20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Yesware

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Hubspot has made email campaigning easier for my organization. The features are good but it need a little bit of technical know-how to maneuver, even though there are guide pop-ups to teach how to use each feature Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

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Hubspot CRM VS Spiro

Common Hubspot CRM and Yesware Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to Yesware

"The use of Hubspot CRM" - Judith Richard


Cakemail has a wide range of impressive features, including the following: Autoresponders CAN-SPAM Compliance Dynamic Content & Personalization Drip Campaigns Event-Triggered Actions Image Library Subscriber Management Advanced Segmentation Consent Management Automated List H... Read CakeMail Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common CakeMail and Yesware Alternatives

CakeMail review compared to Yesware

"I have a personal review on cakemail" - Aneeb Shah


I really like mailerlite because it is easy to use with a lot of features and excellent support! I would highly recommend it if you need a good newsletter platform. Read MailerLite Reviews

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MailerLite VS Drip

Common MailerLite and Yesware Alternatives

MailerLite review compared to Yesware

"Best newsletter platform" - Kambiz


I am using EngageBay with one of my clients, a small travel business. We have been using EngageBay for almost 3 years now for our newsletters, customer service, and marketing automation in two languages. We integrated EngageBay with GravityForms on our WP site and automated the c... Read EngageBay Reviews

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Common EngageBay and Yesware Alternatives

EngageBay review compared to Yesware

"Comprehensive CRM cloud software with great value for money" - Christina Oehler (Comquat)


With Freshworks, there are always bugs in the system to fix and improvements to make.The feature of Marketing Automation & Sales sequences are very good. I can modify it according to my convenience. I can create many journeys that can run simultaneously. Read Freshsales Reviews

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Freshsales VS Act!

Common Freshsales and Yesware Alternatives

Freshsales review compared to Yesware

"Review for Freshsales" - islam. Pakistan


Great product has a free option for smaller campaigns. It enables you to launch email marketing campaigns which I feel can still be beneficial. However, as we use Facebook and so on, other people do still check their email. Read MailChimp Reviews

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Common MailChimp and Yesware Alternatives

MailChimp review compared to Yesware

"Mail Chimp" - Kari Neace


One of the main functions of DeskTrack is time monitoring, which enables us to monitor how much time users spend on various tasks and projects. This tool is especially helpful for remote independent contractors who need to log billable hours with screenshots for efficiency correc... Read DeskTrack Reviews

Starting Price: $1 Per Month

Free Trial

Common DeskTrack and Yesware Alternatives

DeskTrack review compared to Yesware

"DeskTrack is time monitoring" - Digi Strikers


MorphyMail is the best email marketing software I purchased six months and working fine and is very user-friendly. I used it for myself and suggest to our client Read MorphyMail Reviews

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Common MorphyMail and Yesware Alternatives

MorphyMail review compared to Yesware

"Best Email Marketing Software Best Price in Market" - EmailDatabase Shop


HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform designed to streamline and enhance the sales process for businesses. It offers a suite of tools and features to help sales teams manage leads,... Learn more about HubSpot Sales Hub

Starting Price: $890 Per Month

Free Trial

Common HubSpot Sales Hub and Yesware Alternatives


ContactMonkey tracks every email you send and gives you a real-time notification in your sidebar when your email is opened, how many times it’s been opened, the location, the device used to open it as well as what hyperlinks have been clicked. Learn more about ContactMonkey

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common ContactMonkey and Yesware Alternatives


I'm a student and most of my emails are applications for internships. I've been using Mail Track for the past one month, for checking whether my Resumes have been viewed by the Company that I'm applying to. I'm extremely happy with the software and would definitel... Read MailTrack Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Common MailTrack and Yesware Alternatives

MailTrack review compared to Yesware

"Best Mail Tracker" - Akshaja


Zoho campaign ease the work and decreased the time consumption. This is very easy to learn and amazing software to work on. This is very intersting also. Read Zoho Campaigns Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Zoho Campaigns and Yesware Alternatives

Zoho Campaigns review compared to Yesware

"This software is too good . This is so easy to send multiple mails in one take " - Deepali Chandani


The service has been rock solid, so there is nothing to report about in general other than a great, stable, and reliable service. However, their support is AMAZING! They have gone to great lengths to support even non-paid customers. And I think that is fantastic! Read SMTP2GO Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common SMTP2GO and Yesware Alternatives

SMTP2GO review compared to Yesware

"Review for SMTP2GO" - islam. Pakistan


ManyContacts is a solution for Email Tracking. consideration getting contact frame sitting from your website that builds change rate by changing over guests into leads. Helps to e-Commerce and online marketplace owner to enhance the sales products,... Learn more about ManyContacts

Starting Price: $29 Per Month

Common ManyContacts and Yesware Alternatives


TheOneSpy is the best app for children and employee monitoring. The app has many features like instant messengers app, call recoding, mic bug, track GPS location and screen recording, etc. Read TheOneSpy Reviews

Starting Price: $50 User/Month

Common TheOneSpy and Yesware Alternatives

TheOneSpy review compared to Yesware

"Best app for phone tracking" - Addison


Docsify is web tool for Gmail and G Suite which helps salespeople to sell more in a less time and to take only right sales actions, based on behavior of prospects Learn more about Docsify

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Common Docsify and Yesware Alternatives


Cirrus Insight include the ability to track email opens, clicks, and replies; book meetings with prospects in one click by email; merge Salesforce email templates; and sync emails and calendar events with Salesforce. Learn more about Cirrus Insight

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Common Cirrus Insight and Yesware Alternatives


With Boomerang for Gmail, scheduling your calendar is effortless as it only requires one click without the need to exit your email. The best part is that you can share your availability without sacrificing your privacy, even if you're deal... Learn more about Boomerang for Gmail

Starting Price: $15 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Boomerang for Gmail and Yesware Alternatives


Of the many software options available on the market, none come close to Gammadyne. In short, Gammadyne is a workhorse with powerful possibilities. Once you design the program for your goal, the software carries off the rest. Though it is a bit technical up front, you should lay ... Read Gammadyne Mailer Reviews

Starting Price: $130 5 Activations

Free Trial

Common Gammadyne Mailer and Yesware Alternatives

Gammadyne Mailer review compared to Yesware

"Gammadyne Review" - Reyes Reyna


GetNotify is a Free Email Tracking service which notifies you when the email you send gets read. We send you an email read notification as soon as the the recipient of your sent email opens and reads your email. Learn more about GetNotify

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common GetNotify and Yesware Alternatives

Last Updated: October 11, 2023