Best Market Research Software

Best market research software includes QuestionPro, Audience Project, Checker, Custom Panels & Portals, and Liveminds. Such market research tools help businesses understand market trends and customer behavior.

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List of 20 Best Market Research Software

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All-in-one influencer marketing platform

BuzzGuru is a renowned market research analysis software. BuzzGuru is the complete creative management platform that helps users establish, develop, and expand influencer connections on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok. BuzzGuru is the complete creative management platform. It offers agencies and brands insightful information on the performance of influencers and rival brands' campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok. Read BuzzGuru Reviews

Software by SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the best market research software. Through simple-to-create surveys, SurveyMonkey enables businesses to collect useful data from their team, clients, or target audience. It also provides pre-written survey questions and templates. It makes creating and distributing surveys easier, helps gather insightful data, and enables you to make data-driven decisions. The user interface is simple, and its analytical tools are effective. Read SurveyMonkey Reviews

Software by Tableau

Tableau is effective software for marketing research. It assists marketers in seeing and comprehending data. Users can connect to their technological platforms, enable logical marketing analytics, combine their data, and report on and distribute the things that matter most in real-time. It assists users in producing a variety of graphs, maps, dashboards, and stories and analyze data to aid in business decision-making. Read Tableau Reviews

Software by Qualtrics LLC

Qualtrics CORE XM offers useful market research software tools. Businesses can get in-depth analysis from Qualtrics CoreXM using data from surveys, questionnaires, and other tools. The primary research tool for designing, implementing, and evaluating survey projects is Qualtrics CoreXM. With CoreXM, businesses can integrate disparate or outsourced activities into a comprehensive, end-to-end platform for all the information they want to acquire and put into practice. Learn more about Qualtrics CORE XM

Customer & User Feedback Software

Qualaroo is online market research software. Qualaroo's integration with Google Analytics and other analytical tools is straightforward. Every lead is stored with information related to its source to improve data analytics. Businesses can utilize the surveys' calls to action to target these leads. With Qualaroo, businesses can quickly poll particular consumers in their context as they interact with brands, products, or services. Read Qualaroo Reviews

Build conversational surveys of any type, for any

Survey Sparrow is a renowned market research software company. Businesses may acquire precise information about market behaviour, consumer trends, and competition with solid market research survey software. As a result, businesses can decide how best to introduce a new product or enhance an already successful one. Businesses can boost their lead generation and conversion rates by elevating their marketing experience. Read SurveySparrow Reviews

Online Survey making has never been easy

ProProfs Survey Maker is SaaS-based marketing research software that aids businesses in designing engaging and personalized feedback surveys using themes that have been expertly created. ProProfs survey creator provides an excellent survey design to obtain more precise data.  Businesses may either utilize a pre-made survey or design a bespoke survey that makes it simple for them to gauge client loyalty and satisfaction levels. Read ProProfs Survey Maker Reviews

Emergents | 2024

QuestionPro is a customer research software that makes it easier to both design and distribute various survey formats. It is a web-based survey creation and distribution tool. Online surveys, polls, questionnaires, and quizzes may be created, distributed, and analyzed with this user-friendly software. Businesses can utilize the sophisticated capabilities of QuestionPro to totally customize the survey experience and run in-depth analyses. Read QuestionPro Reviews

Software by Snap Surveys Ltd

Snap Surveys provides a survey management and experience-measuring platform. This market research platform enables configurable reporting, advanced analytics, and feedback management. With Snap Surveys, consumers may do surveys from gadgets of their choice, including smartphones, tablets, and kiosks. The program also includes online surveys, which users may create using templates that are configurable and distributed to audiences using a custom URL. Read Snap Surveys Reviews

Customer Experience Software by Confirmit

Confirmit is a customer research software that collects crucial business information on clients, markets, and workers and aids business expansion. Confirmit is an extensive platform that gives users the ability to design, implement, control, and evaluate the outcomes of research projects and feedback initiatives. Users can build, deploy, manage, and analyze the outcomes of research projects and feedback using Confirmit's scalable end-to-end platform. Learn more about Confirmit

Software by Voxco

Voxco Online is a multichannel survey software that allows for on-demand data collection. This is one of the best market research software. A strong questionnaire editor that enables an engaging look and feel, robust behind-the-scenes logic, and dynamic multimedia can help users increase survey efficiency. One of the most comprehensive and adaptable survey software platforms is provided by Voxco. Learn more about Voxco Survey

Software by Widgix, LLC

SurveyGizmo is a straightforward and convenient market research software. The finest feature offered for the reporting system, email invitations, supporting quizzes, and templates is its online survey tools. With a feature-rich UI and a fair amount of convenience, SurveyGizmo's users are able to execute complicated jobs. Businesses can easily build a continuous feedback loop into their company by enabling users to develop surveys, payment forms, quizzes, online forms, and more. Learn more about Alchemer

Mobile-ready Surveys, Forms and Polls

With SurveyLegend, a software for marketing research, users can design surveys and gather information in a completely safe and secure digital setting from any location at any time. Users of the service can design surveys that are mobile-friendly, manage survey questionnaires, alter the questions, and monitor answers. Additionally, the solution provides several field possibilities, including text-based comment boxes and sliders for rating options.   Read SurveyLegend Reviews

Powered by 48petabytes of storage

Ahrefs is a widely used market research analysis software. It is an exhaustive SEO toolkit for boosting website performance and enhancing search traffic. Ahrefs searches the internet, collects a ton of data, and makes it accessible via an easy-to-use user interface. Link building, competitor analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, and site auditing features are all included in the SEO software suite. Read Ahrefs Reviews

Software by Survata

Survata is a marketing research software with several features created for startups and SMEs. Survata offers complete solutions made for web apps. API, Customizable Templates, Data Analysis Tools, Mobile Survey, Question Library, Skip Logic, Support Audio/Images/Video, and Survey Builder are a few of the features that are available. Learn more about Survata

Software by BuzzSumo

A cloud-based online market research software called BuzzSumo can assist users in finding the finest engagement, content, and outreach options on social media and search. While keeping an eye on crucial matters, businesses can also discover fresh keywords, customer inquiries, popular articles, and successful content strategies. Content marketers use it to brainstorm content ideas, audit their content libraries, and assess the competitive landscape. Learn more about BuzzSumo

Generate high-quality traffic with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest provides useful market research software tools. One of the best keyword research tools for developing content and keyword ideas is provided by this program. Among the many advantages this all-in-one SEO tool may offer businesses is the ability to watch their rank daily, analyze competitors, and audit websites. Ubersuggest provides outstanding analytics on traffic, keywords, and on-page SEO by gathering information from Google's API. Read Ubersuggest Reviews

Software by Checkbox Survey

Checkbox is a reputable market research platform that is offered as hosted subscription software or on-premises software. It is suitable for use by individuals, teams, and businesses. Checkbox offers all the necessary survey elements at a reasonable cost. Businesses can create professionally branded surveys, send and monitor invitations, and analyze results. With advanced developer tools, API access, and optional source code, users can further customize Checkbox. Read Checkbox Survey Reviews

Online visibility management and content marketing

Semrush is a well-known SaaS platform with a focus on Google Ad campaign optimization, competitor research, and keyword research. Semrush is comprehensive market research analysis software used for increasing web presence and learning about marketing trends. SEO, SMM, Marketing Insights, PPC, PR, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, and Campaign Management are all services that the tools and reports from Semrush can assist marketers with. Read Semrush Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by Typeform

Leverage the data collection process by implementing mighty aid of Typeform, the leading form automation software. You can easily create need-based forms, polls, and surveys with the help of this innovative online form software. Read Typeform Reviews


In this rapidly growing world of business, staying informed and aware of innovations is what makes companies or individuals stay competitive and make vital decisions. Market research is the key to success.

Through market research, companies are enabled to get to know their customers' behavior, identify new trends, and keep up with them.

The main goal of market research is achieving new heights, which is impractical without the help of technology. They are the cornerstone of market research software. Through these platforms, the collecting, analyzing, and interpreting aspects are done.

What is Market Research Software?

Market research software is a professional tool for making the processes of conducting market research easier and simplified. Implementing market research in a business strategy is an essential part as the collection and analysis of data is indispensable for keeping up with market trends and finding the best solution for your business.

It is a central hub for gaining both qualitative and quantitative data from different sources, which can include social media insights, competitor information, surveys, customer feedback, and so on.

Online market research software is a useful platform for organizations who look to gain a better comprehension of their markets, competitors, and customers. Thanks to its versatile capabilities, businesses are able to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date.

How Does Marketing Research Software Work?

Marketing research software is the cornerstone of modern marketing. It gives businesses an opportunity to dig deeper into their customer’s behavior and notice new chances.

Understanding how market research software companies work is vital for keeping up with trends in this competitive world. So, let's sail through the inner operations of the software.

  1. One of the market research software tools is data collection. This is the first step in market research. The data can be collected from a variety of sources through surveys, online forms, web scraping, social media monitoring, questionnaires, and so on. Market research software companies enable us with tools for creating and sharing surveys and, by doing so, accessing useful information from segmented audiences.
  2. The next step after collecting data is data analysis. Marketing research software has tools for arranging, cleaning, and assembling data for analysis. Users can carry out statistical analysis, data visualization, and generate reports as well in order to get access to information.
  3. A beneficial step in market research is competitor analysis. Thankfully, many market research software provides us with the needed tools for monitoring and analyzing competitor actions.
  4. Competitor analysis is an umbrella term for tracking competitors’ market share, products and their launches, pricing strategies, and getting their competitors’ customer reviews to be a step forward from them.
  5. As we talked about above, one of the goals of market research is getting insights into market trends and tracking them. Trend identification helps companies have a good knowledge of whatever is going on in their industry, how their customer behavior changed or may change, and the opportunities they can have.
  6. Defining a targeted audience is an essential part of marketing research as well. The main reason is that it helps in targeting segmented audiences. Brand research software makes it possible to define the right segmentation on the information of different points, for example, purchasing behavior, demographics, and psychographics.
  7. Companies use market research analysis software to rate the size of their market and get insights into future developments and possible growth. Having this information about market sizes on hand will help in making sensible decisions about market entry, expansion, and future growth.
  8. Market research software enables to collection of customer feedback through online reviews or surveys. It is good for developing services and products.
  9. There are reporting features as well in many market research platforms, thanks to which it is possible to create beautiful and appealing presentations or reports.
  10. As technologies advance, many market research software companies offer solutions for cloud-based platforms as they enhance access to data from every point of the world with an internet connection. This actually strengthens the feeling of trust between team members and guarantees data security.

Who Uses Market Research Software?

Market research software is now an absolutely necessary platform for professionals working in different industries. Its multifunctionality has made it a valuable resource for making decisions at different levels. So, who exactly uses this software?


  1. Marketing professionals

    Marketing professionals are the main users of market research software tools. They use it in order to understand users' preferences and clarify their strategies for better selection.

  2. Product managers

    Product managers often use marketing research platforms as well for identifying any existing market issues or gaps, analyzing their competitor businesses’ offerings, and making better decisions. These insights lead to product development and better strategies.

  3. Business analysts

    Business analysts utilize market research software to estimate market conditions, industry trends, and competitive fields as well. They use this information to make their business processes go more smoothly. Data-driven information enables people and organizations to make sensible decisions, stay updated, and keep up with the competitiveness of the business landscape.

What are the Benefits of Market Research Platforms?

Marketing research software has many benefits for organizations and businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay updated in a fast-paced world. Here are some of the main benefits:


  1. Identify new customers

    These platforms can disclose new potential customer segments and undeveloped markets. This gives an opportunity for enlarging organizations to reach and connect with new customers who are even with their services and products.

  2. Understanding your existing customers

    As a bonus to identifying new customers, the best market research platforms give information about customer behavior, needs, and preferences. Based on this knowledge, organizations hold on to loyal customers and offer them new personalized suggestions.

  3. Developing new and effective strategies

    Equipped with this thorough market knowledge, businesses are able to develop new and effective strategies. By that, we can understand both making better product portfolios, clarifying pricing structures, and crafting new approaches to tailor to customer demands.

  4. Reduce risk factors

    By understanding market dynamics, businesses can perceptively identify and reduce risk factors. This involves market shifts, changing customer preferences, and potential regulatory changes.

  5. Excellent advertising

    Market research software tools supply enough data for creating highly competitive and appealing advertising campaigns. Through comprehension of their customer preferences, needs, and demands, businesses are able to craft advertisements that meet their audience preferences and receive better engagement and results.

What are the Features of the Best Market Research Software?

The best market research software has a thorough and advanced set of features that arm businesses with knowledge of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data in an effective way. Below are mentioned the key features of the best market research software -


  1. Survey creation

    Market research software offers intuitive tools for market research survey creation that meet specific research objectives and support different question types (multiple choice, open-ended, and more). It has pre-designed templates, plus you can create surveys with the WordPress Survey plugin.

  2. Data collection

    Another main feature of research software is data collection. This feature allows surveys to be shared via web forms, emails, mobile devices, and social media. It provides real-time data apprehension and storage to make sure of data integrity.

  3. Data analysis

    Through data analysis, it becomes possible to process, clean, and analyze research data. Market research software offers advanced statistical analysis variations, for example, clustering and factor analysis. It also has data visualization features involving charts and graphs.

  4. Benchmarking

    Market research platforms have benchmarking tools for comparing business performance, market share, and key performance indicators against industry competitors. It provides insights into identifying areas where an organization excels and where it fails in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

  5. Panel management

    Best market research software offers panel management features for building and keeping panels of research participants. It has tools for enlisting, outlining, and engaging with panel members for continuing research projects.

  6. Segmentation

    This is one of the features of market research software as well. The latter has advanced segmentation abilities to divide the target audience into distinct groups relying on different criteria, for example, customer behavior, demographics, location, and so on.

  7. Reporting and analytics

    The last feature to highlight about market research software is the reporting and analytics. The software has comprehensive reporting features to generate specific research reports with adjustable templates. It has interactive dashboards that provide real-time access to key metrics.

How to Choose the Right Market Research Platform?

Choosing the right market research platform is a very important step for organizations and businesses trying to gather useful insights and make strategic decisions. The choosing process includes careful consideration of different factors to make sure of the fact that the chosen software meets your specific research objectives.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right market research platform.


  1. Identify your goals

    Start by defining what you want to achieve with the help of market research. Do you want to understand customer preferences and market trends or check out competitor strategies? Identifying your goals will help you squeeze the options offered by the platform.

  2. Evaluate survey design

    Using the platform’s abilities for survey design as a well-designed survey is essential for creating accurate data. Search for features that let you create personalized surveys tailored to your research objectives.

  3. Integration

    Integration abilities have a key role in efficient market research. Look for a platform that is able to easily integrate with your existing business tools. Integration sets the seal on your research data that businesses can easily share it across departments and use for targeted marketing campaigns.

  4. User reviews

    Another useful source of insights when choosing between market research platforms is user reviews. User reviews provide you with information about the platform’s ease of use, effectiveness, and trustworthiness.

    By following these steps and carefully considering your research requirements, you can make the right decision and choose the platform that suits you best and equips your organization with valuable insights.

What are the Challenges Faced in Market Research Platforms?

Utilizing a market research platform can be a commanding way of gathering insights, but it's certainly not without challenges and problems. Here are some common challenges that businesses may come across when using the platform.


  1. Lengthy onboarding time

    Brand research software often requires a considerable period of onboarding. When it trains team members and gets them up to accelerate, the process of using the platform can be really exhausting as it takes quite a time. It's good to carefully plan and dedicate training efforts to reduce onboarding time.

  2. Expensive uptake of the new product

    Businesses may come across high costs for developing products, marketing, and distribution when applying new products or strategies based on market research results. The high costs can be a challenge. Therefore, businesses should carefully plan the financial implications.

  3. Data transferability

    The process of easily transferring data between different systems and platforms can be quite hard. Organizations may meet some issues in the process of moving data between the market research platform and other tools. Obviously, data transfer processes in an effective way are vital for keeping data accessible.

    Despite these challenges, market research software is still a useful tool for businesses that look to be on the competitive edge. The process of overcoming these challenges may involve a mixture of training, strategic planning, and dedication to utilizing the platform effectively. In the end, the benefits of the market research platform are worth the challenges you may encounter when using it.

Latest Trends in Market Research Software

As you can conclude from the article, the market research platform is continuously improving to tailor to the new standards and demands of businesses and organizations who want to be on the competitive edge.

Here are some of the latest market trends in online market research software.


  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaking up market research. AI-driven algorithms analyze data swiftly and unhide patterns, trends, and all the possible things that could be challenging to do manually.

  2. Automation

    Businesses are increasingly adjusting automated market research tools and processes to ease data collection, analysis, and reporting, as automation is now a cutting edge for market research software. This innovation both improves efficiency and makes sure that the research outcomes are more trustworthy.

  3. Mobile-first smart surveys

    Market research software adjusting to the new preferences of customers as the world becomes increasingly mobile-centric. Mobile-first smart surveys are designed to deliver an easy-to-use and engaging user experience on tablets and smartphones.

  4. Social listening

    As consumers are the base of such software and businesses, in general, market research software is incorporating social listening abilities more and more. Social listening tools give businesses access to follow and analyze trending topics on different social media channels.

  5. Focus on adjacent market competition

    Market research software is shifting from the focus on traditional competitors to adjacent market analysis. By this, we mean following and analyzing competition and trends in such industries that are related to the primary market. This helps businesses with strategic expansion.

How Much Does Market Research Software Cost?

The cost of market research software can differ based on several factors, along with features, functionality,  the provider, as well as the pricing model. There are many key factors that influence the cost of the software.

One of them is software features and functionality, as the range of them that the market research software offers greatly impacts its cost. If the software is basic, then the price will be lower. Basic market research software with limited features may cost between 20-50 $ per month, but if it has advanced features with analytics, competitor analysis, and other specific features, then it will be more expensive.

There are many market research software providers that charge on a per-user basis. The more user licenses you require, the higher the overall cost will be.

The cost depends on the subscription as well. If the software is subscription-based, then you pay a monthly or annual fee. On the other hand, there are software with perpetual licensing, in case of which you make a one-time upfront payment.

Other factors include data volume and usage, customization, additional models and add-ons, support and training, data security and compliances, and many more.

The cost of the software significantly relies on your business objectives, demands, and needs. It's vital to consider all of the factors mentioned above and, after carefully going through all the points, make the most suitable choice.


In this fast-paced world and dynamic landscape, the coming years promise many possibilities in the form of the latest trends in market research software. In this article, we sailed through the always-developing field of market research platforms, where sensible decisions are the key to success.

The best market research software in 2024 will enable organizations to collect, analyze, and gain actionable insights from data. Each software solution suggests unique features and abilities; therefore, choosing the one that fits your objectives the most is the vital step toward unlocking the potential of your market research efforts.


Fortunately, yes! In fact, there are many of them available to help businesses gather and analyze data that is relevant to their industries. Those solutions are designed to give you the needed information, trends, and data that meet your specific demands and challenges of different industries.

There are many methods for data collection that you can use with market research software. For example, surveys and questionnaires, online focus groups, social media listening, website and app analytics, and many more.

There are a variety of tools and software that can integrate with marketing research software in order to improve the functionality and ease the research process. Some common types of software that can integrate with marketing research software are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Analytics and Reporting Tools, Data Visualization Tools, Marketing Automation Software, Email Marketing Platforms, and others.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024