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Best Workload Automation Software are HelpSystems, Turbonomic, ProActive Suite, and Orcumo Stack. These applications will help you automate different workflows and reduce manual intervention and error costs due to human interference.

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List of 20 Best Workload Automation Software

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Category Champions | 2024

AI-based Scheduling and Workflow Management Tool

ActiveBatch is an IT Automation workload automation software program that helps organizations with employing low-code assembly and orchestration of business and IT processes. It offers Access Controls/Permissions, No-Code, and Task Management. Read ActiveBatch Workload Automation Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Reliably Orchestrate Any Process In Cloud

Redwood RunMyJobs simplifies job scheduling and IT automation with end-to-end process orchestration, single pane of glass to manage and monitor all applications, and direct SAP integrations, includes SAP S4/HANA, BTP, RISE and more. Learn more about Redwood RunMyJobs

Emergents | 2024

Easy-to-Use Workload Automation Tools

Tidal workload automation software provides a centralized, enterprise-wide interface for planning and controlling the execution of business processes. Its rich job and calendaring capabilities help you run schedule-based and event-based workflows across multiple applications. Learn more about Tidal Automation

Emergents | 2024

Workload automation tool for IT and business processes

HelpSystems is a workload automation software program that is used by companies in various industries like finance, healthcare, banking, and insurance for automating their business processes. It offers various tracking and management features. Read HelpSystems Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Workload Automation Solution for SMEs

JAMS is a top-notch enterprise workload automation software that integrates jobs running on multiple servers and business applications. It helps you schedule, define, analyze, execute and monitor jobs from a single centralized console. Learn more about Jams

Emergents | 2024

Leading Enterprise Workload Automation Software

Turbonomic is an AI-powered application resource management and workload automation solution. It automatically identifies and executes the right actions at the right time on every layer of the application stack. Turbonomic also optimizes application performance and cost in real-time. Learn more about IBM Turbonomic

Emergents | 2024

On-Premise Workload Automation Tool for Businesses

A-AUTO is a fully-featured workload automation tool that is used by enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses for web and IT solutions. It offers an array of task management features to improve operational efficiency. Learn more about A-AUTO

Emergents | 2024

All-in-one software solution for MSPs and telcos

Ormuco Stack is one of the top workload automation software that provides a comprehensive range of software solutions for containers, Kubernetes, and OpenStack. It offers Access Control, Capacity Analytics, Provisioning, and Cost Management. Learn more about Ormuco Stack

Emergents | 2024

Robust and Secure Workflow Management Solution

NetApp Backup and Recovery offers various workload automation tools like Backup Scheduling, Cloud Backup, Compression, Incremental Backup, Encryption, Secure Data Storage. It helps with secure storage management features, along with 368TB capacity. Read NetApp Backup and Recovery Reviews

Most Reviewed

Contenders | 2024

All-in-One Business Management Software

IBM is a comprehensive workload automation software that gives you visibility and insight to manage business processes. It enables the deployment of processes that span systems, people, applications, tasks, rules, and interactions. Read IBM BPM Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Best Workload Automation Solution for MNCs

BMC Software is a leading software as a service (SaaS)-based workload automation software. Some of the services offered by BMC include IT operations, cloud computing, and service management. It even contains functions, including AIOPs and workflow orchestration. Read BMC Software Reviews

Contenders | 2024

All-in-One Server and Workload Management Software

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used to simplify website and server management. It has a user interface and a web host manager. cPanel allows you to manage domains, publish websites, create email accounts and organize web files. Read cPanel Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Leading Workload Automation Tool for Windows

VisualCron is a comprehensive automation and integration tool for Windows. It helps you schedule your jobs, automate scripts and eliminate human errors. You can even integrate other tools through file transfer, encryption, and compression. Read VisualCron Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Leading Workload Automation Software for SMEs

The main advantage of this MSP software is that it provides the best range of end-to-end solutions for issues concerning remote systems, baseline management, scheduled deployment, and so on. Learn more about Pulseway

Emergents | 2024

Hosting and cloud solutions for businesses

CenturyLink Web Conferencing offers a set of workload automation tools for organizations, businesses, and enterprises of all sizes. It is widely used by both private and government firms for linking through data and managed hosting solutions. Learn more about CenturyLink

Emergents | 2024

Cross-Platform Workload Automation Software

OpCon is a robust and flexible workload automation platform that has the capability to work across multiple platforms. The platform can run up to 140,000+ daily jobs and can streamline your organizational processes. Learn more about OpCon

Emergents | 2024

Robust Enterprise Workload Automation Software is a modern iPaaS platform that helps you automate complex workflows through a drag-and-drop interface. It even enables you to connect with other apps from its library, offering 200+ integrations, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and MailChimp. Learn more about

Emergents | 2024

Workload Automation Solution for Businesses

Broadcom is a leading enterprise workload automation software that lets you manage complex workloads across scheduling platforms. It lets you create intelligent pipelines to monitor releases, including dependencies across the platform. Learn more about AutoSys

Emergents | 2024

Effective Workload Automation Tool

Kaseya is a comprehensive workload management software that works best in remote and distributed environments. It can effectively manage compliance and network assets, streamline documentation, and automate IT management functions. Learn more about Kaseya

Emergents | 2024

Leading Workload Automation Tool for Businesses

ConnectWise is one of the best workload automation software for technology solutions providers (TSPs). It provides features like remote control and access, cybersecurity assessments, business management, and quote and proposal management. Learn more about ConnectWise

Workload Automation Software Guide

What is Workload Automation?

Workload automation is the process of using a tool or software to schedule, initiate, run, track, and monitor business operations, such as project progress and transactions. The workload is a term collectively used for all the work a company needs to get done at a given time, and workload automation enables the facilitation of this work without any human intervention.

In this approach, companies shift from a time-driven approach to event-based processing. Previously, limitations like high daytime traffic caused companies to assign several tasks for batch processing, which were then carried out at night. Now, actions can be monitored as nonsynchronous transactions by background procedures.

What is Workload Automation Software?

Workload automation software is a tool that ruled-base logic technology to automate recurring, time-consuming tasks, such as lead nurturing and data entry. These solutions utilize self-operating procedures that run manual activities to help your business reduce errors and save time and money. Therefore, workload automation tools provide a company with improved efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.

Benefits of Using Workload Automation Software

Benefits of Workload Automation Software

Automating your business workloads can significantly improve the productivity and outcome of your organization. Let's take a look at some key benefits of using the best Workload automation solutions.

1. Improved accountability:

These tools have advanced tracking capabilities, which, when integrated with a project management system, provide managers and supervisors with an in-depth insight into business processes.

2. Enhanced internal communication:

Workload automation solutions are equipped with functionality to promote communication within the organization, such as notifying team members when a project phase is completed. This enhances collaboration and results in better outcomes.

3. Improved customer communication:

These tools establish contact with your clients to deliver critical information on previous contact points.

4. Strengthened marketing automation:

Similar to customer communication, these tools come in handy in engaging your prospects. Once a potential customer enters a pipeline, these software programs map their buying cycle and prepared scheduled communications.

5. Improved billing:

Workload automation software automates your billing process, thus, ensuring on-time delivery and improved tracking for payments.

6. Enhanced productivity:

Forms and templates help you deal with recurring documentation needs. Workload automation tools offer an array of customizable templates and forms that help enable you to manage a wide range of activities and projects. These tools help you eliminate the requirement for clunky paperwork, thereby enhancing your organization's productivity.

Advance Features of Workload Automation Software

Choosing the right workload automation software can provide you with advanced features and functionality to streamline and automate your business processes. Key features of these tools include:

1. Access controls:

The best workload automation tools provide access control functionality to keep your data accurate, therefore, allowing you to assign workload steps to particular users.

2. Intuitive builder:

These tools provide an easy-to-use form builder, along with agile features such as edit and preview tools that enable seamless iterations.

3. Integrations:

Advanced workload automation tools fully automate your workload by integrating with other enterprise solutions such as customer relationship management, spreadsheets, email, etc.

4. Participant alerts:

Workload automation systems notify users when they are required to participate. These tools can send simple notification emails to help users instantly complete the step.

5. Workload tracking:

Apart from automating workload, these tools also provide you with detailed Workload visibility, which helps you track progress and make informed decisions.

6. Data security:

Data security breaches are on the rise, and companies need to ensure their workload are secured. Workload automation tools provide key security features, such as password protection, browser security, and database encryption to protect your data and processes.

Considerations When Purchasing Workload Automation Software

Considerations When Purchasing Workload Automation Software

With a plethora of Workload automation options out there, companies need to narrow their requirements and pick a solution that aligns with their objectives. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best Workload automation software.

1. Simplicity:

User-friendliness is one of the essential things to consider when choosing a Workload automation tool. Your team members should be able to use it without any prior skills.

2. Features:

The best workload automation solutions can come with a bucket full of features. Don't get overwhelmed by the number of features, and pick the tool that can do what you want it to do.

3. Cross-compatibility:

Workload automation software is not the only tool used in an organization; programs like CRM, ERP software, etc. are also prevalent. Be sure to pick a workload automation tool that can be seamlessly integrated with other software solutions.

4. Security:

A Workload automation tool will certainly handle some sensitive data. Data security should be one of your paramount concerns when choosing a Workload automation system.

5. Pricing:

Most workload tools are SaaS-based subscription pricing model. Pick a solution that is not too expensive and does not increase your overhead operational costs.

Latest Market Trends of Workload Automation software

With admin tasks taking up to 22% of an employee's work time, more and more organizations are implementing workload automation software solutions. And with the work environment constantly changing, we can expect the following trends in the workload automation market.

  • Workload automation tools with be powered by business process management (BPT) technology, which would enable businesses to better understand and optimize their existing processes.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a substantial role in improvising workload automation procedures, such as creating schedules and approving and rejecting requests.

  • We will see more highly specialized piecemeal integration tools that would help accelerate manual processes.

  • Companies and their requirements are getting unique, and so will be the ability to customize the functionality of Workload automation software.

  • Nowadays, businesses are looking to invest in a comprehensive solution that caters to all the operational requirements, such as project management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and more. Moving forward, workload automation software providers can upgrade their solutions to full-fledged enterprise tools that offer a greater degree of functionality.

The Industry of Workload Automation Software

Workload automation is a subset of the broader concept: workload management. The global workload management software market size in 2018 was valued at $4.8 billion, which is expected to grow with a massive CAGR of 27.7% in the 2019-2025 year bracket. 

The growth of this market is accounted for by the increasing requirement of streamlining business processes and the rising role of technology across various industry verticals. 

Global Industrial Automation Software Market, 2018-2024

Companies in the manufacturing and logistics industries are increasingly adopting the concept of industrial automation as well, which, in addition to workload automation, also consists of automating computers, robots, and IT. The global industrial automation market was valued at $35.39 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.39% during the period 2018-2024.

Automation Software Market Challenges

While workload automation is tested and proven to produce a quick return on investment and increase business productivity, there are some challenges that the workload automation software market can face. These include:

1. End-user resistance:

Companies using traditional workload management techniques may find the change daunting.

2. Management resistance:

Management of an organization may resist investing in a Workload solution until it will see ROI and guaranteed outcomes.

3. Privacy & security concerns:

Workload solutions take business processes online, making them vulnerable to data branches and cyber threats.

4. Bad experience with tech upgrades:

Companies that have newly implemented a Workload automation system may face troubles with technology upgrades.

5. Disposition of data:

Workload tools collect data through various online forms and present them in an infinite number of ways. This data might be contradictory and overwhelming for end-users and stakeholders.

How to Grow Your Sales with Automation Software

Here's how you can use our workload automation software to put your business and sales on autopilot mode.

1. Email:

Emails are one of the OG tactics to make sales. Workload tools automate your email marketing efforts, thus, helping you grow your sales.

2. Lead prioritization:

These solutions are powered by AI-based lead scoring tools that help you filter and prioritize leads.

3. Lead distribution:

Workload automation tools automate lead assignment, which reduces response time and increases lead conversion ratio.

4. Day-to-day tasks:

Workload automation systems automate administrative tasks like data entry, which allows sales reps to invest their efforts in selling.


Workload automation software automates all administrative tasks, along with various marketing and communication procedures, to improve the efficiency of your organization.

Yes. A Workload automation tool can help you automate various sales channels to put your business in an auto-pilot mode.

These best Workload automation software solutions include:

  • ProcessMaker
  • Integrify
  • Kissflow
  • FastFlow
  • Zapier

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Last Updated: January 02, 2024