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What is Workflow Management Software?

Chiefly used as to streamline all the regular and specific errands of any organization, workflow management software has become the backbone of any successful business these days. The solutions that workflow system software offers are not only practical in real-life but also set you free from doing repetitive tasks.  

What is workflow management software?

Workflow management software is a technology-driven software that offers various modules to organize various common operations like allotting the work, checking the schedule, mapping out the workflow strategies, send automatic emails, creating detailed reports and so on.

A pack of well-integrated modules, online workflow software is a must-have tool for any business who seeks to eliminate receptiveness and endless paperwork of operations from its system.  In addition, office workflow management software also helps you to find out the bottlenecks in your operative areas.

The use of automated top workflow management software/ performance management system helps a business to shrug off the everyday struggle that its face to keep a check over incomplete tasks. By providing you a close insight of your operations,  IT workflow software helps any business to improve its productivity at an affordable cost.

Common Functionality of Workflow Management Software


When we talk about the functionality of any web-based workflow software, we get to know that it is as vast as cosmos. Depending upon its integration and features offered, workflow system software takes care of anything and everything that falls in between task allocation and task completion. Here are some the chief functionality areas where an enterprise workflow system proves its viability.

  1. Task allotment or assignment - One of the most vital functions of a workflow management app is in the area of task allotment. While it a tough nut to crack when done manually, the automated integration of an enterprise workflow system helps you to accomplish it effortlessly. With its help, you can easily allow the task to the most-suited man force, easily explain about the task, reassign the work, and keep a track on its progress at each stage.
  2. Detailed reporting - With so many things happening around, it takes a lot to keep a check on everything. Reporting is indeed one of the most tedious jobs that anyone does.  The thorough data analysis, impressive representation, and graphical representation of details are some of the aspects of reporting that is highly daunting in nature. The functionality of a workflow system in this section is beyond comparison. You can easily extract the desired information from the dashboard, incorporate them in reports, and do detailed data analysis easily.
  3. Prompt notification system – When you are running an organization, you have to stay updated with every single progress in all the areas.  At the same time, you need to update your team with the same. An automatic workflow tracking system/ time tracking software delivers a lot in this area as well. Your best workflow system helps you to send an automatic email or text notification to the entire team and other associates over a single click.
  4. In addition, you can post information like completed tasks, pending tasks, and any further extensions in the deadlines. Follow-up notification system is another added advantage that a workflow automation system offers to its users. It will help you to notify your team when the allotted task is aging and surpassing its allotted deadline.
  5. Controlled access - It is very essential for every organization to ensure that only trusted and reliable sources are gaining access to your database. With the help of a workflow automation app, you can gain a full control over your access system. It reduces the odds of data misuse as well.
  6. Graphical process modelling - When we talk about streamlining the workflow, the mention of informative graphical representation of data gets its counting.  A workflow based system offers a user-friendly interface that can be operated with minimal training and drag-and-drop feature. It also simplifies the process of workflow understanding.

Benefits of Workflow Management Software

Using a workflow tracking system for your organization is indeed an intelligent move that any business could ever make. Whether you are small scale businesses who are taking baby steps towards success or an established business empire, there are a lot of benefits that come along with a workflow automation system.  

  1. Reduced operational cost - Every business seeks the highest ROI and find ways to reduce the operational cost. A simple step of installing a workflow app in your organization helps you to achieve it successfully. As a workflow management software small business offers a whole set of integrated modules, you need not hire specific professionals to perform all those tasks.
  2. In addition, when you use the best workflow system for your organization, you basically choose an automatic operation that diminishes the chances of errors. Thus, you need not waste money on work audits and re-checking.
  3. Less paperwork - Using workflow management system software helps you to reduce the endless paperwork up to a considerable extent. You need not do a manual entry of each and every task. The automatic integration of best workflow management software takes note of everything once connected with your operating system. Converting your manual documents into virtual ones also helps you to do easy tracking and storing. Virtual documents can be tracked from anywhere and store securely over a cloud space.
  4. Amplified productivity - When you have less paperwork, you are able to concentrate more on the essential tasks. In addition, the automation of various tasks like task allocation, reporting, and task tracking saves a lot of time that can be invested somewhere else.  As your best workflow tools offer you and your team a quick and hassle-free access to your entire database, you will be able to able to accomplish allotted tasks on time. With reduced manual work, you will be able to focus what is essential. Thus, you will witness an improvement in your functionality by all means.  
  5. Safe and secure data storage - Data is the spine of every business and a workflow management system software grants you the power to store them securely. With cloud-based integration, you will be able to arrange, edit, access and share your data without having the fear of data loss and theft.
  6. Besides, you can set access priority as well.  Your business workflow software offers you role-based access feature that further strengthens the security of your business data.
  7. Apart from this, your enterprise workflow software allows you to keep a check over the nature of the access as well.  You can mark the work field for read-only or hidden sort of workflow access. By doing this, you can easily safeguard your data in all respects and increase the accountability of the system.
  8. All-inclusive communication - You will able to build a constant communication system with rest of your team by using office workflow software. As many business workflow tools come with mobile application integration as well, you can share the data, create reports, and even attend a meeting irrespective of your location.
  9. Additionally, you can’t work independently. You need to take the help of other resources with your regular workflow software for small business. You need to keep a check on other operations as well. All leading marketing workflow software comes with inbuilt integration with other services like CRM, Field force automation, marketing and so on to make the operations seamless and less brainstorming. With the help of various integration-webs, you will be able to carry out the various parallel executions in tandem. If you are a large scale company then this feature of the best workflow management system is highly prolific as you need not to call other tools of various interlinked operations.
  10. Fine-tuned operations – When you have the power of automation that the best workflow tool offers, you will be able to perform the arduous task easily, error-freely and in a streamlined manner. You need to spend an hour just to create a single report.  Just use the simple drag-and-drop feature and it’s all done. As it brings work resources, clients’ need and time-frame over a single platform, you will be able to accomplish the allotted tasks with ease and accuracy.

Key Considerations for Workflow Management Software Buyers

Though we all understand that the need for workflow approval software for any organization is de rigueur, choosing the one is highly daunting. There is a number of easy workflow software options flowing in the market that makes the final decision more difficult. Seeing the ubiquity of business workflow tools and after doing workflow management software comparison,  we face a lot of difficulties to pick the one that will suffice our purposes well and precisely.

Here is our rundown of various factors that one should always keep in mind while the hunt for best workflow approval software is on.

Understand your nature as a buyer first - The first and foremost thing that one should look out while buying workflow process software is the nature of the organization. Paying attention to this factor is essential to ensure that you pick out the right thing.

If you are a small scale business with a workforce within the range of 100-150 then a web-based or cloud-based workflow management system for small business would be a better choice for you over on-premises workflow approval software. As cloud-based workflow management system for small business do not demand any major investment and can operate over a low-cost plan, it will definitely save a lot on your operational cost.

On the other hand, if you are a large enterprise where a lot of work is happening in and around, you need to own Software Process Workflows which are flexible, versatile and highly scalable. Choose the one which offers a mobile app support for around the clock functionality, inbuilt integration to perform various operations over a single enterprise workflow management system and comes with a capability to customize as per the business need.  Third-party integration support is a must-have feature for all those large-scaled enterprise workflow management system. While you are looking out best workflow management tool/ workflow management software for a large enterprise, another important factor to look out is its ability to coordinate various components without any hassle.

Compatibility with your existing tech stack – As we have already mentioned that you can’t thrive with a lone support of best workflow management tools, your best workflow management system should be compatible enough to work in conjunction with other existing operational tool.

Simplicity - What is the use of buying simple workflow software that no one in your team can operate without having an advanced programming skill.  It is very necessary that you pick an online workflow management system that is user-friendly in nature and come with a simple usage manual to make most out of it.  To improve the simplicity of your simple workflow software, make sure that you ask for a training session from the service provider at the time of installation. Poorly designed and complex workflow approval software will do nothing except giving you strong headaches.

Security standards - As you are going to share all your vital business information over your best workflow software, it is very important that it offers you a secure storage space. No matter what sort of business you own, data security is paramount and demands utmost attention. If you are a global organization its importance increases by two folds. The best workflow management tool that comes with any third-party data security integrations like Google Drive and Dropbox are the best choices to make.

Workflow Management Software Case Study

The workflow tracking software has become an essential component of any business and organization. Seeing its deep penetration into the real-time business world, many kinds of research have been conducted about the market trends, challenged and other components of an online workflow management system. Here are some inputs of a recent detailed case study done in this direction.

A case study of Zoho Creator

  • Company - Mission Cycle Company is a leading bike manufacturing company with around 50-100 workforce strength.
  • The problem - As the company was growing at supersonic pace; it was struggling to do intelligent manual bookkeeping process. Its traditional paper-based record keeping process was no longer adequate enough to keep a track on multi-facet operations of the company.
  • In addition, the company had a tough time to build a multi-dimensional communication system between the manufacturing, sales, and marketing team with a growing business.
  • The Solution - Zoho Creator, the leading workflow optimization software helped the company to eliminate the tedious manual bookkeeping process completely from its system. in addition, the cost-effective workflow management software also helped the company to build streamline the increased workflow by automating all the operations and eliminating errors and delays.
  • In addition, the cloud workflow software proved its utility to provide a time-bound location free access to its customer database and other reporting. It also helped the company to create customer feedback form and improve its service as per the inputs of the customers. Now, the traditional bookkeeping of the company was replaced with fast, accurate, and time-bound automatic record keeping system that allowed the company to edit, share and create the virtual documents without any hassles.
  • The result - A simple implementation of Zoho Creator helps the organization to achieve a remarkable growth in its productivity. The company witnessed a hike of 300% in overall service deliverance.  The fully automated features of the Zoho Creator helped the organization to save 45% of work hours each week.
  • In addition, the seamless order management software helped Mission Cycle Company to gain error-free order deliverance.  The delivery was not only error-free but it was also time-bound. Thus, they relish over a remarkable database of happy customers.

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  • Workflow management systems are available in free and open-source software. Joget is one of the free tools that you can use for your work. You can rapidly integrate your work and has capabilities to adjust full-fledged development modules
  • Most of the systems have different packages for the number of users. However, there are also ones where you can go for a free trial first. On average, for 0 to 500 users, you get $8 per month per user. Prices slash down in case of being billed annually.

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