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Best Dental Software & Dental Practice Management Software In India

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What is Dental Software?

Just like medical office management suites, dental software solutions provide administrative and clinical operational support specific to dental practices. They offer features that help with patient management, management of electronic dental health records and clinical management. Dental software can be cloud-based or on-premise. Cloud-based solutions are more popular at the moment.

Dental software solutions help you manage the day-to-day operations of dentist offices. They are equipped to look after a wide range of tasks right from scheduling to insurance confirmation and other patient management activities to help front desk operations. They enable dentists with electronic charting, dental health records, and patient notes. Their reporting, accounting, claims management and billing tools support back-office functions.

What Are the Types of Dental Software?

Dental software is known by many names- dental practice management software, dental clinic software, dental clinic management system or dental practice software. You may have also heard of dental imaging software and dental smile design software or even electronic dental records (EDR), electronic health records (EHR), dental practice management, and dental office software (DOS).

They can be organized into four main verticals- clinical, administrative, imaging and patient engagement. The most popular and the very best dental software solutions look after the clinical and administrative requirements of dentists with pre-integrated practice management and clinical systems.

Salient Features of Dental Clinic Management Software

Most dental management software typically comes with the following features,

  1. Graphical Tooth Charting: Dental software solutions provide graphical depictions of each tooth and gum that make it easy to identify cavities, fillings, veneers, crowns, missing teeth, etc.
  2. Dentistry-Specific Templates: Dental software solutions will present you with a text-based template for all common procedures and the EDR also allows you to add a template quickly in case of an emergency procedure. These templates might include routine exams, fillings, root canals, crowns, tooth extraction, and any other such customizable templates.
  3. Dental Imaging: X-rays and other digital images are imported and presented in a way that helps the dentist. You may even be allowed to measure a tooth or identify a particular region of interest. While there are standalone dental imaging software solutions, it makes sense to opt for dental software that already has one for the sake of integration.
  4. Scheduling: Scheduling can be quite challenging to manage manually. Coordinating between the schedules of the patient, the hygienist, and the dentist at any given point of time becomes a much simpler, automated process with the appointment scheduling feature that comes with dental software solutions.
  5. Billing, Invoicing and Insurance: Most dental software solutions help you manage your cash flow by staying on top of billing and invoicing. They can process payments, automatically issue bills and payment reminders. They can even process insurance claims.
  6. Patient Portal: Dental software solutions even create a self-service portal for patients where they can update their dental history, manage their appointments and receive documents from the comfort of their homes.
  7. Registration and Documentation: All documents such as progress notes, prescriptions, those related to the patient’s medical history are stored electronically. The front desk staff can use the dental software to register patients and build their file with all the relevant information automatically.
  8. Electronic Prescriptions: Patients can request prescription refills. Dentists can write and issue prescriptions electronically saving the patient an unnecessary visit.

Advantages of Dental Practice Management Software

Dental software solutions have not only helped dentists but they have also improved the customer experience. Here are some of the few benefits of using dental clinic software,

  • Minimized Human Error Dental software is designed to digitize and automate repetitive manual tasks which eliminates much human intervention and thereby reduces the scope of human error and improves productivity.
  • Digital Billing When billing and invoicing goes digital, it can help you keep a better track of your bills and also your cash flow.
  • Patient Experience When your operations become efficient, it also creates value for your patients. Automated reminders and alerts are just one example of how patients benefit from one of the many features of dental clinic software.
  • Records Management With dental management software, you can create files of new and existing customers and maintain a log of their medical history.
  • Workflow Automation Dental software solutions can automate a wide range of tasks right from attendance to visitations to billing. Most tasks are streamlined and can be managed efficiently with just a click of a button.

Dentists are no longer booked in advance and patients are no longer happy with an average level of service. The best dental management software can make all the difference between an efficient practice and a disorganized one. The list mentions the very best dental software in the market today. Choose one wisely.

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