Managing a restaurant is no easy task – busy kitchens, cash management, quick customer service and a huge setup process keeps the entire management occupied all the time! In today’s competitive service industry, your restaurant needs to keep customers happy to ensure that they become repeat customers for a lifetime. This means that you need to manage the backend complexities and use well-organized restaurant management software to handle daily operations in a seamless manner.

So why does your restaurant need a software for smooth operations? Will it make a difference? Well, the answer is definitely yes – it’s a wise decision to invest in the best restaurant management software as it will simplify your order management, automate the kitchen and keep control of cash flows.

There are a lot of software options on the market that can be customized to suit your restaurant’s specific business requirements. There is no doubt that using software will bring about a sea of positive transformation in your restaurant’s operations and increase your bottom line numbers exponentially:

Here is the list of five of the top-notch free and open source restaurant management software available to get you started

eZee Burrp!:

This innovative restaurant management software platform is specially designed to handle the diverse activities involved in managing a full-fledged restaurant. It is a sophisticated POS Software that has advanced features such as table reservation, material management, and a kitchen display system.It is a great restaurant management softwarechoice for restaurants of any size as it has a highly user-friendly and minimalistic user interface, which can be completely customized for your restaurant. Packed with a number of robust utility based facilities,eZee Burrp can comprehensively manage your banquet operations, billing transactions, customer relationship management to provide in-depth insight into your restaurant’s overall performance.It is a revolutionary tool which collects, analyzes and stores all essential restaurant data to ease the workflow operations and brings about high levels of productivity.


Touch Bistro:

This is an advanced software that is very popular amongst small to medium sized restaurants as it offers variant pricing plans to fit all budgets. It is a highly efficient organizing resource as it has the ability to manage banquet reservations, view menu options, take orders and review sales reports just through a couple of clicks! Touch Bistro has restaurant management softwarecutting-edge features and has been custom designed for the restaurant industry.It provides unlimited access to the basic restaurant management software modules and can also be upgraded for better functional performance. It has a simplistic interface that enables users to begin work and gain expertise immediately – Touch Bistro is truly a holistic solution provider software for any restaurant as it will definitely lead to a massive change in internal operations!

Toast POS:

This is a groundbreaking customizable, free and easy to use restaurant management software provider is a comprehensive point of sale and management system that helps eating joints to improve operational efficacy, increase sales and create an overall better guest experience. restaurant management softwareToast POS automates all major processes such as table ordering, rapid menu modifications,cloud-based enterprise reporting, online ordering, and labor management on a simplistic interface.It completely integrates with your kitchen display system, so that dining guests will experience faster service and staff members will have more time to focus on functional excellence.It is the perfect way to manage your restaurant from anywhere in the world and offers full developer support – Toast POS is indeed a great restaurant management software platform that will surely help to fast track any business on to the pathway of success!


This is a novel, simple, and powerful restaurant ecosystem software is completely free to download and install. It is a highly flexible and intuitive system that satisfies a wide range of restaurant management software demands right from home deliveries, customer relationship management, inventory management and food restaurant management softwaremenu pricing. Sapaad is a great tool as it has a fully customizable interface that offers detailed analytical and sales reports. It is a highly useful web-based software that can contain a full system backup and can be operated in a multitude of languages –Sapaad is surely the perfect choice for any restaurant to kick-start its revenue stream!


This useful restaurant management software system comes with a huge number of features that assist in smoothly running the daily transactions of small-medium sized restaurants. POSitouch is a cloud-based software that enables users to  restaurant management softwareaccess data from any tablet, laptop, mobile device or from a desktop PC – thereby making your organization accessible round the clock! It has a highly visual dashboard which instantly displays important data like sales reports, inventory statistics, and reservation schedules – thereby giving an overview of the entire operations at a glance! This free software application is ideal for any cafeteria, canteen or restaurant and supports a number of language options –POSitouch is surely the apt choice for better efficacy, value, and cost-effectiveness.


Summing Up

Investing in the finest restaurant management software for your business organization is no child’s play – it is a strategic decision that can absolutely change the dynamic functioning of your establishment! So, it’s time to research all the viable options and get the best software platform for your hotel/ restaurant as it will surely propel your business fortunes in the right direction!