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Best Competitors and Alternatives to Zonal

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Product Description

Salesforce is customizable and flexible. It is completely configurable with powerful declarative and programmatic capabilities. Has easy reporting features with advanced analytics that provide deep insights into sales and marketing metrics. Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Free Trial

Common Zonal and Salesforce Alternatives

Salesforce review compared to Zonal

"Supercharge your Sales Team with ease" - Sarah Gitau

Most users consider Salesforce is a excellent Zonal alternative.


Product Description

It is good CRM software and also easy to use. It is online resource management software. It is handle all transactions as per management system. Read Zoho CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $11 User/Month, Billed Annually

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Zoho CRM and Zonal

Zoho CRM review compared to Zonal

"Complete CRM solution" - Ketan

Most users consider Zoho CRM is a excellent Zonal alternative.


Product Description

All business needs at one place. Can use anywhere since its offline. Excellent application and easy to use. Can view all the reports like sales, inventory, product performance. Read JustBilling Reviews

Starting Price: $250 FULL License/ One Device

Free Trial

Common Zonal and JustBilling Alternatives

JustBilling review compared to Zonal

"Best billing platform" - Shaik


Product Description

Torqus POS has app-based solutions for almost every need of yours. It offers KOT or Kitchen order Token app. Then there is a notification app and feedback app. All these apps make your day-to-day operations a cake walk. Read Torqus POS Reviews

Starting Price: $208 Per Year

Common Alternatives of Torqus POS and Zonal

Torqus POS review compared to Zonal

"KOT app is true bliss for you and your restaurant" - Vidhi


Product Description

The software for managing bills is user-friendly and affordable. It allows you to manage all your billing most efficiently. It is, in general, the most efficient billing software available. Read RetailGraph Software Reviews

Starting Price: $139 Full License/Single User/Single Location

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of RetailGraph Software and Zonal

RetailGraph Software review compared to Zonal

"Best software solutions " - Shubham


Product Description

This is a CRM app build to the requirements of India’s growing B2C market. I like that the features essentially supports end users suitability. I have seen a greater increase in productivity and customer turnover since I started using it a year ago. Read Kapture CX Reviews

Starting Price: $21 User/Month/Billed Annually

Common Zonal and Kapture CX Alternatives

Kapture CX review compared to Zonal

"Best CRM for Business" - Siddu


Product Description

ngDesk is easy to setup and get started, and once it's up and running, it starts building itself out as a knowledge base. It's extremely easy to search the database, either by ticket , customer name, application and category. It also produces outstanding reports, for example, the... Read ngDesk Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Onetime

Common Alternatives of ngDesk and Zonal

ngDesk review compared to Zonal

"Easy to Use" - Cynthia Rowley


Product Description

It is by far the best software which has helped our marketing team simplify referral marketing. It has helped us gain new customers and referrals thus boosting up our profits. it fits seamlessly for SMEs as well as scale organizations. Supporting over 25 languages it supports ... Read Ambassador Reviews

Starting Price: $800 Month/Billed Annually

Free Trial

Common Alternatives of Ambassador and Zonal

Ambassador review compared to Zonal

"It always meets our expectations and is an user-freindly app." - Ramesh


Product Description

QueueBuster is best POS Software in market. It is user friendly software. This POS have all feature like catalogue management, inventory management, GST system, loyalty management, E-Store and report generation system.Work in both online and offline mode. Read QueueBuster POS Reviews

Starting Price: $76 Per Year

Free Trial

Software Common with Zonal and QueueBuster POS

QueueBuster POS review compared to Zonal

"Best POS Software in market" - Neeraj Singh


Product Description

Capillary is among the top rated customer Loyalty Management Software today. It is extremely easy to use and no extra hardware is required for the initial setup. Capillary offers multiple functionality in terms of sales, integration with the web, mon... Read Capillary Loyalty + Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Categories with Capillary Loyalty +:

Small Business Loyalty Programs Software

Alternatives of Capillary Loyalty + and Zonal

Capillary Loyalty + review compared to Zonal

"Capillary is among the top rated customer Loyalty Management Software today." - Jaysukh

Chirantan Mungara
By Chirantan Mungara | Last Updated: March 08, 2024