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Mercer | Mettl Integrated Coding Assessment Platform, along with its suite of digital tools (categorized as Mercer | Mettl Hack) is used to hire, upskill, engage and develop the best coders to build high performing coding teams.

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Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Description

Mercer | Mettl Coding Assessment Patform is the next gen tool to hire the best coders with automated programming platform.

The Integrated Solution manages the complete talent assessment cycle of your coding teams through the following stages: 

  • Plan - using customizable assessments
  • Screen - best candidates using advanced simulators and pre-built tests
  • Interview - online coding interview platform to assess real-time coding skills
  • Upskill - using training and development tools
  • Engage - with online Hackathon platform

Choose from 100,000+ Questions to assess all major roles:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Fullstack
  • DevOps
  • Data Science
  • Quality Assurance
  • Entry Level - Campus hires
  • Frontline

Mercer | Mettl Supports all major technologies:

  • Eclipse Theia
  • JupyterLab
  • Web-base Terminal

Key Features of the platform:

  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Integrated Platform
  • Customiable
  • Proctoring Services
  • Full auto-graded Simulators
  • Holistic Assessments
  • Ready-to-use test library
  • Data Security

With a tech talent war raging on, hiring managers across the globe are finding it challenging to hire the best coders for their organizations. With a voluminous number of applicants and a long, tedious recruitment cycle, it is certainly not easy to recruit the best coders in the market. 

Traditional hiring tools and methods will not cut the mark – you need to walk the extra mile by filtering out good coders objectively and effectively. Also, continuous developments in programming mean that you need to employ comprehensive evaluation. After all, your coders will be placed in multiple roles across the organization, and it should be a perfect culture fit! 

If you are looking to hire and upskill coders, investing in automated new-age digital resources should be a top priority. Mercer | Mettl Hack is one of the leading technical hiring platforms that makes hiring the best talent in the environment easy. It can help manage the complete talent assessment cycle and revolutionize the hiring process for coders. To know its main features and functionalities, let’s dive deep and review Mercer| Mettl Hack. 


Mercer Mettl  Hiring Coders From Campus

About Mercer| Mettl Hack

Mercer| Mettl believes in enabling organizations to build winning teams by making the best people decisions for talent acquisition and development. The organization was founded in 2010 and has established itself as a market leader in the global assessment domain.  

Mercer Mettl Hack is a unique role-based assessment platform ideal for hiring experienced coders. The solution has a comprehensive library of 100000+ questions to gauge the understanding of coding languages, frameworks, libraries, and technologies. It also has various coding simulators to assess real-world project capabilities for Front-end, Back-end, Full Stack, DevOps, Data Science, and other roles. 


Mercer Mettl Assessments For All Major Technologies

The best part about Mercer Mettl Hack is that it is a one-stop solution for any organization’s diverse tech hiring and L&D needs. Some of its immediate benefits are as follows: 

  • Online coding assessments result in scientific screening and effective filtration, saving users time and effort. 
  • A wide array of coding simulators help recruiters gauge problem-solving capabilities and make an informed hiring decision. 
  • An advanced coding interview platform to conduct structured and non-biased interviews. 
  • Top-class campus virtual engagement through innovative hackathons and ideathons platforms. 

Key Features Of Mercer Mettl Hack 

With Mercer Mettl Hack, organizations gain access to an innovative suite of digital tools to hire and retain the best quality coders in the available talent pool. This reduces the hiring time and brings about a structured approach to technical hiring processes. Mercer Mettl has a range of industry-validated learning and development solutions to help increase organizational development and build a scalable talent pool.  

1. A Holistically Designed Assessment Platform

It is an all-in-one solution that allows companies to scale up technical hiring through a range of advanced features. Some of its key offerings include:  

Lateral Hiring Solution: Mercer Mettl Hack is what organizations need to propel their recruitment drives. As a user, you get access to best-in-class IDEs and tools, making the technical hiring process fast and straightforward.  

Configurable Platform: Mercer Mettl Hack is customizable to adapt to any organization’s internal environment and simplifies lateral hiring processes. It has a vast library of questions to evaluate candidate proficiency in various coding languages. These conceptual questions are designed to gauge core technical knowledge.

Role-based Assessments: The unique role-based assessment platform facilitates quick and objective evaluations through auto-grading by using predefined test cases. Mercer Mettl supports technologies for all major roles in an organization, such as: 

  • Front-end roles
  • Back-end roles 
  • Full-stack roles 
  • Data science roles 
  • DevOps roles


Mercer Mettl Role Based Assessment

Campus Hiring Solution:

Campus hiring is an intelligent way to connect with the best technical talent and hire qualified coders through a structured process. The Mercer Mettl campus intelligence and management solution enables users to target the most suitable campus and conduct streamlined recruitment drives. The intelligent campus models facilitate informed decision-making and help recruiters hand-pick the right people for vacant job openings. 

Mercer Mettl Campus Hiring Tools

2. A Wide Range of Simulators

User-friendly coding simulators can evaluate candidates' problem-solving capabilities in any desired language. It allows you to filter candidates at scale, find the best coders and reduce hiring costs exponentially. 

Codelysis is an intuitive auto-graded simulator that assesses fresher candidates on basic coding skills. It helps recruiters gauge candidates' problem-solving skills in any programming language and supports all popular back-end technologies. 


Mercer Mettl  Simulators

Automated and customized grading makes it easy to filter the best coders in the talent pool. Candidates can create custom test cases, and the platform facilitates language-agnostic test creation. You can create reports for each candidate with complete code journey details and plagiarism detection. 

Besides Codelysis, Mercer Mettl has a diverse suite of simulators to evaluate freshers holistically. 

  • DBLysis – Database simulator 
  • FES – Front-end Simulator 
  • Code Project- Back-end+ DB Simulator 
  • JS – JavaScript Suite simulator
  • R – R (Data Science) simulator

3. Industry Leading Online Coding Interview Tools

With Mercer Mettl Hack, it becomes easy for organizations to conduct on-the-go national campus hiring drives. Campus recruitment will increase the selection ratio as it helps you screen coders for currently available positions and future potential openings. 

Online Coding Interview Platform:

If someone can clear a structured coding interview, the chances are high that they have the required technical skills to succeed as a coder! Mercer Mettl’s online coding interview platform facilitates remote coding interviews with real-time paired programming. A live coding interview is an innovative tool where the interviewer can assess a coder’s on-the-job potential in real-time through audio, video, and screen sharing.

Hence, recruiters can evaluate real-time coding knowledge as candidate code live on-screen. The code playback feature details how the candidate’s codes have evolved and the results of each time the candidate has tried to test his code. This playback is a great interview starter and can help recruiters better understand the candidate’s thought process. 

With Mercer Mettl Hack, coders can employ digital ideation to brainstorm and develop creative coding solutions. They can use a virtual whiteboard and notepad to write algorithms so that the interviewer can observe their approach to deciphering and solving a problem. 

The biggest advantage of an online coding interview tool is that it allows for a fair and objective evaluation using auto-graded simulators. It facilitates seamless data analysis as recruiters can access data from previous screening rounds to get a 360-degree view of candidate performance. This allows for a comprehensive assessment using feedback from the previous rounds to ensure the right candidate is selected. 

Hiring managers can access candidates' results and view performance data from multiple interview modes in a unified dashboard. This provides them with real-time information to make informed and smart hiring decisions. 

4. Robust Online Hackathon Platform

Online Hackathon Platform

Hackathons are a great way to engage tech talent virtually and foster an innovative environment. These are events where coders, analysts, developers, designers, and strategists work on predefined problems and create a working solution. Hackathons help to stimulate the problem-solving creativity of coders and provide a foundation ground for transformational ideas. 

Hackathons can create instant brand visibility and facilitate you to reach a wide range of candidates. Mercer Mettl’s online hackathon platform can help you innovate with the best minds and hire aspiring coders for your organization.  

All you need to do is conceptualize the event and use the platform to configure it to your unique requirements. You can create coding hackathons to encourage problem-solving and boost collaboration innovation. Case study competitions are also popular as they evaluate overall business understanding and reasoning skills. Ideathons can help you connect smart coders with different backgrounds and skills to brainstorm on problems, identify opportunities, and ideate the most suitable solutions. 

Mercer Mettl’s online hackathon platform enables users to invite participants and manages the registration process seamlessly. You can create a personalized event page to drive awareness and increase participant engagement. The quick scheduling of tasks across one dashboard increases visibility and operational efficiency. 

These virtual events are a smart way to crowdsource ideas and align these ideas to long-term strategic organizational goals. The real-time leadership board provides live updates and tracks the event’s top performers.  

With Mercer Mettl, organizing hackathons becomes a breeze, and you attain seamless collaboration between participants, judges, and recruiters. A new fad in tech hiring, hackathons gamify the process and help you effectively screen, source, and recruit coders in a couple of days! 

The Final Verdict 

Undoubtedly, Mercer Mettl is a force to reckon with in the domain of screening technical skills. A highly configurable tool, the platform creates custom tests for role, complexity, language, scale, and other requirements. Not only does it focus on technical assessments, but it also gives candidates insights into behavior, cognition, and personality through psychometric assessments. 

Mercer Mettl is a robust platform focusing on security and high-level assessment credibility. Infused with artificial intelligence-powered tools and advanced coder authentication, Mercer Mettl ensures a fair and objective technical assessment.  

A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes Mercer Mettl quick and easy to implement in all kinds of organizations. Overall, we give the platform a big thumbs up as it can streamline your coding assessments and L&D processes to drive productivity in all hiring activities. Excellent user support and a small learning curve make it a must-have technical recruitment tool in the current digital environment!


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Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers

Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers
Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers
Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers
Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers
Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments Customers

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Easy to screen out the Candidates on required skills

Mercer Mettl helps us in hiring the candidates on third party role with the combination of aptitude and coding assessments. The team is very proactive and friendly.

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