14 Most Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Most Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

In the early 2000s, the mobile device was the wonder of technology. With the development of technology, now mobile phones are not an exclusive item of rich people. Almost every one of us has this device.

It has become an essential apparatus for our daily life. With numerous apps, you can turn your phone into a personal assistant, supercomputer or even your business assistant. Are you an entrepreneur?

14 Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

1. Evernote


In the list of apps for entrepreneurs, Evernote comes first. This app allows you to gather information faster, share ideas and take notes anywhere. It helps you to capture new ideas, manage tasks and deadlines. It helps you to stay organized and remember everything important for your business. It helps you take decisive action at the right time.

2. LinkedIn

linkedinWhen it comes to high-level apps for entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a noteworthy one. It helps you to explore new business opportunities through a professional network. You can use this app to manage the professional identity of your business. It is one of the very useful mobile apps, designed to help you to access the knowledge of industry professionals. It also helps other businesses to find you and collaborate in the future.

3. Skype


Skype is one of the Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs communication with no regard to geo location. This telecom application provides affordable international calling to mobiles. Using this app, you can stay connected with your client from any corner of the world. Its easy interface offers cheap calling to mobiles or landlines too. With the help of this app, you can spread your business over the world.

4. Dropbox


It is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs. It offers world-class cloud storage and file synchronization features. It manages all your essential files for business. It allows you to share and collaborate with your teammates and other industry professionals. It alleviates the concern of data theft & hacking. So you can grow your business in a stress-free way.

5. Audible


If you love to do things on the go, Audible is one of the most useful mobile apps for entrepreneurs. This app helps you listen to audiobooks. You can use this app for both recreation and learning. You can learn a lot about various business opportunities without sitting down for reading a book. Through informative audiobooks, it opens new learning opportunities for everyone.

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6. Lastpass


Lastpass is one of the most useful apps for mobile and other digital devices for those who use a lot of electronic passwords. It manages encrypted passwords for every online platform. It is one of the best apps for entrepreneur, who manages various accounts. The form filler feature of this app makes multiple forms filling task trouble-free.

7. Trello


Trello is the best collaborative platform and one of the must-have useful Mobile Apps for entrepreneurs. It makes project planning and management stress-free. With an easy & interactive platform, you can work with any team, and get all the information at a glance. It is truly a productivity platform for every business.

8. Grammarly

GrammarlyGrammarly is one of the grammar and content-related useful apps for mobile, laptop and desktop platforms. It helps you to check grammatical mistakes in your document. It also provides interactive word selection options and helps your documents to meet industry standards. It is very useful to craft apt content for your business correspondences.

9. Freedcamp

freedcampFreedcamp is an interactive solution for every online business, where you have to work virtually with multiple team members. It comes with web, mobile, and desktop project management interfaces. With the help of this platform, you can manage an unlimited number for team members, files, and projects.


10. Canva

CanvaCanva gives your business, a professional look. You can utilize this program to create vector images and graphics. The app is so simple that a non-designer can generate professional-looking graphics for their businesses. Most growing businesses use this app for their web campaign development programs.


11. Podcasts

Google PodcastsIf you are looking for useful mobile apps for podcasts, this is the right one. It helps you get the information you want from industry professionals. It helps you listen to various podcasts. You can also listen to recent news of your industry, and get updated all the time. 


12. RescueTime

RescueTimeEvery business needs punctuality. Time management is a very important factor that many entrepreneurs ignore. Don’t make this mistake and manage your time efficiently with RescueTime. This app helps you understand how much time you spend on each project, and make you more productive in every part of the competitive business areas. This productivity increment app is very popular among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

13. Buffer

BufferIt is one of the best social media management software for rising businesses. It manages and maintains various social media accounts. By using this simple app you can easily schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts and others. It also promotes your business in the community and introduces your business to new clients and customers.

14. Accompany

AccompanyAccompany is a relationship management app. This useful mobile app helps you stay connected with your clients/customers. By using this app, you can easily get feedback from the market and respond quickly. It also helps you maintain contact with other departments of your company. It encourages business integration and faster growth.

This is not the exclusive list of apps that would help you in business. There are numerous apps specifically crafted for different genre of management and different industry sections. Choose your apps, wisely.

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