Throughout 2015, we have witnessed some prolific developments in the section of email marketing – predictive intelligence, rise of responsive email design and animations in emails are few among other developments.  These trends and others will set the new ground for email marketing in 2016 and beyond.


What is the catch with email marketing? Isn’t the effectiveness of email marketing dying off slowly? Why should we bother about new email marketing trends for a ‘so old-school’ marketing strategy?

Debunking the myths…

Okay, let’s first debunk the myths about email marketing before getting on the trends that will shape this area of marketing. So, how do people perceive email marketing? According to a survey conducted, 76% of respondent’s lauded email communication (which is the core of email marketing) as completely personalized. Granted, only a mere 9% see email as redundant for a marketing channel. Besides, marketing still leads the pack in producing the highest number of highly-baked leads for any businessAccording to smart insights, a digital marketing company, email marketing “…delivers the highest sales volumes than social media or display”

7 Email Marketing Trends to Amp your Revenue in 2016
Here’s a summary of a few trends that will shape the core of email marketing in 2016 and beyond.

The rise in popularity of the light box pop-ups

While you may find lightbox pop-ups annoying, they’re becoming a pretty effective strategy a business can employ to grow their email lists. Lightbox pop-up is important when readers, (especially those who have not signed up for your email marketing list) are leaving the website. These boxes conveniently ask the reader to sign up before leaving the page. They are very effective in growing a mailing and are poised to be very popular in 2016.

Deploying Hashtags in emails

Twitter popularized the use of Hashtags. Currently, the Hashtag( ‘#’ ) has taken the social media  world  by storm. Apart from Twitter, other platforms are taking up the beloved Hashtag. Studies conducted by CodeFear  have shown that when Hashtags are used in emails, they result in 4.3% increase in open rates. So, in 2016 and beyond, the use of Hashtags will become an imperative part of email marketing.

Responsive email design & plain text comeback

The use of smart devices is on the rise. And that means more and more people will have access to a smart phone or a tablet.  And that means the smart marketers needs to design their smart emails for the smart devices. Otherwise, they would be losing out on a huge pool of will be prospects.  So, there will be a need for creating simple responsive emails that can be read comfortably on these platforms.

More and more animation in emails

Animated GIFs in emails could be the next frontier for email marketing. And, for your information, this is not fiction to wash with. A good example is Dell inc. using animation in emails, the company has seen a revenue increase by 109% compared to previous emails.

Why are animated GIFs so effective?

Animated GIFs are more engaging, vibrant and are good at capturing readers’ attention. So, in your next roll of emails, fix one of animated GIF and see what cracks up. And, thank me later.

Embedding a video in email

While video take time to watch, the value of embedding a funny or educative video can never be underestimated. With the advent of HTML5, it’s now easier than before to embed videos on your emails rather than clicking through from your browser to view it. Videos, like animated GIFs are effective at engaging your audience.

Sending more personalized emails

The growth of mass mailing software has made it easier for marketer to send emails to thousands of recipients by simple click. However, no one needs to be reduced to a group or just a list. And, that is why emails need to cater for recipient’s individual tastes. In fact, a study conducted by Redshift found out that over 64% of email recipients preferred to be addressed on a personal level. So, as we enter 2016, it’s time to ditch the ‘en-mass’ thing and send more personalized marketing emails.

Add social media button on the mail.

Leveraging the power of social media can help you a great deal to grow your revenue. For your information, different social media websites have different potential for growing your email list. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter; social media has potential to grow your email list by 300%. Remember to add social media button on your emails for your readers to share the email content.

The importance of email marketing can never be underestimated. Emails are good for acquiring customers, retaining them. Having a good grasp of the best ‘how to’ in email marketing is very important. How you handle email marketing is a true measure of your ability to convert prospects into customers. That is why we should keep tabs on what’s trending in email marketing arena. So to stay on top, go for simple, responsive email designs, add social media buttons, besides writing quality emails. Where possible, embed videos or animated GIFs in the emails; a techniques which has been proven to yield 109% more revenue compared to the traditional email structure.

Now, over to you…

What marketing strategies are you using to win over prospects into your customers? Are you using merely a plain text on your emails? How has embedding videos or GIFs on your email affected your business? Which technique are you contemplating to implement in 2016? One can check top Free and Open Source Email Marketing Software