12 Free LMS (Learning Management Systems) for Corporate Training

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Best LMS for Corporate Training

LMS, or learning management system, is a solution that provides a centralized platform to carry out all training sessions across educational institutions or organizations.

Looking for corporate learning management software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS).

It is a set of applications that enables the management, delivery, and reporting of various training programs. Some of the courses include competency tests, skills development, performance tracking, and more.

For obvious reasons, employers are adapting e-learning software to train their staff. It makes the whole process of onboarding employees to training and developing their skills simplified and cost-effective.

If you are looking for a free LMS solution for your company, we’ve curated the list of the best in the market (in no particular order). 

Let’s begin. 

11 Free Corporate Training LMS Software

1. TalentLMS


TalentLMS is your training hub for all your employees. From onboarding to developing skills, it includes courses at every stage. You can even create your own course if you want without any hassle.

This cloud-based LMS system has even managed to grab many awards for its robust functionality. It offers assessment and analytics tools that let you monitor the progress of the training programs. It promotes easy collaboration and can be used by both small and big companies. 


  • Offers an intuitive interface with easy navigation 
  • Its mobile-friendly feature enables you to access the system on-the-go
  • Allows you to customize various aspects of your courses completely


  • Free
  • Starters: $59 / month
  • Basic: $129 / month
  • Plus: $249 / month
  • Premium: $429 / month

2. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

adobe captive prime

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is an award-winning LMS for corporate training that aims to deliver modern learning experience. What sets it apart is that the system automatically keeps a check on the quality of the content through intelligent scans.

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set up and deliver training all by yourself. You don’t require any technical assistance. Besides, learners can post their own content to the social learning discussion boards in the form of audio clips, screenshots, or videos from their desktops. 


  • Keeps learners compliant and allows you to scale as you grow
  • Compatible across various devices, including smartphones, laptops, and more
  • Enables you to follow peers or subject matter experts to learn from them


  • Registered user model: $4 per learner per month
  • Monthly active user model: on request


RAP LMSDiscover RAP LMS is a cutting-edge cloud based learning management system revolutionizing the way organizations train their teams. With advanced AI and ML capabilities, RAP LMS offers dynamic features such as AI-driven reports and analytics, off-the-shelf courses, and engaging gamification elements.

The user-friendly mobile app empowers trainees to learn on the go, anytime and anywhere. It has advanced features that enhance operational efficiency and increase bottom-line performance.


  • Skill gap analysis
  • Intuitive UI UX
  • Advanced gamification( Scratch Cards, Wallet To Wallet Transfer, Redemption Zone, Spin Wheel and More)
  • Off the shelf courses( Leadership, Soft Skills, Professional Development, Gdpr, Posh and More)
  • AI-driven- video recommendation
  • In built authoring tools ( VR, Smart Video, Interactive Books and More)
  • Reports & analytics


  • Quote on request

4. SAP Litmos

sap litmos

Another best LMS for corporate training is SAP Litmos that can scale to millions of users. It allows you to conduct training programs for your entire organization from a single, secured platform. 

Some of its robust functionality include easy collaboration, scheduling and tracking instructor-led courses, and monitoring web-based training courses. You can easily integrate SAP Litmos to your existing system. 

What’s more, it offers seamless sharing of information between the LMS and other systems.


  • Offers a sophisticated interface that is incredibly easy to use
  • Supports multiple file formats and has built-in communication functionalities
  • Generates real-time traditional and custom reports based on specific metrics


  • PRO: $6 per user*
  • PRO + Courses: $15 per user*

5. Docebo


Established in 2005, Docebo offers one of the most sophisticated LMS systems. It is driven by AI, which enables the system to produce deeper and more effective learning experiences.

This cloud-based LMS system supports blended and social learning initiatives. It aims to engage learners and encourage more participation from employees. Furthermore, it is mobile-friendly, so that trainees can learn even on the go. 

With its simple drag-and-drop features, you can create up to 1000 web pages. You need no prior coding skills. 


  • Offers an elegant yet powerful user interface for both learners and administrators
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing system or any other third-party application
  • Supports a high level of customization and content curation


  • Quote on request

6. Absorb LMS

absorb lms

Absorb LMS is a modern LMS for corporate training that can be used by all types and sizes of enterprises. It is well-known for its incredibly easy-to-use interface. The system focuses on aligning learning needs with business demands.

What’s more, it has dedicated learning programs to train both external and internal employees or customers. Besides, it offers reporting and analytics tools that enable you to keep track of the progress made by your employees. 


  • Fully accessible on smartphones running on iOS and Android 
  • Comes with pre-configured courses for learners to access it immediately
  • Automates workflow so that you can focus on more critical tasks at hand


  • Quote on request

7. LearnUpon LMS

learnupon lms

LearnUpon LMS is a powerful solution that enables you to easily manage and train your employees, customers, and partners. It allows you to effectively track and manage your employees’ training plans, creating a robust learning environment.

It offers a rich set of functionalities, which has been trusted by over 1000+ businesses worldwide. Some of its top clients include TripAdvisor, Intuit Quickbooks, Logitech, Zendesk, and Twilio.

Some of its modules are gamification, reporting, course management, and more.


  • Allows you to create different users and groups to make learning efficient
  • Enables you to train multiple audiences simultaneously
  • Offers a learner-friendly platform to make the learning experience engaging


  • Basic: $599 per month
  • Essential: $999 per month
  • Premium: $1,699 per month
  • Enterprise: on request

8. Looop


Looop is one of the best employee training management software that aims to deliver the best-in-class LMS system. It creates a conducive learning environment for employees by promoting easy collaboration. 

The system allows you to schedule and manage face-to-face events for a better learning experience. Besides, you can upload questionnaires or quizzes to test your employees’ knowledge and see if they need any improvement. 

What’s more, you can easily share information across various devices. 


  • Allows you to create personalized content for your group of trainees
  • Has a responsive and mobile-friendly interface
  • Lets you add color, logo, and URL to the system


  • Quote on request

9. iSpring Learn LMS

ispring learn

iSpring Learn LMS is one of the most popular LMS for corporate training. You can use the system to conduct various types of practice, including onboarding, sales training, product training, channel training, compliance training, and more. 

Besides, its rich and intuitive interface makes the whole process of learning enjoyable. You can also keep track of the learning progress of every staff or team and make informed decisions. 

Using the system, you can easily create quizzes, interactive courses, and branching scenarios in record time.


  • Compatible with mobile devices to access the system on-the-go
  • Allows you to take the training offline by saving courses on devices
  • Offers a high level of data protection


  • 100 active users: $3.66 per user/month
  • 300 active users: $3.00 per user/month
  • 500 active users: $2.82 per user/month
  • Custom: contact vendor

10. Mindflash


Mindflash is a robust yet straightforward, cloud-based free LMS software that offers various courses on employee training programs. From employee onboarding to compliance training, it takes into account the needs of every modern workforce. 

With its presence in over 177 countries, Minflash has managed to gain the trust of some of the top companies. Using the system, you can create your new course or easily import the existing course content. 

Besides, it can be used by any organization regardless of the industry it belongs to. 


  • Can access training anywhere with an online device
  • Gives you tools to create quizzes whenever you want to
  • Offers comprehensive, real-time reports to make informed decisions on your employees’ progress


  • Quote on request

11. Bridge LMS

bridge lms

Bridge LMS is an employee development platform that is created by Instructure. It offers a comprehensive e-learning solution whereby you can easily create courses based on your employees’ development plans. 

This employee training platform offers a rich set of features, including knowledge retention tools, development planning, and user activity tracking. It promotes collaboration by streamlining communications among employees. 


  • Seamlessly integrate the system within your existing ERP and CRM infrastructure
  • Offers 24/7 customer support in case of technical assistance
  • Provides powerful analytics and reporting functionalities to check the effectiveness


  • Quote on request

12. EdApp

edapp logoEdApp is a mobile-first, microlearning LMS for corporate trainers that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. This LMS has a simple and easy-to-use interface to make your corporate training as efficient and effective as possible. The existing templates streamline course authoring and make it easier to distribute content to teams. EdApp also features a library of ready-to-deliver and fully editable courses created by instructional designers that managers can assign to learners’ accounts.

On top of this, EdApp also has a built-in quiz creator called Rapid Refresh, which allows you to create gamified exams to evaluate where your employees are in terms of job knowledge and expertise. The analytics will show you the outcomes, and you can use them to develop training and other initiatives to improve your employees’ performance.


  • Mobile and desktop device compatibility with optimized display scaling
  • Free, editable course library
  • Customizable and intuitively designed templates
  • Quiz creator
  • Analytics


  • Free
  • Growth: $1.95/user/month
  • Plus: $2.95/user/month
  • Enterprise: Available upon request (volume discounts available)
  • Content Plus: Available upon request


There are hundreds of free LMS software for corporate training available in the market. So choose wisely. 

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