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Online Examination Software Features That Make Online Exams A Breeze

The use of online examination software such as ExamOnline, has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more educational institutions–from schools to colleges to universities–are investing in this innovative technology, considering the countless benefits it provides to both institutions and students.

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This blog will give you an idea of the 10 features of online examination software that play an important role in making online exams a smooth affair.

10 Features of Online Exam System and Software

The following are the 10 characteristics or features of an online examination solution that make conducting an online exam simple and enjoyable. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

1.  Cloud-based System

Online examination system


Most of the online examination software are cloud-based solution. This means they come with a slew of advantages that set them apart from on-premise software. In contrast to on-premise online exam solutions, cloud-based online exam software makes collaboration simple and effective. You can enable role-based access, allowing people to access data based on their authority.

Moreover, unlike on-premise software, which requires physical infrastructure and various hardware to function, cloud-based software requires no additional hardware and can be accessed with only a decent internet connection. 

In addition, the provider will manage the software’s maintenance, meaning less expense on your end. All of these characteristics of cloud-based online exam solutions make it an ideal technology for educational institutions.

2.  On-demand Scalability

Scalability is another feature that makes online examination software a popular choice among educational institutions. You can easily scale up and scale down this software based on requirements. For example, suppose you decide to hold an online exam for only primary classes with a student population of around 500 for the first term. Then you can buy a subscription for just that number.

Later, in the second term, you decide to hold an online exam for both primary and secondary classes, totalling 1100 students. At this time, you can upgrade your subscription from 500 to 1100. This means that you will have to only pay for what you use. Overall, this liberty will not only save you money, but it will also allow you to scale the service as needed.

3.  Anti-cheating Technology

Anti-cheating features of Online Exam Solution


Another important feature contributing to the popularity of online examination software is anti-cheating technology. This AI-enabled technology performs a range of tasks to provide a smooth and secure environment for online exams. The following are some of the activities that the system performs automatically:

  • Auto-authorization
  • Facial detection
  • Audio Analytics
  • Liveness detection
  • Fake feed detection

In addition, proctors can disable keyboard shortcuts and block navigation to ensure a cheat-free exam. Moreover, the software includes facial detection technology, ensuring that the candidate is genuine and raises an alert if an identity mismatch appears.

You can also monitor candidates with a two-camera setup and receive real-time audio and video feeds. Besides, if any candidate attempts to cheat during the exam by using items such as a mobile phone, textbook, or others. In that case, the system will immediately notify the proctor or commanding center.

4.  Important Alerts

The online exam software also includes a feature that sends important notifications and alerts to all parties involved in the process–students, teachers, invigilators, etc. For example, a day before the exam or on exam day, the system will send a reminder message to all students scheduled to take the exam.

Similarly, the online exam solution keeps invigilators, guardians, and other individuals responsible for exam administration informed with regular alerts about minor details and changes. It will provide information about the examination venue and times, as well as any updates in the timetable.

Not to mention, they receive notifications alerts on all devices, including mobile, web, and application. In a nutshell, these regular updates ensure that students, teachers, invigilators, and guardians are kept up to date on all aspects of the examination process, from registration to exam to results.

5.  Exam Scheduling & Planning

Exam administration faces challenges not only in conducting the exam but also in planning and scheduling it. They have to be careful about the number of subjects, number of standards, number of students, etc. Fortunately, online examination software can also help in this scenario.

Online examination software operations


Most advanced online exam software, such as ExamOnline, includes functions that allow you to manage all aspects of exam planning, such as registration, paper design, timetable design, result announcement, and more.

Moreover, these systems often include a separate admin panel for application and payment approval, making the process more efficient and concise. For example, once the students have completed the registration process, you will receive the application for review. If everything is in order, you can approve or else reject it.

Similarly, you can use this cloud-based technology to conduct different types of exams, such as,

Overall, the software enables you to plan all aspects of the exam, including scheduling, exam type, and question paper format.

6.  Easy Exam Configuration

Another important feature of every software, not just the online examination system, is customization. An ideal software is one that allows users to configure the system to their specific needs. Fortunately, the most credible cloud-based online examination software, such as ExamOnline, allows you to customize multiple aspects of the exam, such as the paper type, question type, and even the results announcement date.

Security features of online examination software


As previously stated, the system allows you to plan multiple exam types based on your needs. For example, if you want to hold an entrance exam, you can configure the system accordingly. Similarly, if you want to conduct a semester-ending exam, you can easily configure the system accordingly.

Not only the exam type, but institutes or exam departments can also design a variety of question papers based on their requirements and exam structure. Some of the most common exam formats are:

  • Multiple question type
  • Random questions for each candidate
  • On-screen marking for subjective & file upload questions type

In addition to paper and exam types, the software includes a variety of configuration functions that allow you to tweak and customize the entire examination process.

7.  Instant Evaluation

Another advantage of online examination software over offline examination is instant evaluation and results. Since these software are developed with various technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others, you can get instant results once the exam is completed. Unlike offline exams, you will not have to wait months in anxiety for your performance evaluation.

You–the administrator or the institute–can share the results as soon as a specific subject’s exam is completed, or you can share the cumulative results at the end of the examination.

Not only that, but once the exam and assessment are completed, you can even generate e-certificates. The system can generate certificates based on the results and deliver them to the appropriate candidate. Besides that, you can also customize the certificate layout in accordance with the information you want to include.

8.  In-depth Result Analysis

The ultimate goal of any examination is to evaluate the performance of all candidates/students and ultimately re-design or improve educational practices, right? And in order to understand where the student or educator excels and where they fall short, a thorough examination results analysis is required.

Analytical features of online exam system


This activity– assessment, can be done using the online examination software. 

It provides you with detailed data and insights into how students performed, whether or not their performance improved from the previous exam, which subjects’ results are lowest and which are highest, which subjects have the most failure students and which have the fewest. In a nutshell, it provides a variety of insights into exam results.

Using this information, you can further redesign your teaching techniques to improve the results.

9.  Permission Management

Permission management is a critical feature of online examination software since the examination activity involves highly confidential data such as question papers, results, answer sheets, etc. It is the administration’s or the institutes’ responsibility to ensure that these data are safe and that the exam is fair and unbiased.

For this reason, you require a permission management module. This function enables administrators to grant access to each individual based on their role and authority. 

For example, It is understandable that neither students nor their guardians should have access to the result module. Similarly, when it is an external exam, even the school teacher should not have access to the exam paper module.

Admin can configure these access permissions for each individual or entity based on their position. Only users with the necessary permissions will have access to the data. You can also decide whether to grant ‘read only’ or ‘edit’ permission. This will help to maintain the security and consistency of data while also protecting it from unauthorized access.

10.   Affordable Solution

The cost of the online examination solution is the 10th factor that makes online exams effortless. When you select top online examination software, such as ExamOnline, you can be sure of its fair prices. When you compare the cost of conducting an online exam to the cost of conducting an offline exam, you will notice that the latter is significantly less expensive.

Why To Choose ExamOnline Software?


The only significant cost associated with online exams is purchasing an online exam system; nevertheless, this is a one-time expense.

But unlike offline exams, which require you to invest in a venue, staff, transportation, electricity, refreshment, and other expenses, digital exams require you to spend nothing on any of these when you use advanced online examination software such as ExamOnline.

We hope this information has helped you understand how online examination systems make digital exams easier for both candidates and institutions.

The Bottom Line

Cloud-based online exam systems are a modern educational technology that has the potential to change the examination culture forever. It encompasses a number of features, as mentioned above, that make the process seamless, secure, and reliable.

Furthermore, the customization feature enables institutes and teachers to tailor exams and question papers to their specific needs. Overall, all of these features of online exam software ensure the smooth execution of exams.

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