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Best Dynamic Learning and Training Software in 2020

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This is software designed to provide a basic understanding of the functioning and system of the organization, to a new employee. It helps the employee in being acquainted with the basic functionality of the organization.


The main purpose of this software is to create a link between where the knowledge of the new employees with respect to the conduction of activities is, and where they are expected to be.

Key Features

  1. Course Creation : The software creates a user interface of the course content or the tasks to be completed in a stipulated period of time. This would help the employees in efficient management of tasks, and planning of time to be taken to complete the same.
  2. Learning Path creation : The software would enable you to create a path of action, following which, you would get a flow of functioning and also, you would be able to meet all your guidelines easily.
  3. Content creation/ loading : As and when the user completes a particular task, he has the liberty to edit the to-do list, which would update the other users too, regarding the progress of the tasks.
  4. Bookmarking : The users can bookmark the tasks allotted to them on the basis of priority and importance of completion of tasks.
  5. Rewards : The users can get to know the standards set by the organization in order to be awarded; this would encourage them to work and improve their tasks accordingly.
  6. Certifications : The details regarding the allocation of certificates for extraordinary performances are also mentioned in the portal of the software.
  7. Approval workflows : The employees come to know the sequence of hierarchy to be followed by the organization, in order to proceed in the same manner for any urgent approvals.
  8. Scheduling : The software helps in the scheduling of tasks as per the need of the hour. Their tutorials, or self assessment sessions can be scheduled as per their working hours.
  9. Tracking : The users can track their progress reports and updated schedules for meetings or training sessions.
  10. Reporting : The users need to create a report for the purpose of feedback. This, once submitted, will be assessed for future evaluation of the employee

Buyer Benefits

  1. Non Monetary Appraisal : provides motivation and enthusiasm to the employees to work efficiently and to the best of their capabilities
  2. Minimized errors due to proper knowledge of functioning

 “Training polishes an individual to perfection” Effective training of individuals enhances the skills of the individuals, and increases the profit earning capacity of the firm. Hence, wise decision making in the purchase of such software, would provide enhanced long term benefits.

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