20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Webmedy

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This software is very good if you want to buy then I'll suggest to buy this software. This one is very very good product. If you want a value for money then buy this software. This very very useful software. Read MediXcel EMR and HIS Reviews

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Common MediXcel EMR and HIS and Webmedy Alternatives

MediXcel EMR and HIS review compared to Webmedy

"Lab management software" - Vaishnavi Jadhav


Mocdoc is one of the best software for HMS, and it helps us do easy billing and sales bills in fractions of seconds. Also, the Mocdoc regular updates make it better and helpful. Read MocDoc HIMS Reviews

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Common MocDoc HIMS and Webmedy Alternatives

MocDoc HIMS review compared to Webmedy

"Omkar Hospital" - Koushik Raju


Overall experience has been great. Had been using this for a year now. Suggesting my colleagues at work and family. User friendly and fast response. In times of lockdown and other major issues going on at the moment it’s not safe and we do not have time to visit a hospital ... Read eHospital Reviews

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eHospital VS Nuvertos

Common eHospital and Webmedy Alternatives

eHospital review compared to Webmedy

"Awesome job!!" - Shokrei


A complete solution to manage the diagnostic lab. The service is really good. Finance and operations is really helpful for the business and the mgmt. Read CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) Reviews

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Common CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) and Webmedy Alternatives

CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) review compared to Webmedy



I am currently using the trial version of Lybrate. I implemented it after a recommendation from a friend of mine, it has reduced the number of no-shows and I could notice the overall patient turn up is more. Additionally, I could manage the electronic health records with this too... Read Lybrate Reviews

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Common Lybrate and Webmedy Alternatives

Lybrate review compared to Webmedy

"Intelligent patient management system " - Jessica


We have two PT's, two PTA's in a clinic, Three OT's and two OTA's in our clinic. Usually its very difficult to manage records, patient details, insurance details of patients, doctors rounds schedule, but with Uniwide scheduling and keeping up with medical records ... Read Uniwide HIMS Reviews

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Common Uniwide HIMS and Webmedy Alternatives

Uniwide HIMS review compared to Webmedy

"Love the ease of use& it is very user friendly" - Arpuna


BestoSys is comprehensive online practice management software for Dentists and doctors. These are in addition to the regular features like appointment calendar, SMS/email alerts, billing and payments, inventory management, financial accounting, conta... Learn more about BestoSys

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Common BestoSys and Webmedy Alternatives


Acrendo EHR is a comprehensive solution designed for the small and medium size practice for managing; electronic records, billing, document imaging, electronic claims, paperless scheduling, and speech dictation. We do it with the highest standar... Learn more about Acrendo EHR

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Common Acrendo EHR and Webmedy Alternatives


I recommend the Miracle HIS system from Akhil Systems Pvt Ltd. this Is one of the best hospital information systems which has end to end functionalities such as RCM, EMR, Inventory, management, RIS, LIS, Patient portal, Mobile Apps for patients or physicians etc. Read Miracle HIS Reviews

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Common Miracle HIS and Webmedy Alternatives

Miracle HIS review compared to Webmedy

"Best HIS System for Healthcare" - PADAM SUNDAR KAFLE


Can tag in details of FBS ,body weight and all such details.The sms alerts are also a good feature. What could be done to improve is that,data such as HBA1c could be incorporated into the system. With analytical reports generated for data like this would give a much better perspe... Read e-Diabetic Reviews

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Common e-Diabetic and Webmedy Alternatives

e-Diabetic review compared to Webmedy

"A Neat Piece of Software" - Eric


 QMarks Pathology Lab is one of India's leading pathology labs that offers various services to its customers. They offer their clients multiple options, from general and specialized diagnostic tests. They have a team of expert pathologists and experienced laboratory staf... Read Qmarks Pathology Lab Reviews

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Common Qmarks Pathology Lab and Webmedy Alternatives

Qmarks Pathology Lab review compared to Webmedy

"Excellent Results and Quick Turnaround at Qmarks Pathology Lab" - Anuj Kumar


I manage a fertility clinic center and was looking for an efficient software to take care of entire recoding of patient's infertility treatment. A colleague of mine recommended me to use e-IVF - Fertility Clinic Software, I was little skeptical initially as there is huge numb... Read e-IVF Reviews

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Common e-IVF and Webmedy Alternatives

e-IVF review compared to Webmedy

"A well designed dynamic Clinic Software" - Shelja


I-Medicare helps you to attend major activities related to the entire functional areas of the healthcare organization. This product i-Medicare consists of a collection of program modules to compile one integrated software system. Neovante i... Read i-Medicare Reviews

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Common i-Medicare and Webmedy Alternatives


Smarter inside with advance Electronic Medical Record and Secured Patient Portal increase patient Satisfaction. Read Cloudpital Reviews

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Common Cloudpital and Webmedy Alternatives

Cloudpital review compared to Webmedy

"Great Experience" - Maithe


KareXpert cloud-based EMR/EHR is user-friendly. It has many good features. Patient data privacy is highly maintained. I want to recommend KareXpert cloud-based EMR. Read KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR Reviews

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Common KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR and Webmedy Alternatives

KareXpert Cloud based EMR/EHR review compared to Webmedy

"User friendly " - Sudha


Practoray is a very user-friendly software. I got attracted to this Software due to its various features such as Unique Patient Registration No, Patient ID-Card with Barcode, Electronic Records Management, Healthcare  Operation Packages, and Equipment Maintenance Management.... Read Practoray Reviews

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Common Practoray and Webmedy Alternatives

Practoray review compared to Webmedy

"Very good software for all kinds of hospital establishments" - Srikant


Great software which helps in maintaining dental health Read e-Dent Reviews

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Common e-Dent and Webmedy Alternatives

e-Dent review compared to Webmedy

"Great Software" - HARIKRISHNAN


iBody Academy Client Management is designed for small-medium sized extended healthcare practices and includes everything you need to manage a clinic day to day. Book appointment based on clinic hours, staff availability, or a variety of other ... Learn more about iBody Academy Client Management

Starting Price: $200 Per Year

Common iBody Academy Client Management and Webmedy Alternatives


This software is good for health and this software is only one software that gives you best treatment advices It is also give you best advise for good health and make you fitted and finest I these time health is compulsory for every one so be carefully and don't compromise about ... Read aceHealth Reviews

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Common aceHealth and Webmedy Alternatives

aceHealth review compared to Webmedy

"For Health" - Sri singh


MyOPD is a easy to use, affordable and powerful software allowing Doctors to manage clinic at their finger tips. A useful software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data. Learn more about MyOPD

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Common MyOPD and Webmedy Alternatives

Last Updated: September 20, 2023