Sales has come a long way, becoming a lot more than simply selling. Social Sales is the way to go and SalezShark brings it along in its core.

It comes bundled with some fantastic features that instantly lets us take a step towards Social Selling, the new age sales technique that the market needs today.


SalezShark has an all-round package of tools. Sales and marketing automation take care of everything from accounts, leads and task management to Quota management, Email Marketing and running Campaigns. You also get actionable insights generated through campaigns to better understand the performance of your email campaigns.


Moreover, the UI is pretty simple and interactive that really makes you want to use it regularly. The platform is also very strategically priced, on per user, per month basis.  The interesting bit is that you get all features even in their ‘Basic’ package, priced at $20/ user/ month.ShalezShark Review


 What makes SalezShark stand out?  

  1. The Relationship Cloud, a network of connections that also include referral connections pulled out through their social media plug-ins. This gives contact building a completely new twist and a sense of personal connections that definitely run a long way in the sales journey.SalezShark Review

Referral Connections

  1. Data as a Service: There is also a massive pool of 2.8 million business contacts, from across the world and almost all verticals to make sure that you don’t need any other business directory when you’re working on this platform.SalezShark Review

Business Contacts Pool

  1. Contextual Intelligence is again a refreshingly new add on that allows you to understand your customer much better before you pick up the phone on him. It gives you your prospect’s likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies, related industry- everything you might need to draft a relevant sales pitch.

All in all, SalezShark qualifies for an all-round dynamic platform that’s much more than a regular CRM. It lets you go beyond the activities of an average sales professional and gives you an edge over the others.