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Best Restaurant POS Software For Your Restaurants

Finding the best Restaurant POS Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is POS System for Restaurants?

Restaurant POS systems are equipped with advanced operational Functionalities that will help you in providing a better customer experience and will streamline your business operation.

Nowadays a lot of facilities are available with a restaurant or a bar POS system such as payment terminals, touch screens and numbers of other software and hardware options that will contribute to making your transaction successful.

POS system for restaurants is also known as restaurant point of service, given a condition that POS system is no longer just about processing sales. Modern and some of the best POS system for restaurants now provide platforms that sit at the heart of every food and beverage chains and help the owners to provide an excellent customer service.

A restaurant POS software has multiple stations. This includes receipt printers, credit card terminals, display terminals, server stations etc. General ledger, accounts receivable or payable are some of the most basic features that come with a restaurant or a bar POS system.

Types of POS Systems for Restaurants

  1. Tablet POS system - Tablet POS system will eliminate all the hurdles associated with a traditional POS system. They come with free and instant updates, plus no maintenance is necessary every time you update the software. It will avoid delays associated with stationary terminals.
  2. Online Ordering - Who would not love the convenience of placing the order online and then collect it or have it delivered to their doorstep? Online ordering method will not only improves the order accuracy but also provide a method of payment that most customers love. In short a convenient and easy option for busy guests.
  3. Mobile or MPOS - The most important advantage of a mobile POS system is that it will take the payments, no matter wherever you go. You can accept the payments at the tip of your finger, view them and collect customer information while payment. You can also ask your customers about the method in which they would like to have the receipt. It can be print email or text.

How Does a POS System Work in a Restaurant?

  1. During Sales - A restaurant POS system is a perfect tool for tracking sales. The waiters can use it to enter the items into the computer by touching the screen. The computer will calculate the final result including the tax. As soon as the customer pays the amount the server or receptionist will enter the receipt number and the amount paid.
  2. While preparing food or beverage - If you go for the best POS systems for restaurants in the market then everything will be automated. The orders received will appear automatically on the computer screen back in the preparation area. As soon as the order is completed the chef enters that back into the system. The waiters will be notified the same on the restaurant POS system they are using. The less advanced restaurant POS software generates a ticket which is physically given to the chef in the kitchen. In Bars, the bartenders will be notified through the bar POS system which drinks have been ordered by which customer. As soon as the order is ready the bartender will notify it to the waiter.
  3. When the inventory is out of stock - As soon as an ingredient to prepare the dish is out of stock the restaurant POS software will automatically notify that to the person in charge. Also if a particular item is used to make a dish, the inventory feature of the restaurant POS software will automatically subtract that from the available item and puts them on the purchasing system.
  4. No more theft - A fully integrated POS system for a restaurant will eliminate the threat of employee theft. An item will not be made unless the order details are fed into the order entry system which will then generate the customer bill. It is particularly done to prevent the situation when the bartender or the waiter charges the customer for the drink but doesn't make the entry for that in the system and takes the money home. But with a bar POS system, such situations can be easily tracked and the theft can be eliminated.
  5. To control your staff - POS system for restaurants will help you have a control over your staff. The restaurant POS system will track when the waiter has open and closed his shift and all the money transaction that has been done from his account. This statistics can be viewed for the time and day of your choice.

Restaurant POS Features

  1. Reporting and Analytics - As most of the restaurant and bar POS system are cloud-based, owners of these properties can now have any time and anywhere access to the restaurant activities, backend process inventory from any device. This provides with a broad range of management control. The reports and Analytics derived from a restaurant POS system provides visibility to the restaurant owner so as to help them to adjust their menus based on the sales made the previous month, adjust the employee's shifts on the basis of the busiest hours, and reduce the wastage with more a precise inventory practices. On the basis of the reports, the restaurateurs will be able to know The dishes that are the most or least popular The one that is the least profitable The most valuable customers
  2. Flexibility while ordering and payment - Restaurant POS system should not only accept credit or debit cards but also gift cards to give its customer higher flexibility. Besides a secured payment processing capabilities restaurant point of sale software should accept payments as well as process orders directly at the table. This will save the servers time while moving back and forth between tables and boost their efficiency. The three types of the restaurant point of sale software that are going to become popular in 2018 are mobile POS tablets, self-service kiosks systems, and tableside payments.
  3. Ability to customize based on the Restaurant Type - All Restaurants cannot be of the same type. The Requirement for a food truck owner is different from a five-star restaurant. A restaurant POS software shouldn't be a monolith, instead, it should be something that can be customized easily to fit the exact need for a specific restaurant type.
  4. CRM, Loyalty and Gift cards - Loyalty programs are a great way to entice a customer to spend more and visit a particular restaurant more frequently. The ability to integrate loyalty and Gift card program with a restaurant point of sale software can engage customers with targeted marketing while driving them back into the restaurant.
  5. Data security - Mountain of data is collected when multiple transactions are performed via restaurant point of sale system. It is important that the restaurant POS software protects it all the time by securely encrypting the cardholder data at the very moment when the card is swiped and then read. This means keeping the data secured until the final transaction is completed. Some restaurant POS systems are so powerful that they can detect even a slightest suspicious activity and sends an alert message immediately.
  6. Customer Management - Using CRM capabilities, restaurants, bar, cafeterias can automatically capture guest information like email and phone number along with the history of what they ordered previously. By using advanced technologies like augmentation and artificial intelligence a restaurant point of sale system can create a powerful database. This database can be used during marketing and while building loyalty and rewards program. The results of such a campaign generated by a restaurant or a bar POS system can be used to build customer loyalty, to generate a POSitive word of mouth and to increase the revenue.
  7. Employee Management - Some of the best POS systems for restaurants are very well equipped with employee management and employee scheduling tools. Some bar restaurant systems even provide financial management features to optimize the labor utilization. These tools make the basic tasks like employee tracking and submitting payroll directly from the system. This restaurant point of sales systems can also help in determining which servers are the most productive by accurately measuring the labor targets and thus it maximizes the workforce efficiency.
  8. Inventory Control - If you are looking for a best POS system for restaurants then you should consider the one that provides innovative inventory management. This feature of the restaurant POS software will provide a real-time update that will reduce food wastage, monitor the inventory level and increases the profitability. Some of the bar POS systems are so powerful that they track the raw materials until they are shipped to the kitchen. This helps the managers to automatically compare the variances and identity theft or portion measurement issues.

What are the top 8 Questions to ask While Buying Restaurant POS Software?

Getting restaurant computer systems is a smart way to ensure that your dining establishment operates in a structured manner. It is a highly productive solution for handling transactions, billing, customer relationships, and routine workflow. Along with restaurant POS system, many organizations also invest in bar POS system to handle their diverse activities and boost operational efficiency.

It is critical to invest in the best POS system for the restaurant in the market – make sure to research all the options and make a wise decision. Here are some vital questions that you need to ask before getting point of sale systems for bars or restaurants:

  1. What different features does my organization need? 
    Different organizations are built for specific goals or objectives – make sure that your restaurant 
    POS system can cater to your unique needs. 
  2. Is this point of sale system specifically built for restaurants?
    It is of extreme importance to invest in restaurant POS software that can handle all the activities of the hospitality industry. It should be able to comprehensively handle inventory management, customer service, daily workflows, and billing criteria. 
  3. Is the restaurant or bar POS system scalable?
    It is inevitable that your business will expand and grow with the passage of time. You need to make sure that your POS system is scalable and additional modules can be purchased/ added if required in the future.
  4. What is the financial investment required?
    It is essential that your restaurant POS system fits within the budget of your organization, and does not cause too much strain on your restaurant’s finances. Look out for any hidden charges or payments before deciding on the best POS system for restaurant management.
  5. Is your service provider trustworthy and reliable?
    Restaurant owners have to be careful to deal with a credible service vendor who will provide the best possible software package for your dining establishment. The service provider should uphold all maintenance, support, and resolution terms so that the restaurant POS software functions smoothly after installation.
  6. How are the various customer reviews?
    Take into account the reviews of previous customers to gather knowledge about the positive and negative aspects of the restaurant POS. This can help you be prepared for any potential problems regarding the restaurant or bar POS system.
  7. Can the point of sale systems for bars or restaurants integrate with existing software packages?
    POS software integration is a necessity to avoid any challenges in the streamlined installation – make sure to check with your service provider that your 
    POS restaurant software is agile and can be adapted with existing technology easily. 
  8. How frequently is the POS system upgraded and is the upgrade free or paid?
    While comparing restaurant or bar 
    POS systems, make sure to choose one that provides free software upgrades to avoid continuous lifelong payments. It is better to clarify the upgrade conditions beforehand to avoid any extra expenditure in the future.

So make sure to ask these eight questions and make the best decision for your restaurant or bar!

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