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Best Virtual Webinar Software

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We all have been a part of a video conferencing at least once in our life. Even if not, we have seen people on video conferencing sharing conversation, documents, and other data. These video calls and meetings are usually held over internet-based software. For video connect to take place, both the parties must have the same webinar software installed on their system.

What is Webinar Software?

An abbreviated form of a web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, workshop, lecture, or seminar that is conducted over the web or internet with the help of video conferencing software. The virtual webinar software exchanges the data and information in real time and hence is one of the most seek software by the corporates.

Webinar software is loaded with webinar tools, that is, tools that are part of virtual webinar software and help in exchange for various information. The webinar tools help easy exchange of data over, audio, video, document sharing, and application exchange.  Supported by updated technology, the webinar tools today also offers live streaming of the session and record the webinar to publish it on youtube channels further.

A webinar can be divided into two parts:

  1. Live Webinar

Live webinars are those that take place in real time. They are usually used for internal team communication/meetings or with the audience to have an interaction between the business and the audience and take sessions, such as live Q & A session.

These are usually web-based or cloud-based webinar software. A cloud-based webinar is based on cloud technology and has enormous data space with sharing done in real time. They are highly secure and encrypt data transmission over the server.

  1. Pre-recorded webinars

Pre-recorded webinars are usually the video recordings uploaded with informational content. Unlike a live webinar, they aren’t interactive and only talks about the business and the information they want to circulate. However, they have an advantage over Live webinars in terms of a replay of the video and hence can be played over multiple times.

Key features of Webinar Software

With many webinar software available in the market, the best one is chosen based on the available features. Following are few of the common webinar solutions available in the market:

  • Multiple Presenter can be present online at a single time
  • Video file sharing over a single platform
  • Live chat for all the attendees
  • Screen sharing in real time
  • Option to play pre-recorded videos
  • Conference option for viewers to attend the live video
  • Cross-linking of the software with the social media networks
  • Attendees can have live Q & A sessions, Polls, and feedback forms
  • Calendar scheduling and invites
  • Text communication via chat
  • Sharing and Downloading of files and other material

Corporates buying enterprise webinar solutions are also provided with additional features of linking it to the external applications, such as CRM Platforms and Email Marketing Tools.

What are the benefits of using Webinar Software?

A webinar being the real-time video conferencing software is loaded with numerous benefit for the business. With the help of the webinar, a business can anywhere conduct a meeting and conferences, therefore cutting down the need for a physical presence at the office.

Following are few of the benefits of a virtual webinar software:

  • Live chat and interaction between the attendees and host and attendees. This improves internal communication and lets everyone in the room participate effectively. For a webinar with the presence of the audience, it allows the host to interact with the audience in the real-time.
  • Live presence of an individual always adds more value to the content. Webinar solutions help the host connect with the audience with the virtual presence made physical over a live video call.
  • Webinars can be recorded for future use. It can also be used as a marketing tool to market the business interaction with the live audience hence promoting the sensitivity of business towards the mass. It can also be further used in workshops and seminars so as to explain the company process.
  • Since there is a limited place in the meeting room and everyone can’t be accommodated, webinar cuts down this limitation and welcomes everyone on-board and seek the input of the individuals over the same.
  • Less the travel cost involved in traveling of individuals from one place to another for the meeting, more cost saving it is for the company.
  • The automated webinar software is pre-recorded online webinars that can be hosted anytime and anywhere with the minimum number of resources involved. The automated webinar software is called so as they help record the video and can be accessed anytime, unlike live streaming.
  • Easy to share minutes of the meeting and other information post meeting. Important documents can also be shared during the meeting without any hustle.

With above-listed benefits of a webinar, it can be utilized as a classic face-to-face seminar for institutes and corporates. Teaching content can be shared with a large number of students through pre-recorded webinars, this content could be, class lecture recordings, Q & A sessions, study material sharing, Live text chat, etc. Online seminars play a major role in e-learning. Distance learning programs are all based on webinars – recorded and Live Lectures.

For corporates, the best Webinar software plays the following roles:

  • Press Conferences
  • Presentation of products
  • Meetings
  • Software training courses
  • Online interviews with multiple candidates
  • Lead generation and sales

Market trends of using Webinar Software

Webinars are the most widely accepted and adopted software for addressing the mass. It can be used from institutes to businesses to corporates for multiple purposes. While an educator uses it to reach for a wider audience of students, a business utilize webinar for conducting meetings remotely, training and updating employees.

Following are the most seek marketing trends of virtual webinar software:

  • Webinar as a marketing and sales tool

The best webinar software act as a marketing and sales tool for the business. It’s the part of the brand’s marketing strategy and helps them to grow by sharing the information over recorded videos on platforms such as their website and youtube. They can be successfully used by solopreneurs, small businesses, and startups. Requesting registrations on webinars helps increase the email list and engage the interested audience to significantly grow the business by virtual presence. This engagement and data can be further used to pitch-in the products and services.

  • Free Content to increase Email Data 

While webinars make sure to pitch in with the sales dialogue at the end. It’s difficult for businesses to create and follow a no-pitch webinar, based on the e-mail list. The companies offer freebies in the form of the webinar with the content such as lessons of marketing, upcoming trends in marketing, investment trends, etc, based on the interest of the target audience. These webinars are available to download on the successful registration of the user. Hence, creating a database for the company.

The main focus of such webinars is to focus on relationship building and provide the content that adds value rather than focusing on the sales pitch-in.

  • Live Q & A sessions  

Another benefit of using a webinar is to conduct an interactive Live Q & A session for your audience to have a smooth conversation virtually. Such webinars can be recorded over automated webinar software and can be used to answer the audience’s question about the product/services. A product demonstration can also be provided over the video. 

The best webinar software automates the process in the Live Q & A session, that is, adding new joiners in the chat and updating in the real-time, entertaining text messages in the video, automating the quality and reach of the video, recording the Live video so it can be used later, etc.  

Besides businesses, this feature can also be used by independent artists, authors, film-makers, etc., and can be used to seek audience input for the next art piece.

  • Live Training sessions  

If you have a remote team, the webinar is one of the best ways to train them. The training and development team can train the sales team, located at some other location, the software training by the IT team can be conducted remotely, etc.  

With the use of top webinar software, these webinars can be recorded and circulated so as to avoid costing involved in conducting the training every time with the mass. For all the missing candidates in the meeting, these recorded videos are beneficial.

Bottom Line

No matter what type of business you’re in, a webinar used properly can not only help with an appealing online presence but also increase the sales two-fold. With all the listed benefits and features, a business must opt for a top webinar software that fulfills the business needs while connecting your audience well with the product, establishing an experience and reaching your business sales goals Under technical requirements, a webinar software only needs a webinar platform, Camera, Microphone, and internet connection. For the businesses with a budget constraint, youtube is the best platform to host a webinar for free.

Now since you know what a webinar is, you’re ready to create one!

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