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France Virtual Phone Number

Technology is changing the way businesses are working, and unified communication is one of the credits of these advancements. The difficulties in managing the hardware and establishing a seamless interaction with the remote working teams are best managed by the voice-over-internet protocol services. Let us learn all about the France virtual phone numbers in detail.

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Why Invest in a France Virtual Number?

France offers an immense business opportunity for local and international companies. It has a developed, high-income, mixed economy. France’s economy is a mix of services and manufacturing units. For more than two decades, the French economy has been on the list of the top ten economies of the world.

The culture diversification with an established economy creates a profitable environment for startups and big businesses. It is easy to get in touch with the technology-savvy France population using the France virtual phone numbers.

Investing in a France phone number will give your business control over communication and help in building a local presence in the region. It will prove to be a business asset and facilitate your business to gain a strong competitive advantage.


Different Types of the France Virtual Phone Number

The choices in the France virtual phone number include:

  • National numbers: All the national France virtual numbers are unrelated to any specific city. These numbers start with 9 for France.
  • Toll-free numbers: The France toll-free virtual numbers start with 805. The businesses are charged for every incoming call and are free for the callers.
  • Local area numbers: These numbers start with the specific area codes in France. Hence, it becomes easy to go for these numbers based on the regional requirements.
  • Mobile numbers: These numbers are not connected to any SIM card but work on the internet connectivity. It starts with 7 in France.

Who Needs A France Virtual Phone Number?

Businesses looking to establish a stronghold in the France markets can go for the France virtual numbers according to their needs. It gives companies the freedom to reach a specific audience without opening a specialized office at the new location. It helps businesses create credibility and establish a market for new product launches.

Key Features of the France Virtual Phone Number

The key features in any virtual phone system can make it a hit or flop for business needs. Like any other business investment, the companies need to look at the top features offered in France’s virtual numbers. Let us quickly look at the must-have features in any virtual technology.

Making and receiving calls: It is easy to make calls from virtual phone numbers using iOS, Android, or web apps. It is easy to import regular mobile contacts into the app with the click of a button. Business communication is super easy with a France virtual phone number; you can make or receive calls instantly.

Businesses can answer calls from virtual numbers from their mobile numbers or landline numbers. Companies can further get the option to see the number of callers according to the selected options. 

Voice responses: The virtual numbers’ business packages and premium services offer voice responses that can be a highly customized feature for any business. The additional services include voicemail boxes, announcements, creating menus for callers, etc. Further, text-to-speech can create messages that can be played to prospective audiences.

The options offer to record new messages, upload audio files, convert audio messages, etc., making these voice responses a must-have feature in virtual technology.

  • SMS: All mobile virtual numbers are supported with SMS services. Another useful feature of France virtual phone numbers is that they support SMS forwarding. The incoming SMS is then delivered by email using the email address.
  • Call recording: One of the most advantageous features of virtual telephony is call recording. It captures all call recordings that can be saved for future training purposes. However, all you need to do is consider the regional call regulations.

How much does France Virtual Phone Number Cost?

Before jumping to the direct costs of virtual telephony, it is essential to have a quick look at the top subscription packages offered by virtual phone number service providers. Some of these include:

  • Free numbers with premium services: It comes as the “all-inclusive” virtual phone number services available for one user monthly. There are options to choose from: mobile numbers, national numbers, local area numbers, etc.
  • Free numbers on the website: It is easy to install the free chat widget on the business website and use the France virtual phone numbers for audience interaction.
  • Business packages: It comes as an add-on service on virtual numbers that includes call recording, voice responses, free calls, etc. All the business packages are eligible on local area numbers but not for the complimentary trials.
  • Pay for renewals: It is one of the widely used virtual numbers that gets renewed monthly, half-yearly, or yearly. The payments are accepted in advance, while the subscriptions can be canceled at any time according to the business needs.

The costs of the virtual numbers depend on the type of numbers selected by the businesses. The options of local area numbers, national numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free numbers, etc., come with different costs. Many businesses prefer to go for the free trials before paying a significant amount for the virtual numbers. 

It is easy to understand the total costs of the virtual numbers when they can be understood according to the different parts involved in it. The total costs of France’s virtual phone number can be bifurcated into three components including:

  • Monthly costs: The average cost of the virtual phone number starts from 1.99 USD monthly. It depends on the functionalities of different service providers.
  • Calls and call forwarding: All the incoming calls and the call forwarding cost at the local call rate on the virtual numbers.
  • Add-on services: Many service providers offer additional services on the France virtual numbers according to the business needs. These add-on services include voice response, call recording, etc., which come under the Business packages for 4.99USD monthly per number. The same goes up to 11.95 USD monthly and includes additional features like call forwarding, free calls, etc.

France Virtual Phone Numbers – Area Codes

Let us have a quick look at the area codes of the top cities in France:

France 2

LocalityArea Code
Le Havre02
Le Mans02

Wrapping Up:

Having the opportunity to connect with the local audience using the France virtual phone numbers can be the best decision for any business. It is easy to use these numbers from any smart device from any corner of the world. You need to make the selections based on your needs and choose from the free or premium virtual phone numbers.

It is quick and easy to get affordable VOIP phone services from the different service providers available in the market. A quick look at the available area codes from France makes it easy to find the best matching virtual phone number according to your location preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

France virtual number is helpful for businesses as it helps them establish markets from the local France region without opening a dedicated office in the local area. This number can be forwarded to multiple locations and users globally, giving the power of flexible working and scalable operations.

All service providers offer a quick and simple methodology to global customers the France virtual numbers. You need to share the details and select the area code. After selecting the number type, businesses can get these numbers in a couple of minutes only.

Businesses looking to start investments in France can go for the key cities, including Toulouse, Strasbourg, Rennes, Paris, Nice, Nantes, Nancy, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, etc.

Once the business gets the France virtual phone number, it is simple to start calling it using any smart device. All you need is the international calling code in this local area or toll-free virtual phone numbers, +33 for France. There is no need for the country code for local calls. However, prefix 0 is needed for such calls.

Depending on the type of service provider and the features offered, it is easy to define the costs of the France virtual phone numbers. There are options to choose from the local area numbers or the toll-free numbers. The average costs start from 1.99USD and go up to 11.95USD based on the additional services.

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