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Best Customer Success Software For Every Business

Finding the best Customer Success Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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Businesses leverage customer success software to obtain a detailed analysis of the past customer behavior and create a customer health score to predict the future. This allows companies to grow their customer base systematically. Moreover, they can achieve high customer retention rates and identify red flags with the help of customer success solutions.

The best customer success software aids customer success and sales teams in optimizing customer relationships. Most of the customer success systems available on the market offer integration with CRM software, help desk software, and even social media management tools. 

“Customer is King. A Business Owner is his treasurer.”

For any business, it is vital to create a customer who brings in more customers. To achieve this, customer success is inevitable.

Ensuring that the customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your service or product is what customer success is all about. Customer Success can be achieved with two essential elements. First, the customers have a specific expectation, or they desire inevitable result from the use of your product or service. Second is the interaction of the company with customers.

Thus, customer success not only comes from the use of the product but also from the experiences at each level of the buying cycle. Customer Success aligns client and vendor goals so that both the parties are benefitted mutually. Deploying effective customer success strategies help businesses minimize customer churn and amplify up-sell opportunities.

Customer success system bestows several benefits to an organization’s growth. This includes:

Improving the Renewal Process

Years ago, businesses used to lock customers with lifetime contracts. Now, customers hold power. They are free to choose others over you whenever they want. Companies that can handle the renewal conversations efficiently tend to grow faster and better. Moreover, customer success gives insights into the organization and enables them to make informed business decisions.

Minimizing Customer Churn

Companies mostly rely on inbound marketing strategies. Online customer reviews immensely impact a brand's image. Business revenue models that are driven by customer feedback improve the product and services over time. Customer Success team can acquire valuable feedback from customers. When they combine such information with customer health data, they can gauge the churning reasons. Thus, they can suggest the product and development teams make enhancements or additions.

Increasing Revenue

Lincoln Murphy, a Customer Success Evangelist, said: "The majority of the revenue from your relationship with a customer happens post-sale."

Customer Success not only provides an opportunity for businesses to abound up-sell and cross-sell but also capitalize on the same. With a traditional business model, the costs associated with acquiring a customer is higher than the revenue made in a year. On the contrary, deploying practical customer success tools help in retaining a customer at minimal costs. All you earn is profit.

As there are different customer success management tools available that caters to your business needs, picking the best one would be challenging.

Here, we have cumulated some factors that you should consider before buying customer success tools. But, the foremost thing you must do is reflect on your business needs.

Scalability: Your system must grow with your business. If you have a growing business, you must see to it that the customer success software you opt suffices the increasing needs of your business in the future. 

Integrations: While reviewing customer success management tools, it is crucial to check the integrations it offers. This is essential as you will require data from different software to be synced with your customer success solutions. The most basic integrations you must look for includes billing, CRM, and help desk.

Given below are the top 5 customer success management tools that are currently rocking the customer success world.

1. Gainsight

Gainsight is a powerful customer success software that enables you to keep growing your clients for a lifetime. It offers broad capabilities with in-depth insights into customer feedback and engagement. One of its most striking features is Machine Learning. This helps to predict customer behavior based on their past activities.


  • Connectors: You can connect it with your data source.
  • Data Architect: It lets you control the object structure.
  • Business Modeler: You can easily manage account hierarchies.
  • Workflow Engine: To enhance customer outcomes, you can create better workflows.
  • Workspaces: You can work in collaboration with different lines of business and augment customer operations.

2. Amity

If you are looking forward to getting the software that is flexible for your changing business needs, Amity is an excellent shot to give. It completely adapts to your business needs and helps in improving conversions and driving sales. Further, Amity understands customer behavior in a holistic manner and monitors its health.


  • Unified Data: You can view all your data on a single platform – be it email, support, billing, CRM, or usage.
  • Customer Insights: You can explore customer health scores and other insights and generate reports for the same.
  • Automation: With its unique features, you can automate the manual tasks and save time.

3. Natero

Natera, data-driven, is helpful to B2B companies across the globe. The simple to use interface appeals you to choose it. Moreover, it displays customer health scores and other important analytics on the dashboard. This software also offers third-party integrations to simplify your tasks.


  • Intelligent Health Scoring: It is proficient at creating dynamic health score based on each data source.
  • Customer Success Operations: Right from onboarding to product adoption, Natera enables you to manage every operation.
  • Customer Success Analytics: You can review customer success metrics and also review customer trends, lifetime value, and more.

4. ClientSuccess

Here is one more customer success system that lets you retain and grow your existing customer base. It is most famous for its Client Success Score. This is a personal perspective on customer health. You can call ClientSuccess a one-stop solution for client engagement needs. It also facilitates you with renewal and subscription management features. 


  • Alerts and Actions: To grab immediate attention of your customer success team, it sends alerts whenever required.
  • Success Cycle: You can measure your business methodology of driving success and introduce changes.
  • Email Automation: Automate your email communication process and view all the data at the same place.

5. Churnzero

Subscription businesses can prevent and even lower customer churn with Churnzero. You can rely on this customer success management software for integrations of various CRM and other third-party applications. It lets you create customized ChurnScore to determine the potential risks depending on the data linked in the platform.


  • Customer Health Scores & Analytics: You can measure the health score of customers and eliminate the potential risks caused due to churn.
  • Native Integrations: It lets you integrate your CRM and other third-party applications.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Obtain alerts instantly and leverage actionable insights to make informed decisions.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Customer Success expands selling opportunities and increases renewal rates. This, in turn, ensures that the customer will be staying on your platform for a long time. Further, effective customer success software reduces customer churn and enhances revenue.
  • Customer Success Managers make sure that customers receive the most value from their company's investment. However, it must not be the sole responsibility of specific individuals but can be an overarching theme within the company.
  • When consistent customer engagement is observed throughout the life cycle between the supplier and the customer, ensuring promises of the supplier are met, an organization achieves Customer Success

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