Best Field Force Automation Software

Best field force automation software tools are FieldAssist, ServiceMax, Bizom, Toolyt, FeetPort, and BeatRoute. Such field force management solutions are the real-time tracker of the on-field sales and marketing services.

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List of 20 Best Field Force Automation Software

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#1 CRM & support solution for growing businesses

Salesforce makes it easy for small businesses and startups build stronger client relationships with an all-in-one sales and support solution that is easy to use, setup, and maintain - Best client management software with standard cost. Read Salesforce Reviews

Software by Octopusapp Inc

If you’re looking for a unified platform for scheduling, quotes, client database, invoicing, and more, then Jobber is one of the best client management software solutions available in the market. The professionalism, dedicated support, and on-demand service offered by this cloud-based platform are exceptional. Read Jobber Reviews

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Field Inspection Software & App for Enterprises &

Trusted by many leading brands, Feet Port is one of the best field management software. The field sales app of this field service scheduling software comes with built-in GPRS and system integration which help you to track everything at any point in time. Read URVA Comply Reviews

Emergents | 2023

SalesForce Automation Solution

Activities like order fulfillment, dispatching tracking, and distribution stock management are easy to handle only if you take the help of SaaS services offered by Channel Play, a field service management software. With the help of integrated features of this field service software, you can easily get hold of all your filing activities. Read 1Channel Reviews

Field Force Management Software

FieldEZ has Over 45,000 Field staff use FieldEZ for instant job scheduling, attendance and leave, routing and location tracking, customer billing, CRM, Invoice and Quote and more. Read FieldEZ Reviews

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Best Field Force Automation Software

Toolyt is an intelligent assistant for your field officers which will help field officers to increase their productivity by using custom and event driven workflows. The company can track sales and field operations along with sales personals activities. Read Toolyt Reviews

Software by ServiceMax

Leading Field Service Management Software from ServiceMax. Enterprise field service solutions that transform service organizations globally. ServiceMax provides the first IoT-enabled Cloud platform for smart, proactive field service. Learn more about ServiceMax

Software by Skedulo Holdings, Inc

It intellectually takes care of all your workforce management needs. It manages your employees in the office and at distant places. It schedules their jobs, helps in better data communication, streamlines work, and so on. Learn more about Skedulo

Category Champions | 2023

Best Field Force Management Software

A Sales Force Automation Software solution to help your business achieve its true potential. Modules Include Secondary Sales, Distributor Management(DMS),Primary Sales, Van Sales, Retailer/Dealer App, Modern Trade App. Read SalesDiary Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Best field force automation software

FieldAssist is a SaaS based technology platform transforming route-to-market capabilities of CPG & FMCG companies across the value-chain. Read FieldAssist Reviews

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Most Loved Sales Force Automation Platform

Do effective field configuration with the help of leading field force management software, BeatRoute. The field force management app of this software makes your team more efficient with its comprehensive proprietary algorithms. Learn more about BeatRoute

Software by Rapidsoft Systems, Inc

Field Force Tracker is robust field force automation software. It helps a business dispatch right candidates at the right job location. With it, you can easily get rid of delays & over budgeting. Read Field Force Tracker Reviews

Target Transact Deliver

TraQSuite provides an industry-agnostic platform that helps to reduce the operational cost of distribution, streamline and strengthen the backend operations driven by field workers for an efficient supply chain. Read TraQSuite Reviews



Designed to handle everything from field activity to the HR, IFS offers all-inclusive SaaS services to you. The field force management system simply automates field tracking activities with the help of its automatic system and suite of features and increase your productivity. Read IFS Reviews

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Route Planner for field salespeople

Stop using the conventional field tracking method and enhance the productivity by using field force automation software, Badger Maps. Starting from training to regular work tracking, it will help you all in all situations.  Read Badger Maps Reviews

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Sales Force Automation Software

BIZOM - is an intelligent yet easy to use mobile first sales force automation solution which provides real time communication and powerful analytics for Sales, Distribution, Strategy, HR and Branding and have proven record of increasing productivity by over 70%. Read Bizom Reviews

Sales Force Automation Software

The Salestrip is an ultimate cloud-based Pharma/FMCG sales force automation software. You can enjoy seamless connectivity across the multiple layers and hierarchies of your sales team and get real-time updates, and notification. Read Salestrip SFA Reviews

Most Reviewed

Field Employee Tracking and Sales Management

Delta Sales App is a Field Sales Automation & Employee Tracking App designed for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and companies who have field employees. With features like order reporting, customer management, employee tracking, attendance, beat planning and many more, it helps companies in increasing customer engagements, enhancing efficiency of field force, and reducing administrative tasks, which thereby boosts sales. Read DeltaSalesApp Reviews

Aapka Apna Field partner

FieldWeb could be a SaaS platform, simple to use on computers and mobile. With FieldWeb permits you to enhance the productivity of your field hands. It permits you to manage your company’s customers, inventory, and finances from the. Read FieldWeb Reviews


Software by CBO ERP Limited

CBO is a best, cost effective and flexible Pharma SFA for Indian pharmaceutical companies. Software is capable of importing and exporting existing data from all the other billing and inventory software and can also be integrated with in TALLY. Read CBO Reviews

What is Field Force Automation Software?

Field force automation system software is intelligently designed software to monitor, administer, and streamline any company's workforce on the field. Field force management software automates the operations of your sales team, contraction team, and any other on-field group and allows you to keep a strict vigil over them.  Also known as FFA, field service software captures the live activity of your team with real-time data and accuracy.

Field services are one of the toughest areas to keep an eye on and streamline. As your workforce is spread all over, communicating with them is daunting. This is an area where work management using spreadsheet and Microsoft PowerPoint fail.

Benefits of Field Force Automation Software

Managing a diskless workforce is a tough nut for any organization. As they are constantly on-move, it becomes hard to track their activities. Despite the complexity of the task, you can’t ignore it, as doing so will lead to unproductiveness and poor revenue generation.  Field force automation software will help you to reduce the probability of both conditions by keeping a regress check over all the activity of your field force. The benefits of field service software for an organization are vast and widespread. An organization could benefit in numerous ways by intelligently using field force management software.

  1. Field force management software will help you track frontline workers' activity irrespective of location:

    The frontline workers, like on-site sales, construction, and marketing teams, are the main factors that decide how much revenue an organization can generate. Their importance increases by manifolds as they work and deal directly with the potential customers and work area.  It is more than essential for any organization to ensure the streamlined functioning of its frontline worker force. Alongside this, every organization must ensure that the frontline workers are a tag along with the industry’s work standards and compliance. Their on-site location becomes a potential hurdle to achieving all these objectives. Marketing automation software will help you to do this effortlessly with the help of its various communication channels. You can easily track the activity of your frontline worker by using a bi-flowing communication channel offered by field service software.

  2. Automation software provides you a data-driven efficiency:

    Any organization's major issue while managing its field force is where to send them and what to collect. What all tools and techniques are required on the site, and what action needs to be taken?  With the help of the field force management app, you can easily gain thoughtful insight into all these factors. The field force management software has all the data stored in its system and provides you with real-time details about the locations and their nearby vicinity. When you have all the whereabouts of the area, you can easily plan a working strategy based on the need of the place. Alongside this, a field management system will help you to do an intelligent distribution of all your resources. All these actions, when done simultaneously, increase your efficiency leading to high revenue generation and sales figures.

  3. Field force management software helps you to make better and more timely decisions:

    When a part of your manpower is working at the live project site, they come up with many real-time situations which were not predicted earlier.  Making any decision in such a scenario becomes difficult for any to-management as they are not truly present. Marketing automation software will provide you with a platform from where you can continuously observe, administer and review the work situation of your field force without even going there. This helps you make the optimal decision at the right time.

  4. Tactical resource distribution by a field service software:

    The right use of resources is one such factor that determines the success of any organization. While doing so is easy in an office, you will struggle to achieve with your field force.  As field force automation software comes with an automated system and mobile phone support, you can easily distribute the leads, data, and tools to your team members.

  5. Easy accessibility to the data center:

    A field force automation software serves you as an all-inclusive platform where all your data regarding team, leads, resources, and various other factors would be stored safely and securely. Alongside it cloud-based integration and mobile support, it allows you and your team to have access to the administrative data center at any point in time. This easy accessibility to ted at the center boosts your organization's efficiency.

  6. The automated operating system of field force management software helps you to omit errors from your operations:

    As the operating system of marketing automation software is fully automated, it easily eliminates errors and delays while executing any operation. Furthermore, the full automation of all your field force tasks also helps you reduce the operation cost. When a single software can handle all the functions, you will likely hire less man force.

  7. Task optimization is easy with automation software

    When allocating a task to any professional, it is very important to choose the right candidate and set the right time frame as well. By providing you with a detailed analysis of the task and your workforce, field force management software helps you to do this without much brainstorming.

Features of Field Force Management System

The field force automation software has been designed to leverage any organization's field force and is considered one of the most vital tools to manage the workforce at live locations.  The automation software comes as an integrated suite of various features. The major components of a field management system are:

  1. Workflow Management: 

    With the help of this automated feature of your field management software, you can easily do effective and conscious workflow management within a team. This feature has various pre-installed workflow templates to set instructions and manuals for any job.

  2. Task Timeline:

    When a part of your workforce is active on the site, completing the task as per the set deadlines is essential. This feature of Field Automation Software allows the user to set task and project-based timeline allotment.

  3. GPS Tracking:

    This feature is an important feature of any marketing automation software as it provides the right location for your workforce on the field. The feature helps you know the work area well and allows you to get ready to crew accordingly. The real-time tracking offered by this feature is useful for tracking the activities happening at the location without visiting it.

  4. Track Records:

    You can easily generate detailed reports about the resources used and task status with the help of this feature of field force management software.

  5. Mobile-attendance Register:

    Ensuring the availability of your workforce at the work location is important to ensure the timely completion of the task. The mobile attendance register feature of Field Force Automation Software helps you to have an insight of your available workforce.

  6. Automatic Task Allocation:

    Allocating the right task to the right candidate makes a huge difference. It can be achieved effortlessly with the help of these features offered by your field management system.

  7. Inventory Management:

    The feature will help you to maintain your inventory and stock records time-to-time. Automating inventory management reduces errors while conducting audits and saves a lot of time. This feature of marketing automation software is also helpful from an advanced resource management point of view.

11 Best Field Force Automation Software

Nothing can replace human presence. Not for a few decades, at least! So if you have a force of dynamic salespersons working relentlessly to bring in sales and grow your customer base, the sky’s the limit for you. But is your sales brigade performing as per expectations? Are you able to monitor their activities, performance, and results?

If you are doubtful about the answer, you must make an effort to optimize field force management. What can you do? You can deploy field force solutions to manage, track, and optimize field force management.

  1. DeltaSalesApp

    DeltaSalesApp is a well-designed, feature-rich field force automation software that assists manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers in effectively managing sales orders. The solution offers plenty of advantages, including saving employees’ time by automating the order-taking process, providing rich insights into employees’ performance, and allowing employees to spend more time with customers and in productive work.


    1. Order Automation
    2. Customer Management
    3. Attendance & GPS Tracking
    4. Beat planning & Customer Visits
    5. Payment Collection Management
    6. Stocktaking
    7. Activity Management


    • DeltaSalesApp charges based on the clients’ requirements. Click here to find out how much the service will cost you.


    DeltaSalesApp is a sophisticated field sales monitoring app that can run offline, assuring optimum productivity. Moreover, the system is quite simple to set up and configure, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

  2. FieldAssist

    More than 250 leading consumer brands trust FieldAssist when it comes to field force management. Real-time and automated functioning of this field force automation software is significant in boosting efficiency and productivity of the sales department. The data-driven approach lets you dive deeper into business insights.


    • Manager App for end-to-end sales management
    • Dashboard for intelligent analytics and insights
    • SFA App for increasing productivity of the field force
    • Feed and measure the KPIs


    • Request a quote from the company. The pricing depends on your requirements.


    FieldAssist is exclusively designed for FMCG, CPG, and apparel industries. It is capable of completely automating the field force management, thereby, ensuring maximum productivity.

  3. ServiceMax

    Named as the Leader in Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management fourth time in a row, ServiceMax claims to make your technicians 19 percent more productive and increase customer satisfaction by 11 percent. ServiceMax provides field management and asset management solutions for manufacturers and service providers.


    • Intelligent scheduling, dispatching, and tracking
    • Organized work order management
    • Secure, real-time communication
    • Complete equipment records on Installed Base
    • Efficient logistics management
    • Incorporate preventive maintenance management


    • Contact ServiceMax service provider for pricing details. You can schedule a demo as well


    ServiceMax Go is the dedicated mobile app for this field service management software. Besides facilitating complete workflow management, it supports seamless collaboration, configuration, and customization.

  4. Bizom

    Bizom’s credibility is evident from the fact Bizom was named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Sales Force Automation, receiving an incredible 4.6 out of 5 overall customer rating. From optimizing work order management to inventory management, Bizom field force automation software handles every aspect easily and efficiently.


    • Real-time tracking and management
    • Real-time data capture and BI
    • Intelligent reporting and analytics
    • Attendance management


    For Field Force Tracking and Activities Management

    • Starter: $15 per user per month (1-250 users)
    • Pro: $13.5 per user per month (250-1000 users)
    • Enterprise: $12 per user per month (1000+ users)


    Bizom’s Retailer App ensures direct contact between the brand and the retailer. Engage with retailers to manage commerce, communicate seamlessly, and optimize the complete sales channel.

  5. Toolyt

    Toolyt boasts of launching the world’s first intelligent personal assistant for the field force. It assists officers in making the best use of the opportunity by utilizing the right skill set and tactics. Further, it facilitates seamless communication at all levels. Automation is a key component of Toolyt field force automation software.


    • Field force management with sales force automation, training, and collaboration
    • Geo-intelligence and automatic task allocation
    • AI-powered and third-party business intelligence
    • KPI-driven productivity analysis


    • To avail pricing details, you can contact the company’s representative. They will also arrange a demo for you.


    Mobile-friendly, human-friendly, AI-based Personal Assistant is available for field officers. The intelligent functioning renders the right information and tools at the right time and the right place, ultimately, boosting productivity.

  6. FeetPort

    With more than 748 features and extremely affordable pricing, FeetPort field force automation software is one of the foremost considerations of the companies looking to manage their sales force. It pays emphasis on each and every aspect related to sales and customer management. It is the perfect companion of salespersons who are always on their toes.


    • Customer order management
    • Capturing geo-tagged media
    • Auto task management
    • Mobile POS
    • Target/goals management


    It offers an 11-day free trial. Pricing options are as follows:

    • Clump: $3 per user per month
    • Crew: $7 per user per month
    • Crowd: $10 per user per month
    • Club: $14 per user per month


    Creating digital forms is the USP of FeetPort software. Customize innumerable fields, enable QR code, barcode, NFC tags, and much more. It works seamlessly on both computer and mobile device.

  7. BeatRoute

    Whether you are a sales rep or a delivery agent, or a product promoter, you ought to check out BeatRoute field force automation software. More than 1,00,000 users bestow their trust upon BeatRoute to manage day-to-day sales processes like route mapping, customer profiling, work order management, and so on.


    • Smart customer profiling
    • GPS-based field coverage
    • Intelligent order management
    • Delivery management
    • POS management
    • Integration with CRM solutions


    A free 21-day trial period is available. Add-on packs also available. BeatRoute pricing is as follows:

    • Free: 0$ per user per month
    • Starter: $8.5 per user per month
    • Business: $12.5 per user per month
    • Enterprise: $17.5 per user per month


    Special emphasis on field force performance. Whether its measuring performance of self or team members, market coverage, achieving targets, or sales analysis; BeatRoute provides complete field force performance metrics.

  8. Trade-Serve

    Trade-Serve field force automation software makes your sales team proficient enough to close more sales in less time. The software lets you always communicate with your team, assisting them in every instance. Moreover, the software‘s coaching and training programs prepare your salespersons for every challenge and opportunity.


    • Smart packaging and dispatching
    • Geo-mapping and geo-tagging
    • Lead source tracker
    • Third-party tools integration
    • Inventory management


    Unlimited users are applicable in all plans. A free demo is also available.

    • Custom Packaging: $75 per month, Training and Personalization fee – $1495
    • Smart Packaging:  $125 per month, Training and Personalization fee – $2495
    • Enterprise: $175 per month, Training and Personalization fee – $3495


    Trade-Serve emphasizes on training, coaching, and personalization so that the office and field reps are equipped with the best knowledge to deal with every kind of situation.

  9. Fieldomobify

    Fieldomobify is a comprehensive solution that incorporates customer management, inventory management, billing and invoicing, and electronic payments. Fieldomobify field force automation software is an excellent choice for companies looking to bolster their growth and, at the same time, equip their sales brigade with the right technology to enhance their productivity.


    • Work order management
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Service CRM
    • Customer Portal
    • Asset tracking
    • Billing and invoicing
    • Inventory management


    14-day free trial available. The following plans are available:

    • Small Office: $59 per month (5 users), $10 additional user
    • Professional: $139 per month (15 users), $10 additional user
    • Business: $300 per month (40 users), $10 additional user
    • Enterprise: Contact Fieldomobify representatives


    Live client feedback makes it easier for the managers to gauge salesperson’s performance, and also keep a track on the customer preferences. This is significant because it helps you in adopting a customer-oriented approach.

  10. SalesDiary

    The AI-powered field force automation software, SalesDiary, renders an overall solution for managing marketing, sales, and logistics operations of a company. The intelligent functioning of SalesDiary assists users in taking right decisions, which, in turn, saves time and money and increases productivity.


    • Supports 2 to 2000+ users
    • Route and activity management
    • Expense and payments management
    • Geo-fencing and geo-tracking
    • Order and stock management
    • Industry and customer insights, data analytics, and a centralized dashboard


    • Request a quote for detailed pricing. Contact them to schedule a free demo.


    The AI-driven functioning is a unique element that allows salesmen to identify hot prospects, provides a comprehensive stocks view to the distributors, maps the shortest route, highlights pending payments, and much more.

  11. Astea Alliance

    Astea is a renowned field service management solutions provider, active in the industry for the past 40 years. Astea Alliance field service automation software lets you handle core aspects of your business, whether its work order management, inventory management, or customer support. You can rely on Alliance for your CRM software needs.


    • Business Intelligence to impart valuable information at the right time
    • Seamless synchronization between desktop and mobile apps
    • Real-time functioning
    • Predictive insights to eliminate bottlenecks


    • Contact Astea representatives for pricing details. Schedule a free demo.


    Alliance Mobile Edge is a smart mobile app that facilitates seamless data transfer and restoration. It works comfortably on all hand-held devices. In fact, you will feel more confident working with Alliance’s mobile app than its desktop app.

    Make an impact with your Field Force!

    Don’t leave your field force personnel in a dilemma when they are dealing with the clients. Deploy field force automation software to assist them at every step, increase their efficiency, and equip them with the right set of tools to outperform their own expectations.

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Field Force Automation Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Salestrip SFA 4.6(25 Reviews)

Available on Request

Yes Learn More
URVA Comply 4.9(21 Reviews) $11.11 User/Month Yes Learn More
Salesforce 4.8(19 Reviews) $25 User/Month Yes Learn More
DeltaSalesApp 4.8(18 Reviews)

Available on Request

Yes Learn More
FieldAssist 4.8(16 Reviews)

Available on Request

No Learn More

FAQs of Field Force Automation Software

Some of the challenges include:

  1. Monitoring on-field workers
  2. Validating punctuality of the field force
  3. Loss of clients due to non-timely delivery, communication gaps, and delays
  4. Wastage of on-field worker’s time in reporting or back-office activities

Field force automation software helps in streamlining your business operations while helping your field force increase their productivity. Even if you have a few workers to manage, this software can yield fruitful results.

When you set out to get the best field force automation software, here are a couple of things you must consider before making the purchase:

  • Understand your business needs
  • See to it that the software is GPS-enabled
  • Check if the system digitizes every process
  • The field force automation software must enable you to stay connected with the team from anywhere and at any time
  • The system should allow you to measure your workforce’s performance & generate desired reports

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Field Force Automation Software in following industries

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