Top 10 Field Service Management Trends


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Field Service Management Trends

Home Delivery services have become the need of the hour now. There are home delivery services for almost all essential items, like food, medicines, groceries, meat, fish, flowers, generic products and services along with their maintenance, and even cigarettes.

A number of businesses pertaining to deliveries are cropping up every day. With the growing market demands, it is imperative to monitor and manage the delivery until the last mile. This is where field service management comes into the picture. 

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Services like Intuit field management helps field a varied number of services such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, locksmiths, and manage their workload. With several employees in delivery services consistently on the road, it is essential to manage them for the success and unhindered operation of the businesses effectively.

10 Best Field Service Management Trends Incorporated by Businesses

1. Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

It is not only important to fix things when broken, but the key is to be able to fix things even before they break. It is, therefore, imperative for field service companies to be proactive and engage with customers and get constant updates about the products. 

Companies must know the performance of products and advise customers on its usage and how to prolong the product’s life to minimize damage and wear and tear. 

Companies must shift from the corrective data model to the predictive data model, which will also change the way employees/candidates are hired. The operations will then be driven more by data analysis for effective results.

2. Data Analysis to the Rescue

Data analysis can be employed more efficiently by field service providers to identify repeated and recurring solutions, and conduct brainstorming sessions to find practical solutions. Data analysis can be used to increase the productivity of employees and improve customer satisfaction. 

Being more informed and aware of the problems, failures, and its resolutions will help employees come up with solutions that are more reliable, less prone to breakdowns, and more serviceable. A service management solution comes in handy in such situations that provide tools for scheduling and tracking work.

3. Greater Uptime

With a constant and steady increase in standards of service, it is natural for customers to expect higher availability and reliability of services and products. To increase uptime, it is required of companies to integrate logistics, facilitate autonomous maintenance, and enable communication between service providers and customers. 

Companies are now investing more to improve communication to provide better customer support.

4. A Complete Service Model

The companies have realized that the services they provide play a crucial role and contribute a great deal to their growth strategy. Companies have indeed been using the servitization model, but the pace of evolution of this model has picked up in the recent past. 

With greater availability of data and thus increased analysis of the same, companies realize that to leverage the maximum benefits of the digitized technology, they have to focus on business models that are driven by the outcome and impeccable services.

5. Increased Mobile Application

Field service management solution providers should continue growing their mobile apps for customers and technicians. Since virtually mobile phones have become mini laptops, field service management trends must include mobile apps and customer portals to make it easy to use their solutions as well as for communications with their service providers. 

The self-service interface provides the customer better understanding of their equipment and better access to support. Mobile applications not only benefit the customers but the technicians too. It enables them to track their work orders and provides more in-depth insights. 

6. SAAS in Field Service Management Solution Deployment

A report by Gartner has suggested that SaaS is the cloud service tool that will grow abundantly in 2020-21 and suffice for almost 45% of all software implementation. 

Using SaaS for field service management software deployment has a range of benefits such as an increase in capacity for your internal IT team and it also reduces the physical space occupied by servers and other hardware. 

This ensures that your staff doesn’t have to worry about server maintenance, upgrades, software updates, or security risks as everything is taken up by the SaaS service provider.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is all set to take over the service management sector. By the end of 2020, it is predicted that AI will take up 10% of all the field service work. 

Artificial Intelligence will rule all the automation, decisions of scheduling, and work order management. Scheduling work orders, product lifecycle management, and communications will be taken care of by AI applications and tools. This will result in a smooth, seamless workflow, ensuring accuracy, and optimal customer experience. 

AI will also be employed to collect and analyze data quickly and more accurately. Companies like the intuit field service management setup provide efficient job scheduling using AI.

8. Internet of Things

In 2020, it has been predicted that the connection between things will be 26 times more than the relationship between humans. The Internet of Things will be the biggest trend and an established normal. 

IoT will reduce the stress of an increase in the volume of service calls. Machine to Machine communication will be of immense help to field service management tools. With 90 percent of the mobile phones today having an internet connection, it will make things easier. 

The Internet of Things will further help field service providers to ensure predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance. It is now no longer essential to correct when there is a downtime; instead, it is crucial to ensure there is no downtime at all! 

Devices connected to IoT send signals when the equipment is not working correctly or when there is too much unusual load or even for timely monitoring and checkups. Field service management setup like intuit filed service management provides real-time updates from the field itself.

9. Soft skills for Technician’s Success

Customer support technicians should have impeccable communication skills with the right information and product knowledge for support. The ability of the technician to communicate effectively in a clear and precise manner is one of the essential skills to have in a field service company. 

The customer tends to rank a company higher for the solution they provide, and technicians with excellent soft skills are of great value. They tend to bring in higher revenue. 

Companies are now investing in delivering new management skills and training to employees. Field service companies leverage these unique qualities to stay connected, conscientious, and to utilize the best aspects of the workforce entirely.

10. Millennials Will Be the Next Generation Heroes

Millennials with an innovative mindset, effervescent attitude, and their flair for technology will be of immense value to your organization. They tend to be result-oriented, natural leaders with a collaborative approach, and bright minds who love to do meaningful work. They are also people-pleasing and have a natural and pleasant way of communicating, which makes them best for the job. Having millennials on board is one of the best ways to up your strategic game for field service management trends. 

These are some of the values which tend to improve customer experience and increase the lifetime value of the customers. Millennials help in saving costs, adding values, and connecting technologies. They also have a better and quicker grasp of technologies. Younger employees are even better at utilizing, adapting, and understanding the newer technologies.

Wrapping up

With the increase in demand for services, provisioning effective and efficient services is one of the crucial reasons for the success of a field service company. The field service management trends mentioned above will help you to come up with a holistic strategy. It is to employ all the latest technology and methods to ensure the smooth running of all the services and provide the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Software such as intuit field management services offer quick and accurate invoices and services and work order management, which are the key features to determine the success of a field management solution provider.

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