What is Vedantu?

A personalized online tutoring platform, Vedantu provides complete access to live classes and study material for better academic performance. With an experienced teacher community, Vedantu follows an adaptive teaching model to deliver an exceptional learning experience to students. It has innovative features that facilitate interactive teaching and smart reporting options for complete operational visibility.


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Key Features of Vedantu

Here are the powerful features that make Vedantu stand out from the competition. Packed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software offers a range of benefits.

  • Document Management
  • Fee Management
  • Dashboard
  • Scheduling
  • Higher Education
  • Student Information / Records
  • Student Portal
  • Application Management
  • Faculty / Staff Management
  • Scorecards

Vedantu Specifications

Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for Vedantu. Find out if it's compatible with your operating system and other software.

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Company Details :
Company Name : Vedantu Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
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Vedantu Description

Here's the comprehensive description of Vedantu. Gain a brief understanding of its unique features and exceptional benefits.

Vedantu- Product Description and review

Vedantu is a full-fledged, technological application for education and tutoring. Vedantu App includes sets of live and interactive classes for the students and teachers, complete access to project works, assignments, quizzes, and much more. Vedantu software helps in the overall development of the learners' intellectual ability and engages them more into an online platform for learning.

Key Features

Vedantu App is exclusively designed to enrich your online learning experience with new innovative methods and approaches. You can download the Vedantu app for pc or stream it over your android mobile phone at your convenience. The app uses interactive and online assessment sessions to evaluate a student's learning ability and knowledge.

Some of the interactive features that make the Vedantu app a wonderful learning tool are as follows:

  • Wave

Vedantu App provides unlimited access to live classes and downloads through its newly launched Wave platform. The experienced online tutors teach a wide arena of topics to the students enrolled in various courses. 

The two-way interactive system allows the students to clarify their doubts and queries right away. The live classes have an amazing streaming quality and are designed exclusively to fit a usual time frame in which students can attend it. Online live classes are assisted with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Master Talks

Vedantu App, with its Master talks feature, holds regular talk shows for its students where achievers talk about their achievements and motivate them. These personalities and achievers share their experiences with them and encourage them to succeed in their life.

  • Free Study Material

The most exciting feature of this app is that it gives access to free study material to its students and members. The Vedantu Packages involve free availability of NCERT Solutions, Previous Year Question Papers, Important Questions, and other PDF material for download. Get your kids or student's exam ready using the free study material feature from the exclusive Vendatu app download.

  •  Child Safety

Vedantu app ensures holistic learning and development of the students and kids by ensuring a safe platform for education. The child safety team primarily emphasizes a zero-tolerance policy against online bullying, defamation, abusive language, etc. The team also moderates the chats and filters the content that can prove harmful to a child's development and emotional capability.

  • Hierarchy System

The classes are uniquely designed into a proper hierarchal and systematic approach. The students are allotted into batches, and every class consists of a master teacher-in-charge and other multiple teachers.

Product Specifications

Vedantu App breaks away from traditional teaching methods and provides an atmosphere of online learning with quality education. With customizable course plans and live teaching, students can get world-class education directly from the comfort of their homes. It liberates the learning experience and gives free study material, live classes, online lectures, quizzes, etc. The staff is highly qualified, featuring IIT graduates and Ph.D. holders with a wide range of experience.

A Detailed Look at the Product

Vedantu live platform offers master education at its par. Even the name Vedantu itself splits into two words, ' Veda' and 'Tantu,' indicating Knowledge Network. The app network features more than 500 teachers who served the community of more than 40,000 students. The live platform can be divided into individual and group classes focusing on personalized learning. The app makes regular up-gradation to the curriculum and enhances the online learning experience.

After, the Vedantu app downloads, you will realize that the app has an all-around approach and accommodates a broad curriculum. The teaching classes are divided into three main categories: pre-school, Grade 1-12, and competitive exams. Therefore, with this Vedantu app, you have complete access to an overall education curriculum that fits a complete family educational setting. Especially if you have kids in different classes, this is your one-stop education platform.

 Product Benefits

The amazing technological company imparting education acts as a boon for students to encourage online learning experience. This domain focuses on progressive education and works upon finding effective solutions to enable easy and faster learning. 

The superior benefits offered by Vedantu App are as follows:

  • The app breaks traditional learning shackles and takes a positive initiative towards an innovative and interactive learning experience.

  • Vedantu reimagines and evolves the online way of teaching and learning. 

  • The app creates a superior educational experience by combining quality teachers and innovative technology.

  • The comprehensive study material features an extensive range of Mock tests, JEE and NEET papers, ICSE solutions, CBSE board exams, etc.

  • The platform offers fun quizzes, customized assignments, and tests that allow the students to evaluate their performance and analyze themselves.

  • The live streaming works at low internet speeds to access the classes irrespective of remote locations or internet constraints.

  • The technology used by Vedantu enables the students to replay the live sessions in case they miss attending them.

Product Functions

  • Vedantu gives access to quality education anytime and anywhere irrespective of a physical setting.

  • It prepares the students for competitive exams with affordable coaching classes and free content.

  • Vedantu assists students for examinations by providing exceptionally cheap and free access to reference and solution books like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal Solutions, HC Verma Solutions, Lakhmir Singh Solutions, etc.

  • Vedantu believes in accelerating the transformation of learning and teaching methods.

  • Vedantu gives an in-depth knowledge of the topic and content by providing micro-courses to the students in specific topics like biomechanics, semi-conductors, etc.


Vedantu's online classes fees structure is very impressive and affordable, preparing the students for their classes and competitive exams. Vedantu Pro subscription guarantees unlimited access to the detailed courses in the applications and a proper long-term learning plan for JEE, NEET, or Board examinations. Vedantu packages are divided into three categories, mainly K-12, Neet, JEE, and topic-based. You can also opt for a seven-day free trial before paying for a subscription plan to get a proper analysis of the app and make your decision. If you are preparing for NEET or JEE, your fees Subscription Vedantu price ranges from Rs 9000 per month or a proper Vedantu fees package of three months at an offer price of Rs 8500.

Since the Vedantu fees structure is different as per the different subscription plans, a standard 12 class package for board preparation costs around Rs 2699 per month and Rs 2333 for three months. Whereas a commerce plan is available at Vedantu Fees of Rs 3499 a month or a three-month package for Rs 3333. Vedantu fees for class 10 CBSE is Rs 3060 a month, as well as the fee structure for class 11 - 12, is available at Vedantu.

The app also offers a free trial for about 210 days for classes 1-6, while the package for class 7 and onwards begins at Rs 2699 per month.

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Vedantu Pros and Cons

"there classes and approach towards a students doubt or difficulty"

"I like the 18 hours every day Doubt-solving feature in the Vedantu's app"

"Teaching Techniques"

"its perfect"

"I think the Vedantu's course price is a bit on the higher side"

"Email Id or contact details of Teacher for direct Parents and Teacher contact."

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Vedantu FAQs

What are the top 5 features for Vedantu?

The top 5 features for Vedantu are:

  • Document Management
  • Fee Management
  • Dashboard
  • Scheduling
  • Higher Education

What type of customer support is available from Vedantu?

The available support which Vedantu provides is:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live support
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