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Saying that the job of warehouse inventory management is tough is really an understatement. You need to completely keep track of inventory, shipments, and other processes with utmost efficiency. So, you can clearly imagine how dire the responsibility of warehouse inventory management is.

Well, this is one of the main reasons why you need warehouse inventory management software. With inventory management software, it becomes easy for you to handle the processes of your warehouse easily. They help you to not only manage your inventory with easy integrations but also help to control workflow and track shipments.

In the list below, we have listed ten best warehouse management software or WMS along with a detailed review. Go through our list and you will be able to pick the right one for you.

Top Warehouse Inventory Management Software

1. Fishbowl


Fishbowl is undoubtedly the bestselling warehouse inventory management software in the market. The best thing about this warehouse inventory management software is that it offers you a plethora of interesting features. The software not only brings efficiency in warehouse management but also helps you to generate purchase orders and bills.



  • Helps you to create purchase orders, sales orders and much more with the help of auto-reordering.
  • Comes with multi-currency conversion to allow you to keep correct records of accounting and keeping tax records efficiently.
  • Allows you to export data manually or with the auto-export feature.


  • Offers a cost-effective inventory management solution.
  • Easily integrates with QuickBooks to facilitate bar-coding.
  • Can track inventory from numerous locations.
  • Provides you with real-time updates and detailed monitoring.


  • It takes hours to connect with the call support team.

Pricing: The trial version of the app is free. And the price of this warehouse management software is available on the basis of quotation.

2. Cin7


In the world of warehouse inventory management software, Cin7 has made quite a name for itself. It is a smart software which includes inventory, EDI, POS and 3L features for retail, wholesale as well as B2B domains. With the help of Cin7 software, you will be able to ensure much faster order fulfillment and stock visibility through maintaining connections with sales channels.



  • Mobile friendly software.
  • Pickup by location allows both online and offline picking.
  • Brings efficiency to the supply chain by integrating intelligent process.
  • Promotes better management by allowing to store products in multiple locations and in specific bins.


  • Eliminates the need for data entry and paper-bound processes.
  • Centralizes complete warehouse management process.


  • The price of the software is on a higher side.

Pricing: The pricing policies of Cin7 starts from $299 per month. And it increases depending on the complexity of your business.

3. Latitude WMS


Here is another great warehouse inventory management software to look out for. An enterprise-grade WMS, this software provides you with all the necessary features that you require to bring efficiency to your warehouse processes. From counting cycles to picking to getting control over the performance matrix, you will be able to do everything with this software.



  • Allows you to automate your warehouse processes.
  • Monitor the issues and manage them with incident tracking.
  • The cycle counting as well as planning of cycle count aids in obtaining accurate results.
  • Comes with receiving, picking as well as put away features.


  • Real-time control over inventory.
  • Full control over the operations in warehouse distribution centers and branches.


  • Does not offer channel management, category customization, and 3PL management.

Pricing: The price is based on a quotation.

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4. Acctivate


A powerful yet easy to use warehouse management software, Acctivate offers the small and mid-sized businesses a centralized platform to manage the inventory as well as order processing and customer service. Apart from inventory control, it also offers you with extraordinary features like barcoding, serial number traceability, EDI integration and much more.



  • Allows creating custom pricing models and barcoding.
  • Offers complete inventory control, tracking, and forecasting.
  • Also provides you with automatic inventory replenishment.


  • Provides you with the chance to manage orders and purchases easily.
  • Offers multi-currency conversion.
  • Inventory trend analysis helps you to improve performance.


  • The pricing policy of this software is on the higher side.

Pricing: The pricing starts from $583 per month.

5. Logiwa WMS


Logiwa is a well-known name in the warehouse inventory management software industry. Specifically designed to serve small and medium businesses, it offers you with robust cloud-based solutions to solve your inventory problems.



  • Puts emphasis on efficient receiving and returning of products.
  • Directed putaway aids in improving warehouse productivity.
  • The inventory auditing process is simplified by cycle and physical counting.


  • Multiple channels can receive the update on inventories at the same time.
  • Offers maximum cost efficiency.
  • Shipment to the exact location is guaranteed.


  • Demand planning is not included.

Pricing: Based on the quotes.

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6. Snapfulfil


A top class WMS software, it has been developed to scale on an enterprise-grade platform powered by the cloud. With its world-class warehouse solutions, it helps you to bring efficiency in your business and enhance your performance greatly.



  • Offers Netsuite ERP integration for better functioning.
  • Comes with employee monitoring feature.
  • Provides you with goods receiving, put away and complete management of inventory.


  • Easy to implement and completely scalable.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Having an enterprise-grade infrastructure, it offers optimum performance.
  • Comes with data recovery, security and several compliance features.


  • 24×7 support costs extra money.

Pricing: Price is received on request as it is quotation-based.

7. SkuVault


A completely web-based warehouse inventory management software; SkuVault has gained huge popularity across the globe. Being user-friendly, this software is completely easy to use. Plus, it makes the job of inventory control very easy too. All you need to do is search for an item to get complete information about it.



  • Offers proper inventory management along with replenishment report.
  • Provides you with quantity updates and quantity buffers.
  • Comes with cycle counting.


  • With real-time quantity update and buffers, it eliminates the risk of out of stock products.
  • Helps you to get rid of mis-shipments.
  • Offers advanced reporting to completely get rid of the chances of placing an order with the wrong information.


  • Does not offer a free trial.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $49 per month with the basic package.

8. 4SIGHT Warehouse Management Software


If you are looking for efficient inventory management software then 4SIGHT is obviously one of the best options that you have. By making use of advanced technologies like RFID, it tracks your inventories and assets in real time. Thus, giving you total control over the inventory.



  • Offers real-time monitoring and data aggregation.
  • Also comes with human error elimination and auto-id compatibility.
  • Reduces loss of assets.
  • Provides alert notification.


  • Offers Google map integration.
  • Reduces labor expenses.
  • Optimizes the utilization of assets.


  • Does not integrate with Linux OS.

Pricing: Quotation based pricing is given.

9. mobe3 WMS


mobe3 WMS is an efficient warehouse management solution based on the cloud platform. With this software, you will be able to stimulate several warehouse operations including inventory management, cart picking, cross-docking, dispatching and so on.



  • Offers unrivaled productivity and great user experience.
  • Comes with AI-layer to assign and execute several tasks.
  • Allows you to simulate new ideas before implementing them in your warehouse processes.
  • Equipped with advanced RDI technology.


  • Have complete inventory control.
  • Real-time workflow execution and productivity control enhance performance.


  • Have compatible issues with older versions of iOS.

Pricing: Completely quotes based plans.

10. Robocom


Essentially a product of a noted supply chain management company, the Robocom WMS helps you to focus on the daily needs of warehouse and inventory control. With front-end business systems, this software promises great results.



  • Helps you to gain critical visibility into several functions of your warehouse.
  • Optimizes space, inventory, people, equipment and cost.
  • Allows paperless picking of orders.


  • inventory accuracy of approximately 100%.
  • Completely user-friendly and comes with menu driven features to optimize processes.


  • Does not support any other language except English.

Pricing: Based on quotes.

Well, that’s all for the review. If you want to manage your warehouse activities manually, it will be a tough job. It needs lots of strategies and hard work. With the WMS software, it becomes easy to manage your warehouse efficiently and also simplifies the management process. Go through our list above and you will be able to choose the best warehouse inventory management software.

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