Payroll is one of the most integral part of any company, and hence it becomes very important to have a competent software to manage it. However, today the market is crowded with a bunch of payroll software consisting of advanced features which makes payroll a simpler and time saving task. As there are ample of software in the market, it is a tough to select the best software for your company.

Buying the Payroll Software


To solve all your confusions, our team of payroll software analyst and experts at SoftwareSuggest have a list of essentials you must know before buying Payroll Software.

Online/ Installation: If you use the online payroll software you can access the data across the world, while the installation based software works only at your workplace/computer where it has been installed. If you are going for an online payroll software, always learn about the bandwidth and servers strength it will require to provide better efficiency.

Flexibility: Software consists of numerous features and most organization don’t use all of them. A good payroll software should have easy customization as per business needs and should give you the flexibility to activate/deactivate the features as per your need.

Integration: Easy integration is very crucial requirement in a payroll software. You many need to integrate it with your ERP and biometric device.

User Management: MNCs & large businesses with multiple branches need to have user access control on basis of organizational structure as well as location based user access. This allows an admin of the software to monitor the accessibility of functions by a desired designation of the employees. And you can also check top payroll software for Indian business.

Database Security: Payroll has the sensitive and precious data of the organization. Inspect & ensure the reliability of the software vendor. Before you raise the purchase order, check the genuineness of the vendor, and verify if they own server security certificates and other required security badges.

User Interface: More than anything, user interface is now one of the most important part of any software.

Reports: The most important feature of payroll software is report generation, the software should allow an organization to generate the reports as required.

Statutory: There are continues amendments in the Income Tax Act, PF and other statutory acts by the government, vendor should provide continues updates and supports in the software to match all such amendments in laws.

Support and Customer Service: Service is all that a customer is bothered in the current age. If a company sells the product but does not provide service than the product is not worth buying. Hence before placing a purchase order make sure that the service would be well provided by the company. You can talk to few of the companies clients before making a decision.

Free Trail/ Demo:  Always insist for a Demo or Free Trail for a week to understand the features, reports and ease of use of the software.

Knowing above all factors will help you take a well informed decision. Though you can take an experts help in buying a software because software once implemented is not frequently changeable.