Best Office Management Software

Best office management software in the market are Taskworld, Google Drive, LibreOffice, Slack, and Fleep. Office management systems help store all the essential documents of the office in digital format for future and remote access with ease.

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List of 20 Best Office Management Software

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Category Champions | 2023

Business-class email, Cloud-powered connection, collaboration, and control. Cloud-powered Office. Your complete Office in the cloud. It is one of the best office management software in Industry Read Office 365 for Business Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by Bitrix Inc.

Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM software which provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. It is a collaboration platform that's perfect for CRM. It has over 30 tools that will help your business grow and enjoy the work in a team. Read Bitrix24 Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Once Practice Management Software for CA, CS

Jamku is an Online Office Management software for practicing chartered accountant, company secretary, tax consultants, advocates. anytime anywhere access your office details. Read Jamku Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

Discover a class-leading, integrated suite with all the essential tools you need to run your modern accounting practice. CCH iFirm brings you, next generation, sharp and efficient practice management that is designed around jobs, workflow and resourcing. Read CCH iFirm Reviews

Contenders | 2023

LEAP is the best system for lawyers and staff to w

LEAP is a true cloud practice management software for law firms. LEAP includes matter management, automated legal forms, email management, automatic time recording, trust accounting, billing, office reporting, and a client service portal in one system for one price. Read LEAP Legal Reviews

Software by Aghreni Technologies

Aghreni’s Mobill Tracker automates corporate’s mobile connections usage and billing processes. Many corporates provide their employees with mobile connectivity and have the need to submit to finance department the details of official calls made vs the personal usage. Read Aghreni Mobille Tracker Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Software by EasyCloud Consultants Pvt Ltd.

A cloud-based practice management software that is significantly more better, faster, cheaper and effectively automates all routine and repetitive tasks, thereby, enabling practicing professionals to save a lot of time to concentrate on something that's new and innovative. Read EasyCloudBooks Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Analyze your On-premise infrastructure

The product provides you a complete pre-migration checklist/inventory of all Office 365 components in order to assist you with your planning for Office 365 migration process. It is one of the best office management software for your office. Read Office 365 Migration Planner Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Take Control of your Operations, Work together with your Team and Clients, Eliminate the Stress out of Handling your Practice, Plan Tasks for the Entire Year,Manage Due Dates Effectively, Cost Monitoring at a Mouse Click, Prompt Handling of Invoices, and many more Read ERPCA Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Complete Office Automation Platform

RicohDocs is high-performance Document Management software and Office Automation System. It offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized and large organizations. With RicohDocs, organizations anywhere in the world can gain control over their documents, with specific focus on business process automation. Read RicohDocs Reviews

Software by OffiDocs

LibreOffice is a fully featured Document Management Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. LibreOffice provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Document Management system offers Collaboration Tools, Document Assembly, Document Indexing, Document Creation, File Type Conversion at one place. Read LibreOffice Reviews

Software by Divine IT Limited

PrismERP is a fully featured Erp Software designed to serve Startups, Agencies. PrismERP provides end-to-end solutions designed for Macintosh. This online Erp system offers Project Management, Order Management, Supply Chain Management, Reporting/Analytics, Purchase Order Management at one place. Read PrismERP Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Employee life cycle/payroll/attendance management

SmartOffice is a web based office management software applications which is fully integrated, single application that optimize the entire employment lifecycle. This application offers complete employee lifecycle management along with Onboarding, Attendance, Timesheet, Leave, Payroll, Performance Management, Learning and Training Management. Read SmartOffice Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Most Practical and Economical application for CA a

TaxAdda Practice management software is created specifically for CA and tax practitioner to manage their practice effectively and effortlessly. Users can also track time, send sms and whatsapp messages. Read TaxAdda PMS Reviews

Software by Cloud18

OMS18(Office Management System) is a software for companies to maintain their office. This software is very easy to operate and light on system tool to maintain information about Clients,Rulings, Accounts, books, periodicals etc. Read OMS18 Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Software by Aequitas Information Technology Pvt Ltd

CA Office industrialization is a leading application in India for Chartered accountant to control their regular documents, works,  Account & Communication. CA Office Automation software is for Chartered Accounts to make their daily office work smartly, efficiently & modern. This software covers all regular work of CA. Read CA Office Automation Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Work, Staff & Office Management software for CA

MyTask provides a practical software solution to management problems being faced in a CA or tax practitioner's office as per Indian circumstances It is developed by the team of CAs for the CAs and Tax Practitioners. Its Acceptability and adaptability are key for its success. Read MyTask Reviews

High Performer | 2023

CA Office Pro is an office management solution specially designed for chartered accountants to enable their offices to accomplish daily tasks with ease and real-time scenario of the organization. Read CA Office Pro Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Software by Brainsphere IT Solutions

FactsERP is an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution suitable for large and midsize organizations. FactsERP features part-number inquiries, sale tracking, order registration and integrations with supplier portals. Read FactsERP Reviews

Ticket Management Online Software

Shubhra Ticket Management Online Software manage office Department Employee task Management, Employee Management, Function Control, Ticket Management, Customer management , helpful in employee work tracking & progress. Read Shubhra Ticket Management Reviews

Accounting software guide

What is the Purpose of Office Management Software?

Stating the purpose of office management software in a few words is impossible. This is because the definition of “office” differs according to the nature of work, the location, the team of employees, and a lot of other factors. And the management activities are influenced according to the type of office. So there can be numerous reasons for using business management software. Nevertheless, the purpose of office business software can be broadly classified as:

  1. Infuse Automation

    The primary purpose of an office management system is to automate operations. Along with automation, the office software takes care of related aspects such as organizing information, reducing redundancy & errors, facilitating communication, improving speed, and so on. The automation applies to all departments, whether human resources, marketing, security, sales, desk management, or in-house operations.

  2. Reduce Expenditure

    Office business software is capable of managing multiple tasks. Therefore, you can deploy employees for tasks that require human presence, such as business development and decision-making. Since most of the operations are digitized, there is no need for physical records like maintaining files, printing documents, etc. These factors facilitate cost savings as you can manage your expenses judiciously.

  3. Increase Efficiency

    Since business management software automates operations, most of the work is accomplished in lesser duration. The software simultaneously takes care of multiple tasks. Moreover, it works according to the commands of humans, and up to a certain level, it utilizes artificial intelligence. These factors considerably reduce the scope of errors and discrepancies.

  4. Higher Productivity

    The result of using office business software is an increase in productivity. Since most operations can be automated, you get ample time for analysis, decision-making, collaborations, business development, and so on. Ultimately, with the assistance of a business management suite, you achieve more in less time and at a lesser cost.

What are the Key Features of the Best Office Management Software?

Must have Feature in Office Business Software

  1. Project Management

    Project management can become complicated if the project is not managed in an organized way. The office business software must be able to synchronize and automate project operations, whether human resource management, sales & marketing, or record keeping & documentation.

  2. Task Management

    Several tasks are running simultaneously in an organization. The business management software must be capable of handling each task with perfection. It should equip an employee with the right tools to accomplish a task easily, whether sending a promotional email to customers or submitting a performance appraisal report.

  3. Client Management

    Communicating with the clients should not be a hassle for the help desk employees. So office management systems must support seamless communication, exchange of information, portfolio management, and a robust troubleshooting process.

  4. Document Management

    Digitization assists in office management system software as it simplifies documentation & sharing, reduces expenditure, supports effective content management, and so on. Moreover, the cloud-based software promotes efficient collaboration amongst team members for editing and sharing purposes.

  5. Multi-Device & Cross-Platform Compatibility

    In addition to desktops and laptops, mobiles and tablets are on a consistent rise. The office management software solution must operate seamlessly on all devices, adapting comfortably to the screen size. Moreover, cross-platform compatibility is an obligation as it ensures smooth functioning.

  6. Reporting & Analytics

    A business management suite is not confined to a single operation. It automates most of the office operations. But to extract maximum benefits, the software must adopt a data-driven approach to prepare reports. This assists the management team in analysis and decision-making.

  7. Robust Communication Platform

    The office business software must support seamless communication at all levels, whether amongst team members or with the higher authorities. The office management software must provide an interface that facilitates collaboration, information sharing, and accessibility.

  8. Third-Party Integrations

    Organizations often use multiple software, tools, or applications in their offices. The office management solution must allow users to integrate third-party apps and tools for effortless synchronization and data exchange. Moreover, access to developer API is preferable so that the IT team can modify the software features according to official requirements.

Does Your Business Need Office Management Software?

By looking at the purposes fulfilled by business management software, you cannot ignore installing a system in your office. However, before you take the plunge, you need to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Does it Affect ROI?

    Most of the business decisions are taken after analyzing return-on-investment (ROI). The same applies to office management software. Based on your analysis, if you are sure that the move will increase productivity and ensure higher revenue, you must decide to invest in a business management tool.

  • Does it Increase Efficiency?

    If your employees can achieve more with the software, you should go ahead with the installation. For example, if the CRM software allows you to communicate effectively with all of your clients, it ensures a higher customer retention rate.

  • Is your Business Ready for the Upgrade?

    If you think that you need to upgrade from manual mode to an automated, digitized environment, your business needs office management system software. How do you evaluate the need? When efficiency is being hampered, operations are becoming complicated, and your business is expanding; it’s time to install office business software.

Types of Office Management Software Systems

Types of Office Management Software

  1. Accounting Software

    From bookkeeping to managing payroll, the accounts section encapsulates various tasks. The accounting software equips the accounts team with the right tools to maintain financial records, generate invoices, etc. The office management suite is incomplete without accounting software.

  2. Human Resource Management Software

    You need to equip the human resource department with the right technology for an effective, employee-centric approach. Office business software makes handling tasks like recruitment, training, appraisals, and organizational change easier and more efficient.

  3. Facility Management Software

    The facility management (FM) software ensures an uninterrupted supply of facilities and services and manages all tangible assets. The business management software simplifies, digitizes, and automates facility management.

  4. Security & Risk Management Software

    Security & risk management is an integral aspects of office management. Whether it’s securing data against theft and misuse, ensuring in-house security, or safeguarding facility against natural and human-induced calamities, the security & risk management software takes care of everything.

  5. Customer Relationship Management Software

    Acquiring new customers or catering to the needs of the existing customers; customer relationship management defines the growth of your business. CRM software ensures that you communicate and serve your clients most effectively.

  6. Sales & Marketing Software

    With the advent of digital marketing, the business management system is being extensively used for managing marketing campaigns on various channels. Moreover, the sales & marketing software assists the sales team to effectively working on leads.

  7. Point of Sale (POS) Software

    Nowadays, POS software is not just about transactions and sales records. It takes care of inventory management, customer experience, and employee management. It’s a perfect solution for retail businesses.

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Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Office 365 for Business 4.6(49 Reviews) $9.9 user/month Yes Learn More
Bitrix24 4.4(25 Reviews) Available on Request Yes Learn More
Jamku 4.9(16 Reviews) $18.06 Per User Per Year No Learn More
CCH iFirm 4.3(14 Reviews)

Available on Request

Yes Learn More
LEAP Legal 4.0(9 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More

FAQs of Office Management Software

Office management software helps to manage your office's paperwork. This covers personal difficulties with financial accounts, documentation, and inventory challenges.

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