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SoftwareSuggest Customer Reviews Analysis

With over 1,40,000+ customer reviews from happy and satisfied clientele, SoftwareSuggest has gained a prominent place in the business software discovery and recommendation platform. Here, we list, review, compare and offer free recommendations for the best business software solutions in context to a business’ needs. 

Market research shows that reviews build trust in the buyers about the quality and reliability of a company’s product or service. Moreover, many reviews can help customers understand how your product can improve their business.

Our well-researched views and reports help our clients make informed decisions.

Customer Reviews

We believe there is no one better than a satisfied consumer to narrate your success stories. With more than 70% of people relying on customer reviews before making a purchase, a business’ reviews have become the essential assets in retaining or acquiring new customers.

At SoftwareSuggest, we deem in transparency at what we do. So, as a token of our credibility, we decided to share our Customer Review Data. Here’s an in-depth insight into SoftwareSuggest’s different software categories and the number of reviews gained for each.

“Success is not delivering a feature; it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” – Eric Ries

Industry-wise Reviews


Accounting forms a crucial part of any business. It refers to analyzing, summarizing, and reporting financial transactions relating to any business. It enables a company to gauge its financial position. Nowadays, companies make use of accounting software to streamline these processes. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, it keeps track of business’ sales, purchases, and transactions. This cash flow visibility aids a company in preventing future financial loss and also helps to make better monetary choices.

For various categories of Accounting Software, below is the customer review count we have gained. 

AccountingNo. of Customer Reviews
Payment Gateway2540
Billing & Invoicing2440
Personal Finance1910
Finance Management1680
Fixed Asset Accounting420
Online Accounting380
Audit Management200
Online Assessment200
Loan Management170
Income Tax110
Accounting Services80
Payment Management50
Small Business Accounting400
Retail Billing100
Total Reviews26800

Accounting Customer ReviewsAccounting Customer ReviewsHuman Resource

Human Resource, an acronym for HR, is vital to organizations in multiple areas. Right from strategic planning to a company’s image, HR is the foundation stone of a business’ operations. To reduce the overhead of administrative processes and add efficacy to an HR’s role, companies are now implementing HR software to automate the business processes. It results in increased productivity, reduced costs, improved communication, and informed decisions.

Given below is a list of different HR software services and the amount of customer reviews we have obtained.

HRNo. of Customer Reviews
Performance Management720
Time Tracking480
Absence Management470
Attendance Management450
Time Management440
HR Consulting350
Payroll Outsourcing250
Human Capital Management210
Workflow Management160
Task Management160
HR Mobile Apps900
Employee Engagement800
Job Board700
Biometric Attendance500
Productivity Management300
Employee Management300
Leave Management200
Employee Onboarding100


HR Customer Reviews

HR Customer Reviews

Construction Management

The construction sector plays a noteworthy role in the development of any economy. It deals with the construction of roads, buildings, and many other infrastructures in a country. It has a significant impact on various sectors right from real estate to health, education, and transport. With the inclusion of technology in the construction industry, the majority of the companies now organize, plan, and estimate project costs with the help of construction software solutions. It aims to automate different processes like job scheduling, budget management, communication, and more.

Here’s a list of customer reviews received by SoftwareSuggest for different construction software solutions.

ConstructionNo. of Customer Reviews
POS (Point of Sale)2670
Project Management2150
Apartment & Housing Society1360
Real Estate900
Construction Management450
Tender Management500
Retail POS400
Logistics Industry300
Contract Management200

Construction Customer ReviewsConstruction Customer ReviewsCustomer Relationship Management

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As customers give your company a sense of purpose and direction, customer relationship is one of the most crucial aspects of a business throughout its lifespan. To figure out the best way of maintaining and creating relationships with customers, organizations now use CRM software. A CRM system consists of the entire customer history – be it their habits, current trends, purchase history, or preferences. It keeps the data centralized so that anyone with authority can access it anywhere and at any time.

Listed below is the number of customer reviews we achieved with several categories of CRM software.

CRMNo. of Customer Reviews
SFA (Sales Force Automation)760
Real Estate CRM580
Field Force Automation340
Sales Management250
After Sales Service Management170
Sales and Distribution Management150
Field Service Management100
Sales Analytics CRM400
Quotation Management400
Social CRM200
Sales Forecasting200
Sales Productivity200
Healthcare CRM100

CRM Customer Reviews

CRM Customer Reviews

“We know that the best way to drive positive change is to learn from our mistakes and hear what our customers have to say. Our companies thrive off customer feedback. It helps us to innovate and disrupt, and keeps us relevant.” – Richard Brandson.


A sole practitioner or an owner of a medical practice completely understands the challenges thrown at this business. Along with attending patients and giving them the best possible care, particular logistics need to be taken care of. However, with the introduction to medical or healthcare management tools, practitioners can save a lot of their time by automating several processes. Right from scheduling patient’s appointments to billing and keeping medical records, this software has all in store.

SoftwareSuggest is more than happy to have received an ample amount of satisfied customer reviews on suggesting the best solutions.

No. of Customer Reviews
Hospital Management1550
Medical Store610
Medical Representative | MR Reporting 550
Practice Management420
Lab Management350
Pharmaceutical Industry310
Medical Billing210
Patient Management120
Appointment Management900
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)80


Medical Customer ReviewsMedical Customer ReviewsHotel Management

Managing a hotel manually is no small feat. It is demanding as well as time-consuming. Thanks to the advancements in technology. Hoteliers ensure to have hotel management software to advance at a rapid pace. It not only helps hotel operators to streamline the administrative tasks but also increase bookings in the short-term as well as long-term. It plays a vital role in enhancing guest experience starting from their online booking journey to the completion of their stay and also their feedback once they leave.

The software solutions given by us to our clients have benefitted their business to a great extent. The below review count speaks for itself.

HotelNo. of Customer Reviews
Hotel Management3470
Hotel Booking Engine Scripts2100


Hotel Management Customer Reviews

Hotel Management Customer Reviews


The restaurant is an excellent mean for communicating directly with the customers. One can instantly determine if the customers liked their service or not. Besides delivering best-in-class services, restaurants must have a comfortable ambiance, pleasing infrastructure, skilled staff, and modern technology that offers a coming-back experience to the customers. Today, restaurateurs are deploying best restaurant software to ensure smooth operations. It speeds up the processes and also maintains up-to-date records of the restaurant.

Following are hundreds of customer reviews; we acquired from our content clientele.

RestaurantNo. of Customer Reviews
Restaurant & Bar2460
Reservation & Booking600
Online Food Ordering Script200
Catering Management500
Restaurant POS200


Restaurant Customer Reviews

Restaurant Customer Reviews


Electronic Commerce, popularly known as E-commerce, refers to purchasing and selling products or services online. Many businesses are moving forward to developing their online stores to augment their business. With e-commerce software, they can rationalize all the online store processes like managing inventory, adding or removing products, processing payments, computing taxes, fulfilling orders, and many others through an easy-to-use interface.

In context to different e-commerce businesses, following is the number of customer reviews accrued by SoftwareSuggest.

E-commerceNo. of Customer Reviews
Clothing Design2000

Ecommerce Customer ReviewsEcommerce Customer Reviews

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos.

Others Categories

Apart from the above categories, we serve diverse arenas with the best possible software solutions – Telecommunication, Automobile, Banking, Agriculture, Retailing, Engineering, Electronics & Appliance, Tour & Travel, Dairy, Marine, and a lot more.

Have a glance at the number of customer reviews we achieved for various industries.

Other ServicesNo. of Customer Reviews
School Management1500
E-commerce Platform1000
Applicant Tracking1110
Photo Editing1000
Help Desk1480
Inventory Management1410
Coaching Class1250
Live Chat1240
Cloud Telephony & IVRS500
College & University Management700
Security Management177
Software & IT100
Document Management100
Customer Feedback110
Law Firm & Advocacy100
Learning Management100
EMR & Clinic Management125
Supply Chain Management85
Marketing Automation189
Bulk SMS104
Business Intelligence250
Vehicle Tracking120
Web Hosting124
Data Recovery200
Textile Industry110
Video Conferencing130
Event Management140
App Builder190
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)180
Email Marketing180
Asset Management180
Business Email170
Business Management170
Campus Management160
Assessment & Examination160
Mobile Recharge130
Lead Management120
Customer Loyalty Management110
Website Development & Management200
Tour & Travel170
Fleet Management150
Cheque Printing110
Mobile Data Recovery100
Property Management190
Automobile Industry190
Courier Management170
Website Builder170
Spa & Salon160
Dairy Industry160
Office Management150
Library Management150
Whatsapp Marketing140
Mobile Store140
Business Process Management130
Enterprise Content Management130
Workshop Management120
Transport Management120
Call Center150
Lead Generation150
Apparel, Garment & Footwear100
Social Media100
Automation Testing180
Document Generation170
Mac Protection170
Departmental Store170
Customer Support180
Enterprise Social Networking & Chatting100
Enterprise Vehicle Management100
Uber for X111
Customer Engagement140
School ERP140
Call Tracking140
Order Management130
Cable TV130
Driving School130
Printing & Packaging Industry135
Professional Service Automation134
App Development132
Portfolio Management122
Club Management124
Any Industry121
Email Tracking121
Video Editing128
Dealer & Distributor Management113
Engineering Industry113
Referral Management113
Taxi Script110
Digital Marketing113
Operations Management105
Expense Management92
Visitor Management55
eCommerce Inventory Management99
Remote Desktop166
Channel Management185
Digital Signage180
Data Analysis185
Content Management128
Banking Industry111
Electronics & Appliance124
Laundry Management180
GPS Tracking108
Reputation Management185
Quality Management & Control117
Publication & Printing75
Enterprise Mobility75
Digital Signature75
Conversion Optimization75
Graphic Design100
3D Design74
Digital Voice Logging100
Lighting & Energy Management200
Stock Exchange & Securities Market133
Exit Intent Popup242
Data Entry154
Service Desk Management123
Call Recording & Analytics134
Dynamic Learning & Training145
Digital Marketing127
Compliance Management135
Car Rental167
Internet Security147
Material Management124
Franchisee Management147
Plant Maintenance123
Hostel Management144
Document Tracking164
Auto Dialer110
Mind Map100
Ticketing Management122
Fitness Club & Gym Management123
Enterprise Gamification Platform17
Stock Management100
Church Management123
Version Control184
Yoga Studio136
Contact Management125
Recurring Billing136
Mobile App Development198
Social Network125
Communication & Conferencing112
Label Printing111
Subsidy Management144
Water Management125
Plywood, Timber & Wood Industry112
Service Professional & Agents174
Home Health185
Drip Email Marketing Campaigns178
Online Marketplace185
Sales Engagement157
Link Tracking147
IT Outsourcing142
Whiteboard Animation154
Customer Experience Management156
RERA Filing & Compliance102
Communication & Social Group Management199
Server Monitoring187
Website Monitoring187
Corporate & Retail Banking150
Claim Management189
Stock Brokerage167
Electric Industry120
Industry Management140
Petroleum & Oil180
Home Inspection100
Knowledge Management100
Student Management150
Artificial Intelligence150
Database Management180
Content Writing90
Robotic Process Automation80
Office Phone100
Computer Monitoring100

This analysis clearly states the trustworthiness SoftwareSuggest has received and is continuing to gain from its clients.

Are you in search of a perfect software solution to suffice your business needs? We can help you!

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