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Best nonprofit software includes TechSoup, Qgiv, NeonCRM, Aplos, and Bloomerang. This software helps nonprofits manage the many facets of their administrative, fundraising, donor relations, tracking, and reporting functions.

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List of 20 Best Nonprofit Software

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Emergents | 2024

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Unleash new opportunities and manage the workflow easily using growth-driven nonprofit software TechSoup. You can get a comprehensive donation list in Microsoft, and Adobe format using this nonprofit accounting software. Learn more about TechSoup

Raising funds for 3,000+ organizations

Qgiv is here to simplify your online fundraising process. The nonprofit management software helps you automate peer-to-peer fundraising and send custom donation quotes. Creating online event registration is quick with this nonprofit accounting software. Learn more about Qgiv

Emergents | 2024

Witness 350% hike in fundraising

Raise more and grow more using the pre-set event planning templates of cloud-based nonprofit accounting software NeonCRM. This fundraising software is the best bet for creating client-specific fundraising events and scale your presence. Learn more about NeonCRM

Emergents | 2024

Cloud-based deployment for quick workflow handling

Aplos-Church Accounting is one of the best nonprofit software used to attract more donors and expand your reach. The fundraising software has great AI capabilities to streamline everything from donation list creation to event planning. Learn more about Aplos Church

Emergents | 2024

Plug-in to the latest technology of Bloomerang and create online fundraising events over a single click. The donor management software can handle email marketing and attract a huge donor pool in one go. Read Bloomerang Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Zero-click dashboard reporting

Blackbaud is AI-driven nonprofit accounting software that helps you understand donor data closely and create target-specific fundraising events. The nonprofit management software can auto-update any fundraising plan and keeps things sorted. Learn more about Blackbaud

Emergents | 2024

Powerful performance making things sorted

Sumac offers membership management, fund management, and volunteer management at a centralized place saving your time and efforts. The nonprofit software can make custom events, track the donor history, and send customer invoices. Learn more about Sumac

Emergents | 2024

Empower your fund rising with this software

Argenta Software is cloud-based donor management software that you can trust blindly. You can create multiple online payment gateways, send reminder emails, and create an on-cloud donation list over a single click using its powerful interface. Learn more about Argenta

Category Champions | 2024

The first and only AICPA preferred operations

Let your donors feel valued using the recurring gifting program offered by Sage Intacct. The fundraising software can handle core financial operations by supporting multiple currencies and donor entries at a single time. Read Sage Intacct Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

NetSuite, #1 cloud ERP, is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps more than 29,000 organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Read Oracle NetSuite ERP Reviews

Most Reviewed

Emergents | 2024

Empowering 30,000+ organizations over the globe

Abila is your trusted nonprofit management software that you can use to enhance your donor engagement programs. The donor management software will create engaging membership and grating events and will make your donors feel valued and special. Learn more about Abila

Emergents | 2024

Witness the power of AI-assisted donation

DonorPerfect will help you market upcoming donation events through emails, send customer invitations, and enhance donor retention by creating target-specific loyalty programs. The nonprofit accounting software creates an online event registration platform in a single click. Learn more about DonorPerfect

Emergents | 2024

Build a seamless ecosystem for you

Kindful is that growth-driven donor management software that you may need to sync donor management, invoicing, POS, and data management over a single platform. Driven by innovation, this fundraising software offers powerful fundraising tools to you. Learn more about Kindful

Software by UncommonGood

UncommonGood is a fully featured Fundraising Software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. UncommonGood provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This Fundraising Software offers Contribution Tracking, Donor Management, Campaign Management, Online Giving, CRM and Recurring Giving at one place. Learn more about UncommonGood

Category Champions | 2024

ORION Enterprise is a dynamic enterprise resource planning solution that allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes, and systems. 3i Infotech is a global Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation. Read ORION ERP Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Oracle NetSuite CRM delivers your business with powerful front-office capabilities in a single, cloud-based CRM solution. Seamlessly integrates with accounting, e-commerce and warehousing. Read Oracle NetSuite CRM Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

The World’s #1 Cloud Professional Services

Oracle NetSuite OpenAir is the world's #1 cloud PSA solution, running all your service delivery and project management processes on a single, real-time platform in the cloud. Read Oracle NetSuite OpenAir Reviews

Software by Serenic Software

Serenic Navigator is a fully featured Nonprofit Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. Serenic Navigator provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Nonprofit system offers Accounts Payable, Budgeting & Forecasting, Purchasing & Receiving, Asset Management, Bank Reconciliation at one place. Read Serenic Navigator Reviews

Software by Virtuous

Virtuous is a fully featured Nonprofit Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. Virtuous provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Nonprofit system offers Gift Matching Management, Campaign Management, Donor Management, Matching Donations, Pledge Management at one place. Read Virtuous Reviews

One Product, One App, One Solution

Streamline processes, enhance customer engagement! Manage leads, customers, projects, emails. Low-code, user-friendly, open APIs - ideal for all industries. Foster growth, nurture relationships, drive excellence! Read Vryno Reviews


Nonprofit software is a platform that helps nonprofit and charity organizations manage their daily operations, including fundraising, accounting, donor relations management, data management, payroll, grant tracking, and reporting.

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