    With features like screen sharing, file collaboration, and real-time communication, virtual meeting platforms contribute to increased productivity. Teams can work on projects collaboratively, make decisions promptly, and streamline workflows.

  6. Real-Time Interaction

    Instant feedback and interaction are possible due to the real-time feature of virtual meetings. An active and interesting virtual environment is created by allowing participants to interact, present questions, and exchange ideas on the whim of the moment.

What are the Key Features of the Best Virtual Meeting Platforms?

Virtual meeting platforms have become integral tools for modern communication and collaboration. The best platforms offer a range of features that enhance the overall meeting experience and contribute to effective remote collaboration.


  1. Video/Audio Conferencing

    The best virtual meeting platforms provide high-definition video capabilities, ensuring clear and crisp visuals. This is crucial for maintaining engagement and facilitating non-verbal communication cues. They also have audio conferencing features with noise reduction and echo cancellation, contributing to clear and uninterrupted communication, and fostering a seamless meeting environment.

    It's important to be able to manage meetings with numerous participants. Look for platforms that support a sufficient number of participants based on your organizational needs.

  2. File Sharing

    The capability to share, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time enhances teamwork during virtual meetings. Look for platforms with integrated document sharing and editing features. Screen sharing allows participants to showcase presentations, demonstrate software, or share specific content, promoting a more interactive and dynamic meeting experience.

  3. Calendar Integrations

    Integration with popular calendar applications streamlines the scheduling process. Users can easily set up meetings, send invitations, and receive reminders directly through their calendar platforms. The best virtual meeting platforms automate the invitation process, sending out meeting invites and reminders to participants, reducing the administrative burden.

  4. Webinar Hosting

    For organizations conducting webinars, features such as webinar hosting, participant engagement tools, and audience interaction capabilities are crucial. Large-scale webinars and small-group team meetings should both be supported by the platform. One useful feature is the ability to record webinars for later use or to share them with people who couldn't or were unable to attend personally.

  5. Participant Management

    Comprehensive participant management features allow hosts to control participant access, mute/unmute participants, and manage permissions, ensuring a smooth and organized meeting. Virtual meeting platforms with engagement features like polls, Q&A sessions, and hand-raising enhance participant interaction, making meetings more dynamic and inclusive.

  6. Meeting Transcriptions

    The best platforms offer automated transcription services, converting spoken words into text. This feature is invaluable for keeping detailed meeting records, aiding in accessibility, and facilitating easy reference. Transcripts that are searchable and indexed enable users to quickly locate specific information discussed during the meeting, saving time and improving productivity.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Virtual Meeting Platforms?

When selecting the best virtual meeting platform for your needs, it's crucial to consider various factors that align with your organization's goals and requirements.


  1. Built-in Recording

    Look for platforms that offer built-in recording features. This allows you to archive meetings for future reference, training purposes, or for those unable to attend in real-time.

  2. Size of the Meeting Rooms

    Consider the scalability of the virtual meeting platform. Ensure it can accommodate the size of your typical meetings, whether they are small team collaborations or large-scale presentations to a broad audience.

  3. Video and Audio Quality

    Check the video and audio quality of the platform. Clear and crisp visuals, along with high-quality audio, contribute significantly to the effectiveness of virtual meetings. Look for platforms that support HD video and have advanced audio settings.

  4. Screen Sharing and Collaboration Tools

    Evaluate the screen-sharing capabilities and collaboration tools offered. The collaborative nature of virtual meetings is enhanced by features like collaborative note-taking, virtual whiteboards, and real-time document editing.

  5. Polls and Surveys

    The ability to conduct polls and surveys during virtual meetings can be valuable for gathering feedback, making decisions, and engaging participants. Choose a platform that supports these interactive features.

  6. Compatibility and Integrations

    Make sure the operating systems and devices used by your organization are compatible with the virtual meeting platform. Additionally, check for integrations with other tools and software you regularly use, such as project management or document-sharing platforms.

  7. Insights

    Look for platforms that provide analytical insights. Tracking meeting metrics, participant engagement, and other relevant data can help in assessing the effectiveness of virtual meetings and making improvements.

  8. Cost and Budget

    Consider the cost structure of the virtual meeting platform. Take into account whether the features are worth the price as well as if they fit within your budget. Some platforms offer tiered pricing plans, so choose one that meets your organization's requirements without unnecessary costs.

What are the Disadvantages of Virtual Meeting Platforms?

Although there are many benefits to using virtual meeting platforms, it's important to be aware of any possible drawbacks.

  1. Lack of Personal Interaction

    The main downside is the lack of face-to-face interaction. Non-verbal cues and the personal touch of in-person meetings may be lost, impacting the depth of communication and relationship-building.

  2. Screen Fatigue

    Screen fatigue can occur by staying too much on screens during virtual meetings. Prolonged exposure to digital screens may cause eye strain, fatigue, and reduced attention spans among participants.

  3. Time Zone Differences

    It can be difficult to interact with participants who are in different time zones. Scheduling meetings that accommodate everyone may be difficult, leading to potential conflicts and uneven participation.

  4. Multitasking Tendencies

    Virtual meetings can sometimes encourage multitasking among participants. The temptation to check emails or engage in other tasks during the meeting may result in reduced focus and effectiveness.

Latest Market Trends of Virtual Meeting Platforms

Virtual meeting platforms have witnessed significant evolution in recent times, with emerging trends shaping the landscape of remote collaboration and communication.


  1. Hybrid Meeting Solutions

    The demand for hybrid meeting solutions has surged, reflecting a shift towards a flexible work environment. These platforms seamlessly blend in-person and virtual elements, allowing participants to engage from both physical meeting rooms and remote locations.

  2. Integration with Productivity Tools

    In an attempt to enhance workflow efficiency, integration with productivity tools is growing as a major trend for businesses. Virtual meeting platforms are increasingly designed to integrate with project management, document collaboration, and other productivity tools, creating a cohesive and efficient work ecosystem.

  3. AI-Powered Features

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark on virtual meeting platforms. AI-powered features, such as automated transcription services, intelligent meeting scheduling, and real-time language translation, are enhancing the user experience and increasing the overall efficiency of virtual meetings.

  4. Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

    The exploration of Virtual Reality (VR) in virtual meeting platforms is gaining momentum. VR experiences offer a more immersive and interactive meeting environment, allowing participants to engage with content and each other in a three-dimensional space.

  5. Customizable and Brandable Interfaces

    Customizability and brandability are becoming essential features. Organizations seek virtual meeting platforms that allow them to tailor the interface with their branding elements, creating a professional and consistent look across all communications.

  6. Competitive Market with New Entrants

    The virtual meeting platform market is highly competitive, with new entrants constantly introducing innovative features. Established players and startups alike are investing in research and development to stay ahead in this dynamic and rapidly evolving space.

What is the Cost of Online/Virtual Meeting Software?

The cost of online or virtual meeting software varies based on several factors, including features, deployment options, and the number of users. Here are some key considerations:

  • Free Plans: Some virtual meeting platforms offer free plans with basic features, suitable for small teams or casual users.
  • Freemium Plans: Freemium plans, offering additional features beyond the basics, usually fall within the range of $10 to $20 per user per month.
  • Standard Plans: For more robust features and larger capacities, standard plans typically range from $20 to $50 per user per month.
  • Business/Enterprise Plans: Business and enterprise plans, which often include advanced security features, customization options, and dedicated support, can range from $50 to $100 or more per user per month.
  • Custom Solutions: Larger enterprises requiring custom solutions or specific integrations may negotiate pricing based on their unique needs. Costs for such solutions can vary significantly and may involve one-time setup fees.


This buyer's guide provides a comprehensive overview of the considerations for selecting virtual meeting platforms. From deployment options to key features, market trends, and pricing insights, organizations now have a roadmap for informed decision-making. As remote collaboration becomes increasingly vital, choosing the right virtual meeting solution can significantly impact communication and productivity.

Chirantan Mungara
By Chirantan Mungara | Last Updated: January 02, 2024