Best Customer Satisfaction Software

Best customer satisfaction software is Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Surveylegend, CustomerGauge, and Zendesk. It aids in determining how demands and replies are developed and provided in accordance with consumer expectations.

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List of 20 Best Customer Satisfaction Software

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Emergents | 2023

Customer experience tool that helps small business

Tidio is customer happiness software which offers live chat enhanced with chatbots. To interact with your consumers and increase sales with exceptional rapid service, Tidio blends live chat and chatbot technologies. While AI-powered chatbots engage your consumers in real-time, a readily accessible live chat widget makes your business available around-the-clock so you can increase sales. Read Tidio Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management system that offers customized capabilities to create knowledge bases, online communities, and customer care portals. This customer satisfaction software provides a front-end portal that can be customized, live chat capabilities, and interaction with useful programs like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Read Zendesk Reviews

The industry's first context-aware help desk

A cloud-based help desk solution that is suitable for enterprises of all sizes, Zoho Desk is developed by the Zoho Corporation. Zoho Desk is a satisfaction software that enables businesses to provide enduring customer experiences, streamline agent productivity, and simplify customer support operations. Some of the key features are customer support portal, , report production, contract administration and ticket management for customer assistance. Read Zoho Desk Reviews

Software by SalesForce Inc.

You can provide service to every customer, whenever and anywhere, thanks to Service Cloud. With the help of Service Cloud's customer satisfaction software for enterprises and small businesses, companies may enable their core team to provide connected, effective, and scalable services. Users may streamline workflows, automate service procedures, and locate essential content to help customer service representatives. Read Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews

Cloud-based Customer Support Software

Freshdesk is one of the best customer satisfaction software that has been developed to simplify and enhance customer assistance. Online businesses frequently use its top-notch and economical features to boost consumer self-service and the general productivity of their support teams. You can serve consumers on contemporary messaging platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, social media, and more with Freshchat. Read Freshdesk Reviews

Software by HappyFox Inc.

HappyFox is a cloud-based CRM tool that offers help desk and ticketing solutions to businesses in various sectors, including energy, retail, media and publishing, travel and tourism, education, travel, and many more. Your website & email accounts are integrated with HappyFox, a satisfaction software to make sure that all support inquiries are gathered. Read HappyFox Reviews

Software by Help Scout

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product called Help Scout skillfully blends customer service and customer experience management (CRM) components into a single platform. A unique customer happiness platform, Help Scout was created to expand teams to provide best-in-class customer assistance. When you sign up, you have access to a variety of tools that were all created with the goal of providing customer support. Read Help Scout Reviews

Software by Kayako Ltd.

Kayako’s cloud-based customer service platform combines different support channels like email, live chat, and phone calls. Users may handle multi-channel customer assistance that aids with internal and external communication. By integrating every client interaction with your company into their help desk support ticketing system, Kayako is a customer satisfaction software that provides your agents with a centralized, user-friendly visualization of the whole customer experience. Read Kayako Reviews

Software by Intercom

Through efficient messaging and automation, Intercom Support makes contextual appearances in your app, website, or product. This customer happiness software enables better consumer and support team experiences. Intercom provides a platform for customer engagement and communication for businesses of all sizes across various sectors. Teams are able to interact with and support their consumers through a variety of channels. Read Intercom Reviews

A fully-featured help desk software

For small and medium-sized e-commerce firms, LiveAgent is one of the best customer satisfaction software and an online help desk solution. Their inbuilt live chat is a versatile and well-liked option for client contact. The platform provides standalone or in-suite apps for live chat, online self-service portals, change and license management, & ticket management. Read LiveAgent Reviews

Most Reviewed

Customer Support Software built for B2B technology

Beyond efficient ticket administration, TeamSupport offers an omnichannel experience that promotes internal team cooperation and streamlines customer support activities, enabling teams to continuously provide great customer service. This customer satisfaction software from TeamSupport gives you the resources required to completely comprehend and satisfy the needs of your consumers. Learn more about TeamSupport

Emergents | 2023

CSAT, CES 2.0 and Net Promoter Score software

Numerous teams at organizations, including Microsoft, Hubspot, Lenovo, and Buffer, use Nicereply to measure and enhance the caliber of their client experiences. Customers are free to be honest and open about their opinions, whether positive and negative. A platform for managing the customer experience, Nicereply is a customer satisfaction survey software that is used to calculate the Customer Effort Score, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Satisfaction Score. Learn more about Nicereply

Build conversational surveys of any type, for any

A cloud-based customer experience product, SurveySparrow is a satisfaction software that enables companies of all sizes to build interesting feedback surveys. By using surveys created just for them, SurveySparrow assists you in measuring staff motivation. You can assess employees' levels of engagement, job happiness, and workplace advantages. Read SurveySparrow Reviews

Software by Qualtrics LLC

Qualtrics is one of the best customer satisfaction software and experience management software. You may conduct surveys, feedback, and polls utilizing a variety of distribution methods thanks to Qualtrics. Reports with the results are available for viewing and downloading. Businesses can easily collaborate with other users. Businesses can also share surveys and results in a simple manner. Learn more about Qualtrics

Software by Medallia Inc

The software platform from Medallia offers sharp insights to enhance the customer, contact center, employee, and digital experiences. Cross-channel data is organized by Medallia, combining digital behavior with immediate feedback, social media, and operational insights for a comprehensive perspective. Medallia is a customer happiness software platform that can be used for video, social, text, chat, speech, and online feedback. Read Medallia Reviews

Software by GetFeedback, Inc

The GetFeedback platform enables teams to swiftly analyze consumer feedback gathered via both traditional and digital sources, wherever they are. The rich design interface of GetFeedback makes it exceedingly simple to create eye-catching, straightforward feedback surveys. GetFeedback, a customer satisfaction software, makes it simple to respond to changing client needs and provide experiences that distinguish you from the competition. Learn more about GetFeedback

Software by SurveyMonkey

You can design and manage expert online surveys with the aid of SurveyMonkey's online survey software. This customer satisfaction survey software is a well-known and effective cloud-based online survey application. With the help of SurveyMonkey's survey tools, it's simple to design and share meaningful surveys. It allows you to construct bespoke surveys quickly, analyze the findings, and export the information to outside programs. Read SurveyMonkey Reviews

Software by CustomerGauge

Customer Guage is the powerful tool that monitors all your customer activities and gives you a valuable feedback. It manages all tasks with ease and it has multiple features, such as Optimized Survey Builder, Multi-Channel Feedback, Powerful Analytics, Real-time Follow-Up, Digital Signage, and so on. Learn more about CustomerGauge

Software by ReviewTrackers

Award-winning customer satisfaction survey software ReviewTrackers assists businesses in learning useful information about their clients. Review gathering, notifications, monitoring, competition tracking, review widgets, performance analytics, and email and SMS review requests are among the key features. Online reviews are gathered by ReviewTrackers from more than 100 independent review sites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Learn more about ReviewTrackers

Software by AskNicely

AskNicely is a customer happiness software that enables service providers to gauge the impact on their bottom line, inspire frontline staff, and measure the customer experience. Users of AskNicely have the option of automatically collecting daily customer feedback or special event and time-related comments. Users have the ability to customize survey wording, logos, domain names, and languages. Read AskNicely Reviews

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Customer Satisfaction Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
CloudTalk 4.8(44 Reviews) $25 User/Month/Billed Annually Yes Learn More
LiveAgent 4.8(43 Reviews) $9 Agent/Month Yes Learn More
SurveyLegend 4.7(42 Reviews) $0 User/For ever Yes Learn More
NinjaChat 4.9(25 Reviews) $15 Per Month No Learn More
Freshdesk 4.5(24 Reviews) $0 Per Month No Learn More

FAQs of Customer Satisfaction Software

Customer satisfaction software is a system that allows organisations to track customer contentment levels by generating formalised reports based on customer satisfaction surveys.

Last Updated: July 13, 2023