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Top visitor management software options are Visitor Queue, iLobby, Visitly, iOFFICE, and VizDesk. Visitor management software automates the process of tracking visitors, providing a smoother and more secure experience for both visitors and your building or office.

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List of 20 Best Visitor Management Software

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Visitor Management Software by VizMan

VizMan safely stores information of visitors, employees, deliveries, and vehicles going in and out of establishments. Features like scheduling meetings, alerts, and notifications on SMS, email, and application, writing summaries. Read VizMan Reviews

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Visitor Management System by ADDA

ADDA is the best visitor management system with a Private Portal for Apartment Complex Members, Best in Class Management Tools & 100% Compliant Accounting Software with Online Payment Gateway Integration. Read ADDA Reviews

High Performer | 2024

Enterprise-Grade Visitor Management Software

iLobby provides enterprise-grade visitor management and process optimization products. The visitor management platform is cloud-based and resides on a tablet-powered kiosk situated at a company's entrance and provides more secure and efficient access to the facility. Learn more about iLobby

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Multi-location Visitor Tracking Software

A rich dashboard for visitor and employee reporting, real-time notifications, instant printing of badges, advanced facial recognition system makes Visitly an advanced cloud-based visitor management system. Customize and Manage multi-locations and devices. Learn more about Visitly

Emergents | 2024

Visitor Management Software by iOFFICE

A boon for Maintenance Managers, the constructive facility management software, iOFFICE will help you at all maintenance levels. Be it keeping a track on contractor sourcing or ensuring the work done, the software does it all promptly and error-free. Learn more about iOFFICE

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The security requirements of large organizations and infrastructure are challenging and growing increasingly. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only the relevant areas via integration with access control devices. Learn more about eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management

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Software by Solutions Infini Technologies India Pvt Ltd

VizDesk is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve Agencies, Startups. VizDesk provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Visitor Tracking at one place. Learn more about VizDesk

Category Champions | 2024

Cloud-based visitor management software

Veris helps workplaces with intelligent solutions for better safety and user experience. It’s a solution suite for modern workplaces and enterprises. Veris provides Visitor Management, Meeting Room Management and Desking solutions. Read Veris Reviews

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visitor management, material movement tracking, ga

Happy Visitor is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Agencies. Happy Visitor provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Visitor Tracking, Watch List, ID Scan, Badge Management, Pre-Registration at one place. Learn more about Happy Visitor

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Digital Visitor Management System

iVisitor is one of the best visitor management software in the market. It is built to scale, with the tools you need to assess risk, ensure compliance, and protect your people and property across the globe. Learn more about iVisitor

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Visitor Management System

piLOBI is a one-stop visitor management system for your workplace reception management. Visitor check-ins using paper logbooks are a thing of the past. piLOBI is an intelligent solution and a regular step up from the traditional lobby management system. Learn more about piLOBI

High Performer | 2024

Visitor Tracking Software by Envoy

Envoy is the unique visitor management software in the modern era. It is easy to access for users and respond faster. Its main aim is to gather all the user's personal details like mobile number, photos and signature and change their functionality by user's requirement. Learn more about Envoy

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Visitor Management Software

Vizitor is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. Vizitor provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Self Check-in, Alerts/Notifications, Badge Management, Visitor Tracking, Pre-Registration at one place. Read Vizitor Reviews

High Performer | 2024

Teem Visitor Management is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. Teem Visitor Management provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Visitor Tracking, Pre-Registration, Watch List, Badge Management, Self Check-in at one place. Learn more about Teem

Category Champions | 2024

A Privacy-Compliant All-in-One Analytics Tools

Understanding analytics has never been so easy! Visitor Analytics was built for entrepreneurs and teams looking for their site statistics and visitors' behavior, but lacking a technical or analytics background. Read TWIPLA Reviews

Most Reviewed

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Visitor management & employee tracking system

SwipedOn is a visitor and employee management system that is a safe, secure touch-free sign in solution for the workplace, including contact tracing and visitor screening checks. Learn more about SwipedOn

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LobbyGuard is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. LobbyGuard provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Watch List, Visitor Tracking, ID Scan, Pre-Registration, Registration Management at one place. Learn more about LobbyGuard

Emergents | 2024

The Receptionist for iPad is a fully featured Visitor Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. The Receptionist for iPad provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Visitor Management system offers Alerts/Notifications, Registration Management, Pre-Registration, Visitor Tracking, Badge Management at one place. Learn more about The Receptionist for iPad

Identify the companies visiting your website

Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details, user data and key employee information of the businesses that visit your website. Learn more about Visitor Queue

Software by AppMetrix

AppMetrix is a fully featured Web Analytics Software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. AppMetrix provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This Web Analytics Software offers Keyword Research Tools, Conversion Tracking, Predictive Analytics, Dashboard and Website Analytics at one place. Read AppMetrix Reviews


Importance of Visitor Management Software

The visitor management software is designed to track visitors' numbers at a particular site or building. There are many offices worldwide, and each office has many visitors daily. In most of these, the visitor's entries are taken and stored manually. Maintaining the documents manually is hectic and consumes a lot of time and effort. If one wants to check the visitors' old records, one must go through many files and get them, which is cumbersome. As technology improves, visitor management has become easy. The latest visitor management software will track every visitor who attends the office and ensure that the list is maintained correctly.

The visitor can be the main man, pizza delivery guy, employee's or CEO's friend, one of the clients, or any other person who isn't the office's regular employee. The record of each person who enters the office is maintained intact with the visitor management software's help. Previously, the companies used to have a receptionist near the door who used to get all the required details from the visitors and inform the person whom they came to see.

This system was excellent and perfect then, but it wasn't a secure option. It isn't an easy task, and paying the receptionists to keep the log is very hard for the companies. This is where visitor management software comes in handy. The software is highly secure and makes sure that each visitor is recorded. At the same time, the software is very cost-effective. Once you invest a little amount in it and get it installed.

Why Do You Need a Visitor Management System?

The sole purpose of this software is to track the entry and exit of individuals. This is done for security and the creation of evidence in case of any mishaps in the organization. There are so many benefits of a visitor management system for an organization. It is highly reliable and helps the organization in so many ways. Here are some of the reasons why you would need visitor tracking software in your office.

why do you need visitor management system

1. No Interruptions

There are so many offices out there that don't have dedicated receptionists. In such offices, visitors are a massive disturbance. According to a study, any person who is interrupted between tasks will take nearly 25 minutes to get back to that task again. This math is enormous, and it surely wastes a lot of time for an organization. But with the visitor management software, the visitors are handled by the software, and your employees won't be interrupted.

2. The Productivity of Receptionists

The receptionists aren't only confined to greeting the people who walk in through the door every day. There are other roles and responsibilities for receptionists. If they waste their entire time with and track the visitors, their productivity is affected, which won't do any good to the organization. If the visitor registration software manages the visitors, the receptionists can concentrate on the other works that are more helpful for the organization.

3. Information Security

There are so many organizations out there where there are a lot of confidential documents around them. In this situation, a stranger roaming around the office is dangerous. With the visitor management software, all the visitors are restricted from staying outside the office, and their meeting is streamlined as per the schedule of the person they are visiting. This way, privacy in the office is maintained intact.

4. Privacy of Visitors

If your organization maintains a pen and paper for visitors, anybody will get access to those documents quickly. The visitors' log is essential for legal or financial services, and gaining access to them would easily influence the organization. But with the visitor management software, this won't happen. The visitor list is maintained with the utmost security, and no one would be able to access it.

5. Reinforced Branding

A future-ready and innovative visitor management system impresses the visitors in addition to improving the entire process. It enhances the brand at various touchpoints of an organization and provides the visitor with enough brand visuals to strengthen its retention value.

6. Modernized Reception

The reception of your organization is a visitor's first point of contact with your organization. It speaks a lot about your organization, especially to someone visiting it for the first time. An effortless and seamless check-in tells your visitors how much you value them.

7. Embracing Paperless

Using digital visitor management helps an organization embrace complete paperless processes to reduce paper use and make the organization more responsible and considerate towards nature. It also puts your organization in a good light. Your customers, stakeholders, and partners will appreciate you for these thoughtful measures.

8. Increased Organizational Security

Allowing access and limiting it based on the visitors and enabling better control will enable organizations to improve security on their premises, not only for the organization but also for the visitors. Moreover, robust and centralized visitor management software can navigate visitors in the right direction in case of emergencies.

why do you need visitor management software

9. On-Site Transparency

Transparency is an essential element when it comes to running an organization. It helps organize and manage large teams and different resources to optimize workflows and extract better value from them. It also makes it easier for management to identify gaps and take the required steps to fill them.

10. Reduced Costs

Implementing digital visitor management software reduces human resources and eliminates the risk of errors, leading to reduced operational costs and emergency spending. This significant reduction in expenses directly translates to an increase in profits, a valuable return on investment.

11. Integration Synergies

With an organization-wide digital visitor management software, the collaboration software can act between departments, floors, and teams, increasing performance and value. It creates synergies for better efficiency and effectiveness in the organization and encourages resources to work together as a team.

12. Global Scalability

The best visitor management software and other digital solutions enable organizations with scaling capabilities to streamline their paths to global reach and success. As the software scales with the organization's growing demand, it leaves the decision-making executives with one less thing to worry about.

13. Legal and GDPR Compliance

Since these software solutions are fed with the legal and GDPR guidelines, they enable a simple and easy process that never derails from the guidelines and requirements. This takes the burden of adhering to the teams' guidance and allows them to focus on the work itself without compromising on the legality of it all.

14. Health and Safety Compliance

Like legal compliance, safety, and health compliance an important considerations. It protects visitors from any kind of harm by providing them with safety instructions and emergency steps. However, safety compliance is much more critical due to the sheer length of consequences that non-adherence to it could lead to.

15. Visitor privacy: Digital vs. Paper

Digital data management software proves to be more secure and safe than traditional paper-based data collection as the chances of it being lost, misplaced, or breached are minimal. Keeping user data secure would tell your visitors that they are in a safe space, which builds trust and makes relationships more reliable and long-lasting.

Key Features of Visitor Management Software

features of visitor management software

1. Customized Check-In Process

There are so many visitors to an office in a day, and tracking the details of all the visitors wouldn't be right. For a general visitor, you would want the details like their name, email, company, and phone number, you may even want them to wear a badge and sign in the agreement, but it isn't the same with a courier boy or pizza delivery guy. All you want to know about these people is their company name. The visitor tracking software should have this customized process for a better visitor experience.

2. Two-Way Communication

Your employee needs to receive the message and reply to those messages. Your employee may be busy or don't want to have that visitor. They can say that clearly to the visitor with the two-way communication facility.

3. Message Forwarding

Sometimes, the visitor's primary contact may not be available; at that time, the notification is sent to another employee of the organization; if he/she isn't possible, then another employee of the organization is notified. This way, there should be an option to communicate with unlimited people with the help of the software.

4. Badge Printing

There are so many organizations that print the badge about the visitor who has arrived. This is the most searched and talked about feature of the visitor tracking software. The visitor badge will provide high security for the organization and will help in recognizing the visitors quickly.

5. Digital Visitor Log

This is another vital feature of visitor management software. The company will have a log of each visitor who came to the organization even after some years of their visit. Visitor management software comes in handy for all types of organizations. It provides excellent benefits for the organization.

Managing the visitors smartly is a key to better hospitality. Apart from this, the employee's safety and security and the premises are essential responsibilities of an organization. The same can be fulfilled with the software. Therefore, choose wisely the software for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Visitor Management Software?

Choosing the best visitor management software is crucial for your business for three reasons - enhancing efficiency & workflow, improving the visitor experience, and strengthening visitor security. It is as important as choosing a security firewall software or a fire alarm. You need to know that it works before you go ahead and implement it.

If you have never used this software before or if you've had a bad experience with one, how do you decide which is the best visitor management solution? With so many options available out there, how to make sure what you choose is right for your organization?

To make that choice, you need to understand the possibilities that guest management software can offer you. You need to understand what capabilities it can provide you with to know what to expect from the best visitor management system when you are looking for it.

Here are five tell-tale signs of the best visitor tracking system:

how to choose the right visitor management system

1. Faster Processes

Visitor management software accelerates and streamlines the process of check-ins, documentation, and other repetitive tasks. It enables organizations to customize their check-in requirements as per their policies and offer a more personalized and unique experience to their visitors. All these tasks, although considered menial, are critical from the perspective of documenting and reporting. However, saving time on these processes can provide a lot more value. Moreover, it has better roll-call capabilities to improve a visitor's experience at the premises. In contrast, digital add-ons, like pre-booking of visitors by hosts, effectively reduce the check-in time.

2. Safer Environment

The best visitor management software provides a safer, more secure atmosphere, not just for the organization but also for the visitors. During check-in, a visitor provides his/her data to an organization in good faith, and a breach of this data could prove to be harmful to an organization's reputation. When you assure your visitors that they are safe within your organization, you give them space to open up and be more transparent. This helps in making partnerships, onboarding clients, and making business partnerships stronger. In addition to that, monitoring visitors based on their categories or access level allows the organization to make sure that a visitor is not overstepping his/her access, potentially losing the organization's data to the visitor. The stringent monitoring and proper visibility of all visitors across the organization at any given point is an essential quality of visitor tracking system.

3. Easy Regulation Compliance

Organizations need to comply with specific regulatory guidelines and requirements. That's why it's crucial to choose software that makes it easier to comply with them. The best visitor check in software will be compliant with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) - a privacy law in the EU implemented in 2018. It imposes strict rules and policies for organizations to take the data privacy of EU citizens more seriously. A GDPR-compliant visitor management software enables you to prioritize transparency and ensure explicit consent in providing adequate information to the system.

4. Insightful Data

Open source visitor gate pass solution that gathers essential information and collates it into comprehensive reports provides you with better decision support software capabilities. Assembling such a considerable amount of data could benefit the organization if the value could be extracted from it, both quantitative and qualitative. It provides insights into the current order of things to identify the possibilities of improvement in structure, framework, or policies. It makes organizations proactive by delivering actionable insights frequently and improving the workflows for visitors. These insights give the right push for an organization to find faults in its processes and improve on them.

5. Scalability

Software that cannot handle your growing needs is worthless and does not provide you with the value it is supposed to. That's why the best visitor management software grows with you. Its scaling capabilities allow it to manage the increasing demands of a growing organization. It might offer you add-ons or an upgrade, but it still provides you with the increased performance of increased demand. That's value. This value is of more significance than it is given credit for because any process that can scale independently, no matter how trivial, contributes directly to the acceleration of growth in an organization.

Types Of Visitor Management Software

types of visitor management software

1. Self-service Visitor Management

An open-source visitor pass gate pass system allows guests to use a kiosk for checking in without waiting in a queue. After they fill in their details, it asks them to sign any required documents and print a guest badge. Once they enter the premises, they are prompted and guided throughout the campus through text messages and notifications on their phones.

2. Staff-Administered Visitor Management

Staff-administered visitor management software allows an organization to monitor visitors and control the organization's movement and access. The best visitor management software makes it easy for the management teams to handle hundreds of visitors in real-time and help provide a memorable experience to the visitors.

3. Computer Visitor Management System

A computer-based visitor management system is a holistic one-window system that allows an organization to have organization-wide visitor monitoring, data collection, and access control in real-time. It automates many repetitive processes and reduces dependencies on manual work to enable a better visitor experience for both the visitors and the organization.

4. Visitor Management Software As A Service (SaaS)

Large-scale organizations with multiple floors and thousands of visitors cannot handle visitor management on their own. Visitor software as a service is a third-party system that monitors and controls the organization's visitors. These third-party service providers have experienced team members and use the best guest management software to offer their clients a binary value.

Challenges of Visitor Management System Software

Visitor management systems can significantly improve your building sign-in and sign-out process. However, these solutions have some common issues that you should be aware of. These include:

1. Typos

This happens all the time. When signing in, visitors mistype their name spelling. Now when they try to sign out, they can't find their name anywhere in the database. This makes the process frustrating for both the visitor as well as the person managing the system. To avoid this issue, eliminate the use of names. Instead, use barcode software or other digital identities that can't be mistaken or modified.

2. Security Concerns

The goal of a visitor management system is to reduce the workload of security guards and gatekeepers. With visitor management software in place, guards don't need to check each individual going in and out of the building. On the downside, this can cause security concerns, as guards won't be aware of who's entering and exiting the building. To create a balance, create visitor profiles beforehand. This way, only those with pre-registered access will be able to enter the building.

3. Manual Entry

You'll need to manually add all visitor data into the system. If you have a self-service system, then the visitors will have to add data. In any case, there'll be some inconvenience. You can resolve this issue by setting up an active directory that pulls out visitor data from the internal databases automatically.

4. Difficulty of Use

Security guards and gatekeepers aren't usually good at technology. They're used to managing registers and manually entering visitor information. Though a new system is more efficient, your guard can have a hard time getting used to it.

Latest Market Trends of Visitor Management Software

The visitor management process has shifted from register-based entry and exit to digital sign-in and sign-out. The initial variants of visitor management solutions were increasingly a replacement for registers.

But with technology advancing, new trends are being witnessed in the visitor management software market. Let's take a look at some of these trends.

1. Corporate Governance

As discussed, VMS systems were just a replacement for cumbersome visitor registers when they initially came out. But now, companies and organizations across the globe use these solutions from a mission-critical security point of view. The advantages of visitor management systems have transformed from efficiency and time-saving to security and compliance. Companies now use visitor management solutions to comply with regulations like FSMA, ITAR, CDPR, and C-TPAT.

2. Scope for Scalability

VMS solutions are only good for single locations, and rightly so. Most of these systems don't have scope for customization and can't cater to the security requirements of different locations. For example, you might manage visitors with a VMS in an office building in Seattle. However if you have an offshore office in London, the VMS may not comply with the local visitor laws and regulations.

The latest visitor management systems help you overcome this issue. These systems feature cloud-based capabilities that allow you to customize the system as per regional visitor regulations. This development provides scope for seamless scalability.

3. Globalization

As discussed in the previous point, VMS solutions now offer scope for globalization, and companies are cashing in on this opportunity. Earlier, companies with offshore offices had to implement individual VMS systems for each location. This led to increased costs and management burden.

Now, as VMS vendors offer multi-location support, organizations are also sticking to a single system for multiple locations. They can now scale in different locations and countries without worrying about compliance issues, extra costs, and management hurdles.


The cost for a visitor management system starts at Rs. 1500 per month as a one-time payment. Some software options include a free version, and many offer a complimentary trial period.

Visitor management software is a digital system used by companies to register and track each visitor entering their facilities. A visitor management system improves the overall visitor experience by increasing efficiency, security, and personalized services.

Last Updated: February 16, 2024