7 Best Free Remote Meeting Software and Tips on How to Choose It


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For a business to sustain, it should be able to access resources with no regard to geographical location. This feature can be possible only with technology, and one such technology is the remote meeting software. Here are the seven best free remote meeting software that will give you the freedom to access resources, thereby allowing clients from around the world to get in touch with your executives, let work-from-home plausible, and so on. Remember that not even a remote meeting app or portal you find on the internet is suitable for all businesses. Each package has a list of pros and cons, which can make or break your remote working environment.

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Tips on How to Choose Remote Meeting Software

Every individual business is different, and they also require different standards for holding virtual meetings.

Budget: For a small company, the cost might be the primary deciding factor, whereas, for a big company, the security of data becomes the primary objective.

Device Accessibility: Many companies might prefer mobile-based software over a desktop version. It gave their employees freedom of movement and let them work directly from the field.

Security: End-to-end encrypted channel is a primary requirement for any business that plans to use these software packages for its core business operation.

Ease of Usage: While choosing a remote meeting software for your company, remember that your entire team, starting from a  50 + aged C-level manager to a late teen temp, will be using the software. Thus, the ease of usage is essential. Complicated UI can make the process complex and leads to resistance from senior employees.

Additional Features: Not every additional feature is essential. You need not spend a considerable amount of money on adding one function to the software.

Customer Support: The security vulnerabilities in the platform can be a deal-breaker. Moreover, it is a technological product and bugs or errors are possible. Thus, you need a dedicated customer support team, who releases patches for vulnerabilities and provides 24/7 dedicated service.

Best Free Remote Meeting Software

1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeetingThe best feature of this platform is its mobile-friendliness. You can use this platform to start video conferencing on android and iOS supported phones. Along with the mobile platform, it also supports conferencing on the web. You can also use your laptop and tablets to connect with your friends and coworkers. LogMeIn is the provider of this platform. Separate apps of this remote meeting software are available on the app store of different OS. With the basic free package, you can get the necessary features for essential operation. But the premium package will give you more benefits. The requirement premium benefits depend upon the size of your business and the type of services you require.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. High-definition video conferencing option.
  2. Easy meeting schedule and management feature.
  3. Ability to share your webcam view with the participants.
  4. For better cohesiveness, you can also share your screen with them. The user can also create a Personal Meeting Page for intimate conversation.
  5. Record meeting sessions and save in the cloud.
  6. On the iPads, you can also share digital content from a virtual whiteboard.
  7. The user can also promote other attendees to host.
  8. Moderator can also mute/un-mute attendees to facilitate silent viewing of the meeting.

2. CyberLink U Meeting

CyberlinkAs a multimedia application developer, CyberLink, the Taiwanese software company, has a decade long experience. This smart program is a browser-based video conferencing application, which supports all the requirements of smaller enterprises. The program uses the VOIP system to operate. The best part of this program is the ‘no download’ feature. You can launch this program through any updated browser. The basic package of this service is free, where you can conduct a meeting with up to 25 people. However, the time limit for every session is 30 minutes. There are also two premium packages of this service available with ‘Pro 50’ & ‘Pro 100’. With these premium packages, you can hold a meeting with up to 50 & 100 people for any time frame.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. Record and save sessions to your computer.
  2. End-to-end encryption for a higher level of security.
  3. Landscape mode for the mobile interface.
  4. Realistic meeting environment with an optimal compression ratio.
  5. Flexible interaction with a live note and messaging facility.
  6. Easy meeting scheduling with no dial-in numbers.
  7. Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar.
  8. Key metric display for the moderator.
  9. Whiteboard mode and desktop share features for the users.
  10. Visible camera and microphone status of the participants.

3. Zoom Meetings

zoomCurrently, this remote meeting software is viral among the millennial community. Quick and easy to set up is the primary reason behind this popularity. Due to this feature, you can quickly scale your meeting with lots of participants. For most of the countries, it uses free VoIP service for operation. In other 55+ countries, it also supports toll-based dial-in. Thanks to this platform, you can hold a meeting at the global level and connect with partners across the border. The primary feature is free and great for personal sessions. You can host up to 100 participants with basic features. You can hold a session up to 40 minutes with this basic feature.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. Dedicated dial-in numbers for global participants.
  2. Easy integration with existing email or calendar application.
  3. Enhanced collaboration with virtual hand-raising.
  4. Polling and Q&A for group discussion.
  5. Search content and share files through the application.
  6. Seamless connection through high compression technology.
  7. Workspace collaboration across mobile and desktop users.
  8. Virtual backgrounds for a professional look.
  9. Driving Mode for iPhone users.
  10. Searchable transcripts and recorded video of every meeting session.

4. BlueJeans

 BlueJeansThis remote meeting software has some futuristic touch. Along with the high-quality video, this application also lets you stream high-quality Dolby digital voice. This remote meeting software is interoperable and built upon cloud-based video conferencing technology. However, compared to other remote meeting software, this program has fewer features. But the high-quality audio/video conferencing service makes it worthy. This program comes with 30 days trial period. The entry-level price point of this program is $9.99 per month. You can host up to 50 participants and record 5 hours of sessions in the cloud. The premium service comes at $13.99 per month. It comes with in-depth analytics & amazing integration features. You can host up to 75 participants and record 25 hours of sessions with it.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. Seamless integrations with other social media applications.
  2. Compatibility with SIP-based room systems like Polycom, Cisco, and Lifesize.
  3. Cloud recording and streaming content sharing option.
  4. Secure one touch screen sharing options among participants.
  5. Smart UI choice for every participant.
  6. No download browser-based interface.
  7. Six-seconds connectivity through the mobile app.
  8. Video analytic support to manage quick meetings.
  9. Excellent customer support for technical assistance

5. Google Meet

Google MeetYou can access this application from the G Suite office productivity section. The primary benefit of this conferencing system is security. Compared to other applications, the security system of this remote meeting program is un-hackable. Here all discussions of the meeting remain secure. Another significant advantage of this system is it can satisfy high business-grade conferencing requirements. It is scalable with less expenditure.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. Easy interface for all participants.
  2. Intelligent analytic support for smart meetings.
  3. Device support across all platforms.
  4. Integration with social media application.
  5. Smart moderation tool for the administers.
  6. Cloud-based recording and download facility.
  7. Seamless connectivity with other Google products.
  8. Affordable price for business enterprises.
  9. A top-class encryption system for privacy protection.
  10. Dedicated dial-in numbers & pin for authorized access

6. Lifesize

LifesizeThanks to this application, now high-resolution 4K video conferencing is possible. Anyone can try the free plan for the first six months for free. During this trial time, you can hold meetings with 25 participants. It offers dedicated desktop and mobile apps for easy access.


Key features of this platform are:

  1. High-definition meeting room experience.
  2. Easy interface for non-technical users.
  3. Secure collaboration among partner through content sharing.
  4. Affordable subscription fees for small business enterprises.
  5. Simple integration with other conferencing application.

7. Skype

SkypeIn the remote meeting software market, Skype is one of the oldest players. It is a product of Microsoft and anyone can access it through Microsoft Live account. This system is known for its reliability. Compared to other remote meeting software available in the market, most of the features of Skype are quite contemporary and hidden under the menu. However, one of the features that most of the participants prefer is that it blurs out other participants in the conference window when they remain inactive. It let everyone focus on the person who is talking at that moment. Along with the free version, it is also available in the premium version, where you can add more than 50 people in one conference.

Key features of this platform are:

  1. Reliable conferencing system.
  2. The dedicated dial-in number for secure access.
  3. Live subtitles display on the conference window.
  4. Native desktop & mobile app for all devices.
  5. Cross-platform support for easy integration.

Thus, it is best to evaluate your requirements first and choose the right software for your business. It will give your employees the right space and ability to collaborate and keep the company functional with no regard to the geographical barriers.

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