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List of 20 Best Consent Management Platform

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Platform by TrustArc

Consent Management tools from TrustArc help businesses streamline compliance with consumer rights laws like the CCPA and GDPR while also providing users with a strong sense of privacy. TrustArc makes this easy through a special combination of privacy frameworks, insights, knowledge, information, and operation. TrustArc provides a breadth of continuous privacy analytics and a fully automated platform for end-to-end privacy management. Learn more about TrustArc

Platform by Quantcast

Quantcast is useful consent management software for streamlining operations and obtaining real-time data and information on the behavior of websites and applications. QuantCast tracks visitor activity on our company's website and mobile applications, analyses user marketing efforts, and compiles data from general prospects. Its reports are great and comprehensive, and its user interface is simple and straightforward to integrate with API. Learn more about Quantcast

Platform by CookieYes Limited

CookieYes is a renowned consent management platform.  With its innovative software and first-rate service, the platform enables millions of websites worldwide to adhere to data privacy rules. CookieYes is a cookie consent solution that makes it simple for business websites to comply with the CCPA and GDPR. The user-friendly interface that CookieYes offers makes managing and updating cookies a breeze. Read CookieYes Reviews

Most Reviewed

First privacy-oriented alternative to Google Analy

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is a consent platform that enables tracking of user behavior on websites, products, mobile apps, and intranets. The platform guarantees adherence to stringent GDPR and HIPAA regulations as well as US, Chinese, EU, and Russian data protection legislation. Regardless matter the volume of data businesses need to analyze, get your data without any delays or processing problems. Learn more about Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Platform by OneTrust

For small and medium-sized enterprises, CookiePro is the go-to consent management service for ensuring that websites and mobile apps comply with international privacy laws. CookiePro actively scans the website and recommends the necessary cookies appropriate for the website. Cookiepro's functionality is quick and simple to use. Businesses can easily obtain cookie compliance by following the instructions on this website scanner tool. Learn more about CookiePro

Platform by Osano

Osano is a cmp consent management platform. Osano is a comprehensive data privacy platform that aids in the development, administration, and expansion of privacy programs for businesses. It aids businesses in increasing trust, maintaining compliance, and upholding their moral standards. Osano helps organizations develop, handle, and scale their privacy program. The platform offers a simple solution for permission, data subject rights, vendor risk management, and more. Learn more about Osano

Platform by Securiti

Securiti is used by huge international organizations to detect and protect sensitive data, control access to data, handle privacy rights, adhere to international data regulations, and more. Across all significant public clouds, data clouds, SaaS clouds, and private clouds, this consent manager platform institutes a layer of unified data intelligence, power and controls. Learn more about Securiti

Platform by Cookiebot

Cookiebot is a consent management software that offers websites a completely automatic cookie consent solution. It is a plug-and-play compliance solution that manages end-user consents automatically while identifying and administering all cookies and trackers being utilized on a website. Cookiebot offers market-leading scanning technology and seamless connection with Google Consent Mode. Learn more about Cookiebot

Making data privacy user-friendly

With the help of Transcend, a consent management platform, brands may strengthen their regulatory positions in line with future legal requirements while also fostering better relationships with their customers. This is a reliable platform that guarantees user deletion, access, or modification requests while fully considering the systems identified in the business’s data map. Learn more about

Platform by DataGrail

By locating and classifying sensitive material for sources of structured data, DataGrail is a consent platform that enables businesses to safeguard it from compromise. In order to provide users peace of mind, the platform also classifies unstructured data. DataGrail offers privacy programs with continuous system detection, responsible data discovery, and automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment. Learn more about DataGrail

Platform by Usercentrics

Usercentrics is a consent manager platform that makes it possible for websites and apps to be transparent about how they utilize cookies and other tracking technology. It helps businesses increase their competitive advantage and user trust. It also gives users the choice to consent to the use of tracking technology. Usercentrics provides solutions for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Usercentrics

Platform by Termly

Termly is a fantastic consent platform for updating privacy policies, cookie notices, and terms of service on websites. With the help of Termly, a complete compliance solution, businesses can easily handle cookie consent, privacy policies, and all other necessary compliance. It helps small and home-based firms be compliant and avoid legal fees. Learn more about Termly

Platform by iubenda

With remote and automatic updates handled by an expert team of lawyers, iubenda provides compliance software for websites, apps, and organizations. iubenda is a top consent management platform. It offers attorney-level solutions to serve businesses in becoming compliant with the law across different languages, nations, and legislations. All the files businesses require will be automatically generated when a service is checked or unchecked on their website. Learn more about iubenda

Platform by MINE

MineOS is one of the best consent management platforms. It is a web-based server front-end that helps centralize and streamline Minecraft system administration responsibilities. The main interface for administrators allows users to download Minecraft server jar files, start and stop instances, set up many servers, and start to restore operations. It provides radar to easily inventory or delete new systems and continually monitor data source utilization. Learn more about MineOS

Platform by Secure Privacy

With an industry-leading banner management & consent management platform, Secure Privacy assists businesses in making their websites compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. The Secure Privacy software can automatically scan the website and generate a full report of all the measures users need to follow. Additionally, it makes dealing with variances in each unique rule easier. Learn more about Secure Privacy

Platform by Operandio

Operandio is a fully featured Consent Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. Operandio provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Consent Management system offers Consent Management at one place. Learn more about Operandio

Platform by Ketch Kloud, Inc

Ketch is straightforward consent management software. This platform, together with one-on-one help from privacy experts, plug-and-play templates for cookie consent and disclosures, and readily programmable website tags, is effective for all kinds of organizations. It allows businesses to completely tailor the user experience to suit your needs and is incredibly adaptable. Learn more about Ketch

Platform by Agilitation

Axeptio is one of the best consent management platforms. Fully customizable, easy to use, and compatible with all websites, this platform is 100% GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliant. Axeptio help brands optimize their performances using analytics tools, A/B testing features, and a respectful consent wall screen. It makes users’ consents and preferences intuitive, sophisticated, and fun which creates a bond of trust between brands and users. Learn more about Axeptio

Auto-generated self-updating privacy policies

In order to comply with privacy rules like the GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA, firms can record and manage permission gained through websites and applications using the TRUENDO platform. The TRUENDO Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a highly adaptable, automated, and dependable consent management solution. It enables simple administration of any personal data that may be gathered on websites. Learn more about TRUENDO

Platform by Borlabs GmbH

Businesses may create and manage cookies on their website using the plugin Borlabs Cookie. It's an excellent tool for managing a website's privacy statement and making sure that website visitors are aware of cookie usage. The visitor is shown the cookies that are automatically recognized by the program. All WordPress themes are compatible with this consent management platform, and PageBuilder integration is also possible. Learn more about Borlabs Cookie

Platform by ConsentManagement AB

Consentmanager is a consent management platform that ensures compliance with all significant privacy legislation for websites, mobile, apps, and TV devices. It is a reliable cookie consent solution for complying with CCPA and GDPR regulations. This gives businesses a complete picture of what's occurring on their website and how users interact with the consent layer. Learn more about

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Last Updated: July 13, 2023