Best Retail Billing Software

Best retail billing software includes Vyapar, Zoho Invoice, Saral Billing, QuickBooks, Tally, myBillBook, LOGIC ERP, and CaptainBiz. Such a retail billing system lets you automate the billing process, making it faster and more accurate.

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List of 20 Best Retail Billing Software

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One of the Best Billing Software for Retail Store

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Zoho Invoice billing software for a retail shop. It helps in preparing and generating bills, sending it to customers with automatic reminders, streamlines online payments to be faster, prepares reports, and so on. Learn more about Zoho Invoice

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Renowned Billing Software for Retail Store

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FreshBooks is one of the best retail billing solutions for retailers and small businesses. It is a feature-rich solution with features like bank reconciliation, automatic billing, activity tracking, contact database, calendar management, and more. Learn more about FreshBooks

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Most Popular Retail Billing Software India

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Vyapar is the simplest GST ready Accounting, Invoicing and Inventory management software. It's made completely for a businessman, you don't have to waste time learning it. Just start managing your business digitally like before even with no Accounting knowledge. Learn more about Vyapar

Modern Retail POS

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Zakya is a modern retail POS software that helps small and medium-sized businesses sell better, manage their entire business, and join the digital revolution in one hour or less. Learn more about Zakya

Emergents | 2024

All-in-One Online Billing Software

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Saral Billing is a retail billing software solution used by retail stores and small businesses. This retail billing software India is best for businesses that need a simple tool to generate GST invoices and seamlessly manage their revenue and expenses. Learn more about Saral Billing

Category Champions | 2024

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QuickBooks is one of the most popular retail billing software solutions for retail stores and small businesses. This best retail billing software system comes with features like asset accounting, billing and invoicing, budgeting and forecasting, and more. Learn more about QuickBooks Online

Category Champions | 2024

Powerful Business Billing Software for Retail Shop

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Busy Accounting is one of the retail billing software in India. it is used by over 400k businesses across 20 countries. This billing system is ideal for retail stores of all types, including FMCG, retail, trading, manufacturing, and distribution. Learn more about Busy Accounting

Category Champions | 2024

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Marg ERP9+ is intuitive retail billing software for a retail shop. It helps in preparing, organizing, generating and sending bills to customers. It helps you get paid on time with auto bank reconciliation with 140 banks. Learn more about Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software

Category Champions | 2024

One of the Best Retail Billing Software

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GoFrugal POS is a retail billing software solution catering to all the needs of pharmacy stores. This retail billing software India comprises several features like barcode scanning, billing and invoicing, accounting, claims management, and more. Learn more about GOFRUGAL POS

Contenders | 2024

Breathing life into your Retail business with pran

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prana POS is a powerful cloud-based Point of Sale software for retail and F&B businesses worldwide. prna POS is flexible and adaptable. prana POS is a perfect solution for all the mom n pop stores, multi-chain outlets, and enterprises. Learn more about eRetail Cybertech - pranaPOS

retail billing software guide

Retail Billing Software: Overviews

Billing software for the retail stores has come to aid the businesses in easing the billing process which otherwise is quite cumbersome. Suitable for all types and sizes of businesses, the retail billing systems speeds-up the billing and inventory management thereby enabling systematic operations for business with just a few clicks.

Retail billing solutions have eased the tasks of generating the invoices and automated the overall system of financial management. The intricacies generated after the introduction of GST have been simplified and made easy for companies by the retail software.

Not only billing, but the retail billing solutions also aids in keeping track of inventory, and generating reports that help keep an eye on the sales on a regular basis.

Best Retail Billing Software for Retail Store

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Zoho Invoice
INR 1059/Month
INR 539/Year
INR 600/Month
INR 399/Month

Top Retail Billing Software

  • Best Billing Software for Retail Shop - Vyapar

  • Best for Micro-Business Owners - MyBillBook

  • All in One Solution for Retail Store - ZohoBooks

  • Best Overall - QuickBooks

  • Best Billing Software for Retail Shop in India - TallyPrime

What are the Features of Retail Billing Software?

features of retail billing software

1. Simplified Billing

With the help of billing software for retail shops, the process of generating and managing invoices has been simplified to a great extent. Businesses can make invoices batch-wise as per the different vendors and keep them segregated as per categories.

The software also allows storing various details as per the business suppliers which can be further used for references. These things can be done in just a few clicks without hassling around much with the complexities of generating invoices and storing data manually.

2. Multi-store Management

The retail billing software helps in keeping close tabs on all the business outlets or franchises as a single store. This can be done on any device anywhere in the world. One can control the entire business from one location by keeping track of the inventory and stocks and enabling the timely refilling of store items.

The software also helps manage the customer data in one place and using this, the businesses can effectively manage the loyalty and membership programs. One can also keep an eye on the sales done by all the outlets and the tax information for financial management in one place.

3. Inventory Management

The billing software for retail stores helps a lot with inventory management. There are always chances of error occurrences when manual entries are done to maintain the inventory. With the help of retail billing systems, businesses can get real-time insight into store stocks.

With various options to count and manage inventory, schedule the refilling of the stocks, and keep a track of the items that expire, the retail billing software download saves businesses from running out of stocks and doing business efficiently. The software also helps in managing stocks in the case of multiple stores.

4. Filling GST

GST being still a bit new to the billing system, there are always the chances of errors while filing GST. The billing software for retail businesses in India comes into handy just then. All that has to be done is putting the inputs and the numbers will add up as per the GST regulations.

The billing software for retail stores helps businesses to carry out transactions within the regulations defined. Filing tax for multiple store outlets is as simple as entering the transaction details and getting the task done.

5. Real-Time Reports

Reports play an important part in any business as they help to know the progress over time. The retail billing solutions help businesses in knowing the real-time analytics of the sales, stocks, supplies, payments, and taxes.

Businesses can study the reports, keep a tab on their performance, and make informed decisions. The information on the reports is represented in an easy format and actions can be taken to suit the business decisions.

6. Discounts & Coupons Management

Customers are the brand ambassadors and their words can make or break a business. Hence, having a healthy customer relationship is imperative for all businesses. This can be done with the timely management of loyalty programs and discount offers.

With easy-to-use functionalities, Retail software helps in calculating the prices of items considering the discounts and thus eases the task of bill generation apart from a satisfied customer.

What are the Benefits of Using Retail Billing Software?

benefits of retail billing software

1. Go Paperless

Using billing software for retail stores helps run the business efficiently as the manual paperwork is gone.

The software generates quick bills that save time and effort and this can be utilized in doing other business chores. Also, a reduction in manual work implies a reduction in error generation.

2. Error-free operations

When software keeps all the records instead of a person doing it manually, the chances of errors are reduced. By downloading billing software, the businesses can know the absolute details of everything in a store which is not possible when there are humans involved in the same process.

Apart from going error-free, it also aids businesses in saving a lot on time, money, and resources employed.

3. Timely Inventory Updates

It’s a headache to count the items in a retail store on a daily basis but this task is important to know the performance of the store and to know the profit generated at the end of the day.

With the help of retail billing software, this process is simplified to the core. As and when the bills are generated, the items in the inventory are updated and a real-time item count is available.

4. Quick Billing

Making a bill has been made a quick and easy task with the help of the billing software for retail stores. The inputs can be added along with the discounts or loyalty points and the final bill can be generated within no time.

This, in turn, results in happy customers as a lot of time is saved in the billing process.

5. User-Friendly

Rather than a complex structure of various modules, the retail billing software has a simple interface that can be easily understood and used with basic training by anyone.

Businesses don’t have to recruit a technical person to operate this software and this saves both, time and money, thus being cost-effective.

6. Easy Integration with other software

The billing software for retail shops can be easily integrated with the existing system of the stores without doing major changes to the system.

Stores can integrate their CRM and ERP softwares with the retail billing software and garner the benefits of the overall system efficiency.

7. All information in one place

Be it a single store or a franchise, the retail billing software helps in getting updates about sales, inventory, taxes, and payments in one place and this can be accessed on all devices anywhere.

This level of flexibility helps businesses in monitoring the operations of stores without being present there physically.

What are the Various Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Retail Billing Software?

factors to consider while choosing retail  billing software

Investing in billing software for retail shops is highly beneficial for all kinds of organizations. Retail store billing software is a vital asset that can streamline all operations such as inventory, sales, taxes, and supply chain management.

Companies all over the globe have realized the importance of getting the best billing system for retail shops. However, with a vast number of choices in the market, it is often a challenge to find the perfect retail invoice software.

There are many aspects to be aware of before selecting a billing software for retail shops. Here are a few essential things to keep in mind to get the best retail billing software for your business:

1. Multi-Location Capability

Billing software for retail shops should be able to support various geographical store locations. It should save all vital customer and business data in a unified repository. Retail store billing software should make this data accessible to team members in different locations.

It is important to choose a retail invoice software that you get that allows your managers to handle different stores by displaying real-time data on a visual dashboard.

2. Extensive Integration

A billing system for retail shops should have high integration capabilities. Retail invoice software is not a stand-alone tool; hence it should be compatible with existing organizational systems.

It is important for companies to invest in smart billing software that integrates with other CRM, accounting modules, human resources systems, and inventory applications.

3. Intelligent Reports and Analytics

One critical factor to keep in mind while buying a retail store billing format is advanced analytics and report generation. Choose a solution that can analyze real-time data to give a detailed insight into operations.

Billing software for retail shops should display key metrics on sales performance, marketing and inventory. This will help in better decision-making and task flow management.

4. Scalability

E-commerce and retail organizations always grow or diversify operations in the long run. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to invest in a billing system for retail shops that is scalable.

Most modern software vendors offer retail store billing software that is perfectly customized to business needs and ensures that extra modules can be purchased at a later stage.

5. Data Security

Companies should get retail billing software that has embedded security measures. Retail invoice software has integrated safety features such as password protection, firewalls, and data encryption.

Retail store billing software ensures that only authorized personnel access sensitive client information so that there is no chance of data theft, fraud, or misappropriation.

6. Post-Sale Support

Retail billing software should be user-friendly and easy to understand. However, many times first-time users or novices get stuck due to technical glitches or compatibility problems. Organizations should invest in a billing system for retail shops that provide excellent post of sale solutions and support to users.

You should be able to message or call support representatives at any time of the day to sort out problems, issues, or grievances.


Retail billing software is a computerized tool that allows retail shops to create automated customer purchase receipts and keep inventory records. It simplifies and automates the retail billing process and maintains financial details for bookkeeping.

The cost will vary based on retail business requirements. But require an investment of about INR 500 to INR 25000 to implement retail billing software successfully.

Billing software is essential for the shop. You can develop your software if you have a large budget. Or you can select from customized retail billing software providers.

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