The report – HMS software Buyer View 2014 – states that

“54% of hotel management software buyers are small to mid-size hotels in the business.”

Hotel management is an industry that markets itself on word of mouth. The better the service, the happier the guests will be and thus results in good business for the hotel. In this technology-driven era, it is very important for every business to make the most of the available technology to step up from their competition. The same applies to the hotel management industry as well, and it can be easily done by using the best possible software to increase the productivity of their business. The benefits that the hotel management software brings along are remarkable. Not only does it help getting the process error free, but it makes it very convenient to manage all the necessary details right from the comfort of your screen.

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There are various aspects that could help in increasing the productivity of a hotel with the help of hospitality management software like:

 Easy tracking of booking 

The technology nowadays has made it possible to keep the booking details in sync with the hotel and the customer. The hotel can get instant details about the bookings and check-in to be made, also the recovery of rooms for failed check-in to make it available for booking for other customers. The customer can get an instant assurance of the booking they made, and all the details needed to make a hassle-free check in when they arrive at the hotel. Also, you get the convenience to cancel the booking at any given point of time with respect to the cancellation policy.

 Individual Account management 

Every staff member of the management team of the hotel gets a separate account on the hotel management software, which helps in keeping track of active duty of staff, timely account logins, track of guests handled and much more. The software enables an interface which helps upper management executive to keep a watch over the overall working and interact with the desired staff members at any given point of time. The staff gets many advantages such as time stamp of their active duty, sharing information with higher authority; apply for leave request etc.

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 Ease of Access 

The hotel management involves staff from every section of the hotel to attend their duty as soon as possible and be aware of any urgency to attend any room service. The staff needs to be on the move all the time and update for any request generate and to specify if the task is accomplished. The hotel management software thus enables the staff to be active on various platforms like smartphones or desktop at any place in the hotel to clear their status and to attend the task in the most convenient fashion.

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 More revenue generation 

The hotel management software eliminates the dependency on the staff for every single task, instead, work from a single interface to connect with all the staff members and be aware of their working status. Less number of staff means less salary to distribute and less money to spend on the staff training and maintenance. Also, hotel management software helps in saving on the hardware and material to be established for better connectivity between all the staff.

 Less time more work 

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The software helps in saving more and more time as the task can be completed as soon as possible. Also, the staff work efficiently as they are consistently being monitored. The request can be attended by the nearest staff as they are aware of the request being generated at all times. The resources can be utilized efficiently as the software helps you know the accomplishment of the task instantly, and the workforce would not have to waste time for the same task attended by other staff members.

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 Modern marketing solutions 

The more modern approach with the software helps you keep track on the customers and their visits, which enables you to attend the customer in a specific way to provide the best service. The marketing approach gives the hotel an upper hand in having specific details about the customers and their spending habits so that hotels can make more revenue by pleasing the customer by pushing the expected services.

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 Revenue tracking 

The hospitality management system has a very detailed system for monitoring everyday revenues and helping to control the leaks. The software enables to monitor the mistakes made so that instant action could be taken to make sure the occurrence of such activity can be dealt properly. The detailed revenue generation helps in saving time by getting a ready to use data for accounting purpose. Also, the software creates an error-free process of revenue details.

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[Using an HMS on a tablet] gives hotels new possibilities to meet guests anywhere. You can welcome the guest in the lobby instead of the reception desk, or walk the guest down to the room with the tablet in hand – KrasimirTrapchev, – Clock Software

Overall, hotel management software is invaluable and probably the best solution to any past approach for hotel management. The applications used, often correlate with the main benefits software users experience faster check-ins and check-outs, better-organized guest information and improved accuracy when making reservations and tracking room statuses. It is bound to grow abruptly to seek the best possible interface to help manage the working of a hotel with ease.


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