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Conversion Perk is a Pay Per Click service provider. It specializes in Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Digital Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click services. The company has its head office located at Mohali and was founded in the year 2018. Around 10-49 people are currently working at Conversion Perk .
Marketing Services
Private Ltd Company
Year Established:
Mohali , India
Employee Size:
10-49 employees
Annual Estimated Revenue:
$500,000 to $1 million
Who uses:
Avg Hourly Rate:
< $25/hr
No of Customers:
No of Projects:
Min. Project Size:

Conversion Perk Awards

Conversion Perk  Awards
Conversion Perk  Awards

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Quality Quality 5


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Management Management 5


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Customer Support Customer Support 5

Customer Support

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Conversion Perk Reviews (1)

Dave S.


Oct 20, 2021

Excellent Result in Amazon Marketing

We had contacted Conversion Perk for Amazon Marketing. They are excellent in Amazon PPC and we are highly satisfied with the result. Sales numbers have increased by 3X in the last 9 months and ACoS has improved significantly.

Quality Quality 5


Out of 5

Management Management 5


Out of 5

Customer support Customer support 5

Customer support

Out of 5

Willingness to recommend Willingness to recommend 5

Willingness to recommend

Out of 5

Pros: What did you find most impressive about Conversion Perk

They are excellent communicators and easily reachable. You will get their response even during odd hours.

Cons: Please provide which Conversion Perk features/part can be improved

You guys should definitely jump in Development as well.

Do you think that Conversion Perk has quoted the reasonable cost of the project?


Are you satisfied with the time on delivery of the project by Conversion Perk ?


Do you think Conversion Perk delivers value for the money spent on the project?


What were your goals for this project?

My goal was to get more sales under an acceptable ACoS range (my goal was to keep it under 20%)

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

The current ACoS is about 15% and sales have increased significantly so highly impressed with their service.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

They had formed a small team including a consultant, Team lead, Manager, and a graphic girl. Devjeet (the owner of the company) was on top of everything. We had also included my team members in the group and it was smooth.

What other products like Conversion Perk have you used or evaluated ?

We had worked with one more company in the past but there is no comparison between these 2 because they were not able to deliver the result while Conversion Perk met with my expcetations.

Conversion Perk Oct 26, 2021

Thanks Dave :-)

Area of Expertise


Client Focus

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  • Content development
  • Link earning & development
  • Local search
  • Mobile optimization
  • On site optimization
  • Reputation management
Content development
Link earning & development
Local search
Mobile optimization
On site optimization
Reputation management

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Conversion Perk FAQs

Where is the head office of Conversion Perk located?

Conversion Perk 's head office is located at ,India

What major services does Conversion Perk provide?