It’s always about productivity and cost-cutting. Hotels and other hospitality establishments are struggling to break-even or stay in business, especially in the wake of unpredictable economic depressions world over. Most establishments are facing a serious cash crunch. Implementing cost cutting strategies are the only ways to overcome this problem. One way of doing it is through automation. The good news is that there are lots of free and open source software that business can utilize for the needs.

Below are top free and open source hotel management software

1. KWHotel


KWHotel is a powerful both free and premium open source hotel management software offered in three different versions: KWHotel Free, KWHotel Standard and KWHotelPro. The program has efficient modules designed to manage various aspects of the hospitality business and is suitable for managing both small and midsize hotels. Download free hotel management software for desktop, mobile and web.

Features include:

  • Effortless customization of  reservation fields
  • Different levels of authorization
  • Create, edit and issue invoices, receipts and other  important documents for the business
  • Generation of custom reports and insights by custom reports creator. Over-the-top online booking calendar

2. OTA Hotel Management

OTA Hotel Management

This is an open source OTA hotel management system released by e-novate. The system is available in three modules that support different functionality: Standalone Reporting, Agoda Module and ebridge. The languages supported include English, Vietnamese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. Besides, e-novate has a standalone OTA Hotel Management Version with advanced functionalities like tourism report, booking report and many more.

Features include:

  • Email notification
  • Guest check in/out
  • Advance profile
  • Reports generation
  • Reservation

3. Jomres


Jomres is reliable open source hotel management software with a free core system. However if you want to add extra functionality, you can create additional properties and then purchase a download and support license. This arrangement gives you access to download free hotel management system Jomres plugins beyond your initial payment. Alternatively, you can make use of their flexible tariffs.

Notable features include:

  • Easily accessible via any machine running an up-to-date web browser.
  • Makes it easy for customers to make online reservations.
  • No setup fee or recurrent costs.
  • No commission costs or hidden subscriptions.
  • Flexibility of use
  • Gives you real-time updates on hotel bookings.

4. Abacre


Abacre is a 100% free cloud based hotel management system. The system consists of two main parts: web-based database representing hotel’s website and a classical Windows software working in a cloud-based database. The program has secure and reliable authorization levels and is designed for use by multiple computers.

Other notable features include:

  • The program accepts payments checks, cash or credit cards and that too in multiple currencies
  • Generation of reports that paints a complete picture of hotel operations.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Standardizes the entire hotel management process thus improving the quality of guest handling and accounting.

5. RoomKey PMS


RoomKey is a mobile-friendly, commission-free hotel booking engine for your website. With RoomKey, you can easily manage your bookings from any device. The software is easy to integrate on your website and runs on a fully integrated engine that updates reservations in real-time. The program SAVEs your more time and increases your REVENUES.

Other features include:

  • Has powerful abandonment tool that saves customers reservations before they leave the site.
  • Allows Google Analytics integration.
  • It’s TripConnect certified which allows redirection of TripAdvisor listings to your website.
  • instantly transfers reservations to  RoomKeyPMS

6. Hoteldruid


Hoteldruid is a web-based, open source hospitality solution that is easily accessible via any web enabled device. Because of its flexible interface, Hoteldruid can be configured to manage bookings and streamline different tasks for vacations, rentals, bed and breakfasts and small hotels.

With Hoteldruid, businesses can automatically assign rooms based on the establishment’s rules. The software websites with a functionality that makes it easy for guest to check out availability of rooms. Besides, Hoteldruid provides rental contracts and forms and other necessary documents.

Features include:

  • There are different language modules available which allows the product to be used in different languages.
  • Ability to run and manage additional costs and special offers.
  • Has a drag-and-drop functionality
  • Allows use by multiple users.
  • Point of sale for bars and restaurants and other hospitality establishment with inventory management.
  • Allows group bookings
  • Generation of comparative statistics about revenues and occupancy.
  • Have proprietary modules for channel manager.

7. GoReserva


GoReserva is a smart open source hotel management system designed to do extensive complex reservation on a simple graphical interface. The software was specifically built to simplify the reservation process of all different sizes of hospitality and tourism businesses. Hospitality businesses proprietors can purchase the system at one-time payment of $999. The price includes a number of free add-ons like offline booking and channel manager.

Features include:

  • Provides all tools required for property management,
  • Ability to integrate the website with popular social media websites.
  • Efficient contact management
  • Allows for discount management and group booking.
  • Allows an unlimited number of rooms and rates.
  • Generation of detailed customer feedback reports

If you have a scarcity of resources, you need to automate your hotel reservation systems and going free and open can be your savior. Apart from this if you opt for the mobile version of Hotel Management Software,  it can be an add-on.  There are various vendors for free hotel management software solutions that your business can take advantage of. Can you think of some other hotel management software solutions?


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