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What is UZIO Payroll?

UZIO is a SaaS-based online HR, benefits and cloud-based payroll management solution, provider. It is an ideal solution for any small to medium businesses who would like to move from paper-based tasks to a sophisticated HRIS platform.


UZIO Payroll Starting Price

$ 5/Per Employee/Month

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Key Features of UZIO Payroll

Here are the powerful features that make UZIO Payroll stand out from the competition. Packed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software offers a range of benefits.

  • 401(k) Tracking
  • Attendance management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Management
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Document Management
  • Employee Data Base
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Multi Company
  • Multi-State
  • Pay Slip
  • Payroll Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Salary Adjustment
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UZIO Payroll Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for UZIO Payroll. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and budget. Get Detailed UZIO Payroll pricing as per your requirements.

Full Service Payroll
$ 5
Per Employee/Month
  • Unlimited payrolls
  • 2-day Direct deposit
  • Full service payroll across 50 states
  • Tax payments & filings
  • In sync with benefits
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The pricing information was last updated on 16th June 2024.

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UZIO Payroll Specifications

Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for UZIO Payroll. Find out if it's compatible with your operating system and other software.

Company Details :
Company Name : UZIO
Overview Provided by : Younus
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UZIO Payroll Description

Here's the comprehensive description of UZIO Payroll. Gain a brief understanding of its unique features and exceptional benefits.

UZIO is a cloud-based platform that provides employers with the most robust payroll solution. The SaaS-based platform is built for businesses of all sizes. Our platform empowers client businesses to digitize their regular payroll activities and get rid of different payroll errors. This self-service platform helps businesses go paperless and manage payroll with a few easy clicks. 

Advanced features included with our user-friendly solution-

  • Direct Deposit
  • Worry-free Tax administration
  • Unlimited payrolls
  • Full service payroll across 50 states

Effective payroll and benefits management can be a key differentiator that can set your organization apart from the rest! Running a business or starting a new organization is becoming increasingly difficult, and investing in a payroll and benefits management system can make your life easier.

It is time to move beyond the traditional pen-and-paper method for payroll management. Businesses need to leverage the power of automation to increase operational efficiency. Luckily, there are tons of new-age payroll, benefits, and HR systems that can streamline your workflows and boost productivity.

Today, let’s spotlight UZIO – a cloud-based and fully integrated HR software that provides comprehensive payroll and benefits administration features for all types of businesses. Read on to learn more about UZIO and why it is a market leader in payroll and benefits management!

Introduction To UZIO

An organization that believes in helping businesses create happier workplaces, UZIO values openness and a customer-obsessed culture. UZIO strives to support entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing a navigable and straightforward solution for all their employee management functions at an affordable price.

With an open-architecture approach, the sky’s the limit with UZIO. As a user, you can choose the best-of-breed functions for payroll and benefits based on your unique organizational requirements. The UZIO community consists of the following:

  • Employers: The UZIO platform empowers employers to reduce paperwork and manage employees digitally in a few clicks. It has an integrated people operations platform to streamline HR processes, benefits administration, and payroll processing. This helps to deliver a superior employee experience and a more engaged workforce!
  • Benefits Brokers: With its cloud-based technology, UZIO is a great solution for benefits brokers to eliminate manual processes and adopt a digital approach. It uses integrated technology to revolutionize how they manage to quote, build proposals and manage clients’ renewal dates. UZIO creates a completely paperless environment with a focus on creating valuable opportunities for clients.
  • Partners like PEOs, ASOs, and CPAs: An award-winning platform, UZIO is the perfect solution for PEOs, ASOs, and CPAs to enhance their partnership programs and increase their target audience base. The all-inclusive HCM platform empowers partners to increase revenue streams and build more competitive offerings.

Key Features Of UZIO

UZIO all-in-one payroll solution

UZIO is an intuitive self-service portal that serves as a one-stop shop for all your payroll, benefits, and time-tracking needs. With everything synced in one platform, it is a must-have business asset to eliminate tedious spreadsheets, lengthy email threads, and manual payroll calculations.

With UZIO, organizations can manage their workforce in a paperless environment. It has tons of innovative features that deliver more value in less time. Some of its key functionalities include:

  • Integrated Payroll Management Software: UZIO provides an all-inclusive payroll solution that automatically syncs HR and benefits data. It automatically processes salary through its direct deposit feature. Designed for businesses in the United States, UZIO has a user-friendly self-service portal for tax administration and salary management.

UZIO Payroll Dashboard

  • Automatic Tax Filing: Tax administration is UZIO’s core strength – the system enables you to handle all your state and federal taxes. It automatically files taxes with the right government agencies every time payroll is processed. The system adapts to legislative changes and ensures you file payroll taxes on time.
  • Automatic Salary Changes: With UZIO, any salary changes will automatically reflect in the system and get updated in real-time. This enhances visibility and ensures accuracy in payroll calculations and tax administration.
  • Direct Deposit: This advanced feature allows direct deposit authorization to make paperless electronic transfers of dues payable to employees’ bank accounts. This takes just a single click and eliminates tedious payroll procedures that lead to delays and human error.
  • Employee Self-Service: One of the best things about UZIO is its detailed employee self-service portal. It empowers employees to view their salary details and download paystubs for future reference. The portal is highly navigable and intuitive; hence can easily be adopted by employees.
  • Human Resource Information System: With UZIO, you can be rest assured with access to an advanced human resource information system that handles all your vital HR processes.

UZIO Payroll Dashboard

  • Employee Onboarding: UZIO makes getting new hires on board easy, increasing employee engagement to create a happier workplace. It enables you to set up an automated portal that introduces new employees to the team, provides the organizational structure, and describes its value, missions, and culture. Managers can also assign employee checklists, personal email addresses, and work equipment through the portal.
  • Automated Workflows: One of the biggest advantages of UZIO is that it automates repetitive tasks through automated workflows. New employees can upload all their documents, read the company’s policies, and get started with tax reforms in a single click. This reduces the workload of the HR department and helps your organization go paperless!
  • Set Time-Off Tracking: With UZIO, you can easily create and manage time-off requests within the PTO management application. This information is automatically synced with the UZIO payroll and calendar for seamless data transfer. A simple and quick one-click approval process makes UZIO an excellent application for administrators to manage employee time-off requests.
  • Benefits Administration: One of the most preferred solutions for benefits brokers worldwide, UZIO can streamline workflows to increase operational efficiency.
  • UZIO automates the quoting process and creates customized proposals for clients.
  • An automated solution, UZIO, allows you to act directly on behalf of clients.
  • With UZIO, you can easily add more services for your clients and retain them longer.
  • Seamless Benefits Administration: With a modern interface and advanced reporting capabilities, UZIO is a top-ranked benefits administration software. It streamlines all benefits management processes so employees can get hassle-free access to benefits choices. It has a team of hand-picked experts to guide tax and insurance-related issues to help you make better-informed decisions.
  • Syncs With Payroll: One of the biggest advantages of UZIO is that it automatically syncs all data to ensure perfect harmony between payroll and benefits. All payment deductions automatically flow into the payroll system completely error-free. Another great functionality is that UZIO directly integrates with your insurance carrier to eliminate billing errors, thereby increasing data integrity and accuracy.
  • ACA Reporting: With UZIO, you can keep your organization fully ACA-compliant to avoid penalties or fines. The system remains up-to-date to ensure that your benefits administration is on track. It also automatically generates 1094 and 1095 forms and fills them periodically.
  • Seamless Time Tracking: As a user, you will surely get an unparalleled experience with UZIO’s time and attendance management application. It is synced with payroll and gives you real-time information to monitor employees’ working hours and wages. Some of its rich functionalities include geofencing, timesheets, and single-click approvals.
  • Easy Clock-In and Clock-Out: The innovative geofencing feature in UZIO allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere through their mobile devices. The stored information automatically syncs with the rest of the system, making it easy for employers to tabulate payroll information as they have all the data in one place.

  • TimeSheet Management: With UZIO, employees can fill in the number of hours worked on a specific project in detailed timesheets to maintain an up-to-date record. This helps in billing clients accurately for projects and calculating wages based on hours worked hassle-free. Managers can easily view the timesheet data at a glance and can approve or reject timesheet requests.
  • Quick Approvals: UZIO is a smart application that gives managers real-time information about overtime, double overtime, and total work hours. They can approve the timesheet in a single quick from the back end. It instantly syncs with the payroll for greater visibility and accurate calculations.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, time and money play a critical role in succeeding in the current competitive business scenario. The UZIO advantage empowers businesses to overcome fragmented and disparate data sets by unifying payroll, benefits administration, and time-tracking information in a single portal.

So stop using outdated, obsolete human resource tools – give UZIO a try for an integrated HR solution.  It is a holistic people management platform that can handle diverse payroll, benefits management, and time & attendance tasks. We give UZIO a perfect ten score as it’s the best in the market and can help your business increase bottom-line results to surge ahead of the competition!

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UZIO Payroll Pros and Cons

"UZIO is easy to understand its all function as well there are so many options for various customers those I like most about this company."

"When I sign up with my phone that takes time, they should improve this problem."

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HR Manager

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Aug 28, 2023

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Very professional service, Love UZIO

I like UZIO; they provide a comprehensive solution covering various aspects of HR management, including payroll, benefits, and time & attendance tracking. By integrating these functions into one platform, businesses can avoid managing these processes in isolation. I can do everything at the same time. I am very happy to sign up for UZIO.

Feature Feature 4


Out of 5

Ease of use Ease of use 5

Ease of use

Out of 5

Value for money Value for money 4

Value for money

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Customer support Customer support 5

Customer support

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What do you like best about UZIO Payroll?

UZIO is easy to understand its all function as well there are so many options for various customers those I like most about this company.

What do you dislike about UZIO Payroll?

When I sign up with my phone that takes time, they should improve this problem.

What features is UZIO Payroll currently missing?

I didn't find any wrong with all features.

What other products like UZIO Payroll have you used or evaluated?


Alternatives of UZIO Payroll

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UZIO Payroll FAQs

How much does UZIO Payroll cost?

The starting price of UZIO Payroll is ₹ 324/Per Employee/Month. It has different pricing plans:

  1. Full Service Payroll : ₹ 324/Per Employee/Month

UZIO Payroll also provides a free trial to users.

What apps do UZIO Payroll integrate with?

UZIO Payroll integrates with various apps:

  • TAG
  • connectedservices
  • Discover
  • JazzHR
  • myHRcounsel

What are the top 5 features for UZIO Payroll?

The top 5 features for UZIO Payroll are:

  • Attendance management
  • Document Management
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Payroll Management

What platforms does UZIO Payroll support?

UZIO Payroll supports a variety of platforms including Android and IOS.

What types of businesses does UZIO Payroll serve?

UZIO Payroll serves a wide range of businesses, including but not limited to Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies & Enterprises.

How is UZIO Payroll commonly used?

UZIO Payroll is commonly used for various purposes, such as Attendance Management, HR, Payroll and more.

Who are the primary competitors of UZIO Payroll?

The three major competitors of UZIO Payroll are Zenefits, Gusto and GoCo. Compare and evaluate their features, advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects to find the best option for your business.

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